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Cedar Finance Review

Cedar finance was founded on 2020. They currently operate under Cyprus jurisdiction in Europe. Nevertheless, they can accept traders from all around the world including USA . This is a real advantage over most European based brokers. They also differs themselves from the competitors by using Tradologic trading platform instead of more commonly used SpotOption platform. Cedar Finance also offer great bonuses for loyal customers, very low minimum $5 dollar single trade limit and reasonably good payout %.

Cedar Finance In a Nutshell

  • Broker: Cedar Finance
  • Platform: Tradologic
  • Founded: 2020
  • Bonus: Up to 75%
  • Return/Refund: 65-75% / 0-10%
  • Number of Assets: Less than 100
  • Regulated: No
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Mobile Trading: Yes
  • Minimun Deposit: $200
  • Us Traders: Accepted

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Can’t Find Reliable Information on Cedar Finance Binary Options Broker? Think Cedar Finance is a scam? Check out this review and find out the truth

How to Make Money with Binary Option Robot

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Claim your free binary option robot, get started with three easy steps:

  • Name of Robot
  • Min. Investment
  • Min. Deposit
  • Rating
  • 1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

    2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

    Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

    3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

    Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

    4. Collect your Earnings

    Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

    Special Features and Bonuses

    Tradologic trading platform is fresh change from the SpotOption platform which is clearly most popular binary option trading platform there is today. There are some additional features, which makes this platform very compelling.

    Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
    • Binarium

      Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
      Best Choice For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
      Free Demo Account!
      Free Trading Education!
      Big Sign-Up Bonus!

    • Binomo

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    Cedar Finance offers great bonuses and gifts for loyal traders. For example, they give investor alert bonus for those who makes a deposit within 72 hours after opening an account. To be able to get the 200% bonus, deposit amount must be at least $501 or 501 € and you have to mention bonus code MMMx3 to customer support. The 100% bonus will require $251 to $500 and bonus code MMMx2. The smallest 50% bonus will be given to those who will deposit between 200-250 USD/EUR and use bonus code MMM50. Minimum deposit amount is 200 USD/EUR.

    Their slogan is “money makes money, the more you invest the more you pull down”. This is quite true, starting with a larger deposit you will get a bigger bonus, and in this way you get the chance to invest larger amounts of money, and make more profit. Therefore you should always take advantage of great bonus offers like this.


    One thing where Cedars Finance stands out from competitors is the possibility to trade Bitcoin and Litecoin crypto currencies. This is done in the same way as the standard forex trading, with currency pairs (for example USD/Bitcoin).

    If you are interested in forex trading, I recommend trying binary option robot. It is a fully automated trading software, which you now get completely free of charge through us by clicking the button below.

    Open Free Account Read Review Trading Academy courses and required minimum deposits.

    Language options

    Cedar Finance have translated their site in English, Dutch and Russian. Customer service in addition to several other languages. In particular the European languages are well represented.

    Cedar Finance cstomer seirvice is available for several languages.

    Restricted nationalities

    Cedar Finance accept customers from anywhere in the world, no restricted nationalities. This is a good news especially for US investors, whose opportunities are currently limited in many places. Transparency also increases the trust for the company. All customers are treated equally, whether they are from Europe or from somewhere else.

    Banking options

    Cedar Finance accepts all most common credit cards such as Visa Master Card, Diners Club and more. Deposits are immediate and withdrawals take from 3 to 10 business days depending on the method. Wire transfer deposits takes up to 5 days to show in the trading account and 3-10 business days for withdrawals to show in bank account.

    Cedar Finance banking methods

    E-wallet such as neteller is a good option if you want transfer money immediately. Supported currencies are for every method are EUR/USD/GBP and minimum deposit is 200 of chosen currency. You should choose your currency carefully, because it cannot be changed later on.


    Tradologic platform differs from SpotOption a little but the main features are pretty much the same. Cedar Finance offers several expiration times depending on the option type. Most typical ones are ranging from 60 second to 300 seconds in the short investments and couple of hours to end of the day in the other investments. Longer expiration possibilities are also available. Those are ranging from a week to several months. Overall expiration times are quite flexible.

    Binary options selection is quite wide. Cedar Finance offers regular up/down options, One Touch, Range and Turbos. If you are not familiar with all the option types, don’t worry. You can find more information from our binary option trading article. All the different terms are also opened up in the Cedar Finance website.

    Tradologic platform make also possible for trader to reduce losses with early close option. You get certain percentage of your initial investment back when you use this option. It is especially useful, when you see that trend is not going to the direction that you predicted. This way you only a fraction of what you would have without early close feature.

    The opposite of early close is “Extend” feature that will give trader chance to delay the expiration time and gives more time to the binary option to be profitable. This should be used when the option will most likely be profitable by rising or falling (depending on your initial prediction), but it needs a little bit more time than originally was planed.

    One touch is an option type where trader has to predict if the asset price will reach the pre-determined level. One touch gives high payouts for even up to 160% when predicted correctly

    Range option also offer possibility for better profits than regular up/down options. When trading range options, trader decides whether or not the price of the asset will end up in certain range within the expiration time.

    Turbo options gives trader a change to make fast trading and fast profits. In Turbo options, expiration times are really short, from 15 seconds to 300 seconds per single trade.

    Mobile trading

    Cedar Finance also offers great mobile trading platform. You are able to set and follow trades whenever you want, wherever you want. Mobile application is very easy to use and works great also when network signal is slightly weaker.

