Zero Risk Trading Review

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If I Said You Can Place Bets on UK & Irish Horse Races

Video Runs for 7 minutes.

From the People that brought you “All By The Book”

and “Golden Key Method.”

Now we bring you,

Zero Risk Trader

Yes the results are old, but the principal is VERY SOUND

7 losing days, total 43.60 loss, daily ave ВЈ6.22

47 winning days, ВЈ2952.00 Profit Daily ave ВЈ62.82

That profit line is heading in a consistant upward direction.

If the thought of an extra ВЈ5,000 to ВЈ10,000 a year sounds GOOD.

In the Twenty One Weeks Since Release

We are 196.24 points UP.

Let’s get a few important points straight right now.

Firstly, we lied on Anthony Stone, that is not his real name, sorry. But the creator, does not want to get this bookie accounts closed. (He already has have some closed, before he got smart.).

It is these smart ways that will stop you getting your bookie accounts closed. If you have All By The Book and Golden Key, you will know how to stop this.

This method will not let you retire and live on a desert island (tax haven), but it will provide luxuries that at present maybe out of reach. Like nice holiday, new telly, upgrade the car maybe.

Anthony, now has a new baby and time to trade is limited so he has asked me to offer his strategy to my clients. He was very impressed with All By The Book and sees his method as a perfect tool to use with it.

This is a completely stand alone strategy, and it very powerful.

OK, you will need:

1. Betfair and ideally a Betdaq account (betting exchange).

2. Bookies that take bets on the UK & Irish Horse Racing. Either BOG (Best Odd Bookies) or standard bookies.

3. Good internet connection (broadband or better).

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best Choice For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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  • Binomo

    Trustful Broker. Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

4. Calculator, pen and paper.

5. Some spare time to bet, and Saturday’s offer the best opportunties.

That’s it, no paid sites are used.

Typically a betting day will start at about 1 hour before racing starts, like most things in life the more you put in the more you get out of it.

You can use the Risk Free Trader strategy can be used when ever you get the time.

This strategy, is very powerfull and easy to use, the trade bets are done at the same time, so it is possible to login on the computer at lunch time look at a few races, make your trades and forget about it.

So, I am sure most people will find this a tool they can use.

Evening races, yes no problem, Saturday yes best day. Week day afternoon meeting, yes. Bank holiday meeting yes also good.

This strategy is for UK and Irish racing.

Flats, All Weather, Hurdle, Chase are all races that Risk Free Trader can be used on.

Day racing, night racing both can be used.

Remember we are completing our trade at one time only, so no waiting to finish the trade, this appeals to a lot of people.

You can start small and grow and you get the confidence and your bank grows.

As I said earlier if you have All by The Book and or Golden Key Method, you know there is such a thing as Risk Free betting, this is another string to your bow.

You see once you get this strategy, Anthony’s Betfair account where he bets most days, certainly any day he wants he finds these nuggets to trade and make money.

Here is an example of 8 days trading.

OK, that is enough gas bagging, on with it.

What are they saying?

You are getting a manual, 65 pages, only a few of those pages have the strategy.

You will see this video lesson after purchase.

The rest is screenshots showing you live examples of the trades to get you familiar

You will be amazed at just how often and easy it is to make these RISK FREE TRADES.

The REAL Secret

You may have seen, read or at least heard of, The Secret.” Well here is the real secret, in a nutshell:

Take 100 footballers, or tennis players, or even 100 people fpom any club. In fact, take any 100 people randomly. What you will discover in any group is the same thing:

  • 5% will be stars (very good)
  • 15% will be pretty good
  • 80% will be also-rans, those just battling to make the grade

. I think you get the picture!

What makes the 5% so good, it is not education. The world is full of educated derelicts. Nor is it money, or class status or anything that easily specific.

What makes them winners and separates them from all the rest is CHOICE and BEHAVIOUR! That is the real SECRET!

Not Magic. Anyone can do it. it’s just that most people (95%) don’t!

Here is a great example!

We will sell 100 copies of RISK FREE TRADER. But, guess WHAT?! Most read it and say, “oh, well, too hard. won’t suit me.” Or, I work, so I can’t do it.

And where is their copy now? Yep, still sitting on their hard drive, if they even opened it at all!

That is the “95%’ers” approach!!

They had the same choice you have now, and they accepted their behavior, which was to do NOTHING! — just like all the other SYSTEMS they purchased before (and will probably purchase afterward)! Because buying the system isn’t the end. it’s only the beginning!

But, they did not have to choose that course. (And neither do you!)

Now, what the 5%’ers DID was choose another course.

They will have the very same RISK FREE TRADER system, READ it, even several times if necessary (some even printed it up, to study it as they took the bus to work), until they completely understood every portion of the system. And, if they didn’t understand something, they asked questions, until everything was clear. In short, they did whatever it took 5%’ers DO DIFFERENTLY than all the rest?


Than all the rest!!

And they did not quit as soon as they had a loss. They did not wane from the instructions!

AND, YES they will make the same returns

You see the difference? All of them will buy the system. They made the same choice. But 95% never bothered to follow it. Or, if they did, they did not stick to it. Do you SEE how their BEHAVIOUR was THE DIFFERENCE.

The bottom line is: Those that are following it are making


Brian, ordinary sort a punter, was struggling to make is betting hobby pay.

He brought, All By The Book, and started using it, making a small return almost every day. No big win falls, but more importantly, NO LOSSES..

Brian, took his wife on a cruise, last month. so what?

From his winnings from All By The Book. the very same strategy many people brought read and said “it won’t suit me!!”

The difference between them and Brian?

Brian took action. by the way, wife loved the cruise.

You can see All by The Book here.

But more importantly, Brian is the sort of people we want to purchase ZERO RISK TRADER.

If you have a 100 or more betting strategies on your hard drive, and you have not actioned any. DON’T Buy.. this one.

I would rather you left this offer to people that will use it.

TradeZero Review – Free Trading and No PDT Rule

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TradeZero Review
  • Commissions


TradeZero has quickly made a name for itself as a broker that offers free commissions and allows day traders to bypass the PDT rule. The company offers advanced trading platforms, great short lists, and unbeatable pricing. Read this review to see if TradeZero is a good fit for your trading style.

About TradeZero is an online discount broker based out of Nassau, Bahamas. They are registered with the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. Since they are located outside of the jurisdiction of the United States and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the $25,000 PDT rule doesn’t apply for their customers. However, they don’t accept accounts from the United States of America. The minimum to open an account is $500 USD.

Commissions and Fees

Stock Commissions

TradeZero is known for offering free trades while still catering to active traders (whereas brokers like Robinhood and Webull are intended for casual traders or investors).

Free trades only apply to limit-orders for stocks on NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ exchanges greater than $1, for a minimum of 200 shares and “unmatched” immediately. The unmatched basically means the trader must provide liquidity buy selling/shorting on the inside ask/offer or buying/covering on the inside bid.

Market orders and limit orders that take liquidity (buying on the ask and selling on the bid) are charged $0.005 per share commission + ECN pass-thru fees. The pass-thru fees vary depending on the ECN.

Options Commissions

Options trades cost $0.99 base and $0.79 per contract plus pass-thru fees.

Pass-thru fees are $0.04 per contract through OCC and $0.05 per contract through ORF. Options exercise/assignments are charged $35.

All stock and options trades, with the exception of qualifying free trades, have a $1.99 minimum commission.

Software Fees

Tradezero offers three platforms. The Web platform costs $59 per month with level 2 quotes, which is waved with over 80,000 shares in monthly volume. The Pro platform costs $79 per month with level 2 quotes, which is waived with monthly trading volume over 100,000 shares. OTC markets data is an additional $5 for level 1 and $15 for level 2 data for non-professionals. The Mobile app platform is basically a free add-on for traders with an active Tradezero Web or Pro user I.D.


Another benefit of offshore brokers is the leverage they offer. Leverage is a double-edged sword, which can blow out accounts quicker, so be warned. They apply margin leverage based on account size. Accounts up to $1,000 are cash accounts with no margin. Accounts up to $4,999 receive 4 to 1 leverage. Accounts over $5,000 receive 6 to 1 leverage. Therefore a $6,000 account would be able to trade $36,000 work of equities. Margin interest is 8% annually; however rates are subject to change and generally fluctuate with federal interest rates.

Borrows and Locates

Offshore brokers tend to have better borrows and locates since they circumvent SEC regulations. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.023 to $0.03 on hard to borrow shorts intra-day. Tradezero has short-seller access to 14,000 symbols. This is a short-seller’s dream. Hard to borrow overnight shorts are 7x per share cost the first night and 1x every night thereafter.

Platform Features and Tools:

Platform Options

There are two main trading platforms and the Mobil app. Despite being an offshore broker, the trading software is exceptionally stable and seamless. This is a modified version of Turbotrade software augmented with much more functionality and customized additions.

The ZeroWeb platform is a browser-based dynamic platform that offers customizable layouts, level 2, and time and sales screens with point-and-click order routing, hot-keys, watch lists, and decent charting from any desktop or tablet with an internet connection. The data streams seamlessly, and the platform is stable.

The ZeroPro platform is a stand-alone program that offers even more depth and control. This platform has advanced charting, direct order routing with short-locate request buttons, conditional orders, high/low ticker, top-lists (volume, $/% change, gaps), newsfeeds, and options trading.

Mobile Trading

This is an add-on app that allows traders to place trades and monitor positions away from the desktop. The app is smooth, with no real issues. I use this just to monitor and close out positions for the most part.

Research Tools

Tradezero is a trader’s platform suited for technical traders. It doesn’t offer much by fundamental-based research. The Top Lists and Hot Lists are plenty to find intra-day stocks with good action and tradeability. The advanced charting has all the basic price and momentum indicators. The watch lists are efficient with alarms enabled. This is a frugal direct access platform without the research bells and whistles found with more popular discount online brokers.

Customer Service

Customer service is 24/7 via chat. The e-mail response is quick, but the chat service is the best for traders. They also offer free demos of both their platforms, which is very useful for newbies and newcomers to the platform to get acclimated.

Execution and Routes

The routing on free trades is placed through EDGX. Direct routing to ARCA, ISLD, EDGX, and various other ECNs are available. The fills are robust and quick. Tradezero actually clears some orders through an American clearing firm.

Hot Keys

One of my favorite features is the customizable hotkeys. Seasoned traders know well the split-second advantage of having a single key to cancel all orders or to place a static order. Every user should get familiarized with setting up hotkeys and using them routinely. To an outsider or newbie, it may seem redundant to set-up a hotkey to cancel all open orders when you can just click a button with the mouse. However, it’s not only the difference in speed, perhaps 1-2 seconds, but the mindset.

Monitoring several screens of charts and streaming level 2 windows while keeping track of open orders and positions is daunting enough. Having to click to cancel all open orders takes many mental steps to complete, but a simple hotkey press takes very little thinking and enables you to keep focused on other tasks.

What Type of Trader is it Best For? doesn’t accept accounts from the United States. There is risk involved with having money in offshore brokers. This type of broker is best for non-U.S.-based intermediate to experienced traders that fall under the $25,000 PDT rule and have risk capital to place overseas. Seasoned short-sellers especially will love the short locates through the ZeroPro platform. U.S. Traders may prefer ETRADE as a discount broker or Interactive Brokers for more active trading tools.

  • Amazing short-sell locates and borrow list
  • 6-to-1 leverage
  • Free trades for providing liquidity reinforce a good habit to practice
  • Mobile app adds to portability
  • Competitive commission and solid platforms
  • Offshore brokers don’t provide tax forms
  • Overnight hard to borrow shorts can be expensive

Twitter Buzz

Just registered for a #stocktrading demo @, Zero commission trades, 6 to 1 leverage, Outstanding service @TradeZer0

Will be ditching Suretrader and going with TradeZero shortly… Looking forward to low commissions and vision clearing firm

Longs take time you must be patient, the gap breakout is the best long setup. I recommend using suretrader/tradezero so you can short.

Zero Risk Strategy

Dr. Singh’s Zero Risk, 4 Legged & 3 Legged Options Strategy
They typically work whether stock goes up..Goes down.. Remains Flat

Dr. Singh’s Zero Risk Strategy

When we expect a stock to go up much higher than it will go down we implement this strategy. We don’t expect the stock to remain flat on the day of expiration of the long call and put.

Here is a recommendation we gave for the stock AXON recently, when it was trading at $14.94.

  1. Buy AXON strike price 12.50 call expiring Aug 18, 2020
  2. Buy AXON strike price 5.0 put expiring Aug 18, 2020
  3. Sell AXON strike price 15.0 call expiring Dec 15, 2020
  4. Sell AXON strike price 12.50 put expiring Dec 15, 2020

The following graph shows that on August 18, 2020, if the stock drops to $0 we have a profit of $330 and if it goes up to $60, our profit is $1,004. The only time we make a smaller profit is when stock remains flat. Even though the risk is $0, we tell our clients to assume it be about $200 to account for any uncertainties.

The following graph is based on Black Scholes option pricing formula.

Dr. Singh’s 4 Legged Strategy

We use this strategy when we are almost sure that it will make a big movement on a certain day but not sure of the direction.

The following example will make the strategy clear.

Here is a recommendation we gave for the stock CIEN recently, when it was trading at $25.75.

  1. Buy 3 $26 calls expiring March 17 th
  2. Buy 3 $26 puts expiring March 17 th
  3. Sell 2 $26 calls expiring March 10 th
  4. Sell 2 $26 puts expiring March 10 th

Note that the strike price is the same ($26) for all the options but we buy more than we sell.

Here is what we are doing in this trade:

We picked up a stock whose March 17 th weekly call and put options can be bought at a relatively lower price than the ones for March 10 th which can be sold at a relatively higher price. In this case we bought the calls and puts which expire on March 17 th and sold the calls and puts which expire on March 10. Therefore 3 calls and 3 puts are long and 2 calls and 2 puts are short. We have an extra long call and an extra long put to take advantage of up or down movement of the stock.

If you have a stock which may be coming up with its earnings report or some other major news on a certain date, you enter a day before that event and get out the next day. Who cares if the news is going to be good or bad? You are covered on both sides.

Thus we can take advantage of the movement of the stock in just one day.

Even if we don’t get out in one day, as we come closer to March 10th, the options we sold will lose their premium faster than the options we bought for March 17 th . So we may break even if the stock closes flat at $25.75.

If the stock moves up or down, we have an extra call and put option which expire on March 17.

So we end up making money whether the stock goes up or goes down.

Our strategy behind this process is to risk limited money to make unlimited profit.

When we put this trade in our brokerage account and check the risk factor, it shows the risk for doing this trade to be zero.

You can see that the brokerage has created a graph of our trade result even if the stock moves dramatically up or down.

But we usually tell our clients the risk to be about $200, not zero as indicated on the graph, to account for any errors and to account for market deviations from historical patterns…

We feel it is worth the risk of about $200 to make $1,000; $2,000; $10,000 or more.It’s humanly impossible to find such trades without the help of our sophisticated software.

Dr. Singh’s 3 Legged Strategy

In these spreads, we sell a call and sell a put at the same or different strike prices.

In most cases, we may buy a call at a strike price below or above the short call strike price to cover our risk on the up side.

We pick up the options where we can collect enough credit premiums to limit downside risk.

Here is a spread that we recommended to our clients for the stock AXON when the stock was at $11.72.

  1. Sell the $12.50 call expiring September 15
  2. Sell the $5 put expiring September 15
  3. Buy the $10 call expiring August 18

We picked up a long August call to protect us on the upside as well as to keep our collected credit high. The idea behind this strategy is to reduce the risk and use the collected credits to protect both sides.

The following graph shows that the stock has to drop below $2 on August 18 before you lose money.

The 52 week range of this stock is $10.69 to $17.66. It has never traded below $9.00.

Although anything is possible, it is highly unlikely that this stock will go below $2.00 on August 18. Our approach is extremely conservative and well studied.

The following graph is based on the Black Scholes option pricing model.

Attend a webinar to have a more clear understanding of the above strategies.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best Choice For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
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  • Binomo

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