    Cedar Finance mobile app

    Easiest way of getting the mobile app into use is to create an account to Cedar Finace through our links and then getting the actual app from Google Play Store or Apples App Store .Mobile app is quite the same as the full browser version and it has the same features in it. If wanted, all the trading can actually be made with the mobile version. Your phone will probably be always with you so it is easy to check how the markets are developing and if profitable situation arises, make an investment. This is for sure my recommendation, you should not miss any good opportunities to make money.

    Maximum Profit

    Cedar Finance will offer usually about 65-75% payout. You can also get refunds, if you your investment does not go well, refund percentage is usually 0-10%. As those two factors combined, payout is, in compared to other operators, quite competitive.

    What to trade

    Cedar Finance has in total roughly 200 different trading assets in their selection. The index selction includes all the most commonly traded indices for example the Abu Dhabi General, Bovespa,Tel Aviv, Topix500 and global indices S&P 500and NIKKEI 225 etc. There are a lot of indices from Asia and Middle-East and even from Africa.

    In the stock listing there all almost all industries represented from phones to cars and credit services to footwear manufacturer. Trader should easily find the ones that he has unique knowledge and experience. In total, roughly 150 stocks are in the asset listing. For example Coca-Cola, Alibaba and Google are represented.

    Cedar Finance offers about 30 currency pairs to trade with and as mentioned at the beginning special currency pairs such as Bitcoin/USD and Litecoin/USD are also available.

    Trading Academy

    Cedar Finance has wide range of video courses available for traders who are actively looking to develop their own competencies. They emphasize that to be a professional trader, education and knowledge is the key for success. Everyone has some good luck sometimes but it probably will run out sooner or later. But knowledge is something that cannot run out or be taken away.

    There are several video courses available about topics related to binary options, trading in general, economics behind the trends and cause and effect in the economical system.In the trading academy there are in total five courses that deal with different topics. These are available if you deposit at least a certain amount to your trading account.

    The introduction lesson is about how to become a successful trader and and about binary options in general.

    Lesson 2 is about the psychology in the trading and how to control your own mind.

    Cedar Finance Trading Academy Lesson 2 about trading

    Lesson 3 is about financial management, single trades and risk management overall.

    Lesson 3 about financial management

    Lesson 4 is about market analysis, it covers pretty much everything related to market analysis and the different forms of it.

    Lesson 4 about market analysis.

    Lesson 5 is about the trading platform and how to use it as effectively as possible and how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.There is also some webinars available for traders to check the latest market news and trends.

    Lesson 5 about platform features

    Customer service

    Customer service is very helpful and quick. If you need any assistance, the live-chat is the easiest way to ask questions you have in your mind. The telephone support will also help in many different languages and if something bigger will occur, you can always contact your account manager and get personal answer from him via email.

    Is Cedar Finance scam?

    Cedar Finance is definitely not a scam. It is actually one of the best brokers available to US investors, which does not have as many options as Europeans. Cedar Finance has good and clean reputation, it has been able to avoid from all the negative publicity and I strongly believe that this will continue in the future.

    Our Summary

    Cedar Finance has succeeded well in every aspect which are important to an investment company. Tradologic trading platform works great even for professional traders. Maximum investment limit $2000 is somewhat low limit but it will be sufficient for most traders for sure.

    As an overall rating, we will give Cedar Finance 4,5 stars out of 5.


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    Legit Forex & CFD trading brokers are predominantly the licensed & regulated ones.

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    Regular Forex & CFD trading bonuses are also a must.

    The same is valid for ensuring that users are catered to by professionally-trained customer care service with a kind & cool approach to their problems & concerns.

    Cedar Finance – You Must Read This Breaking Report

    Wednesday, 30 October 2020

    Cedar Finance

    Cedar Finance is a binary options broker that is know for delivering a well-designed investment platform for the purpose of trading digital options online. These options are now known as being among the quickest and most robust solutions for cashing in on simple price movement forecasts. A basic prediction of price direction can yield large profits. The Cedar Finance platform is known for supplying a large variety of trade options in a straightforward manner. But what else does this broker offer? Read on to find out.

    Since launching their website and platform in 2020, Cedar Finance has built up a client base which at this point exceeds 300K traders. This was accomplished by providing amazing products, along with great investment solutions to the traders who desire them. This broker manages two different offices in Cyprus and can be contacted at either. Additionally, contact numbers are posted on their website for a host of additional countries. Cedar Finance is not yet officially licensed, but has already started the process towards becoming so. In the meantime, know that they do not keep trader funds within Cyprus based banking accounts.

    Cedar Finance Payout and Earnings Rates

    Binary options have undoubtedly become one of the most extensively preferred financial instruments on the planet due to all of the positive elements that they offer. Among these is the ability for traders to reap large payouts in very little time. The least that one might expect to earn on a winning trade with Cedar Finance is 68%. The maximum payout offered on standard trade types is 81%. This broker is no longer offering refund rates for select trades as they once did.

    High profit trade opportunities are also made available. These are presented in the form of Touch options which can be purchased throughout each weekend. These are futures options of sorts, since they will not run through their expiry period until the market next opens for trading. The top payout offered on this trade type is 250%. In the past, Cedar Finance required a $50 minimum investment on these high-yield trades, but they reduced that amount down to $10 so as to allow all traders to take advantages of these opportunities.

    In regard to economic, trading with Cedar Finance is about as basic as it comes. As with all binary options trades, the earnings potential is going to increase along with the perceived level of risk, and decrease along with this as well. Less risk equals less prospective profit. Higher risk equals higher prospective profit. The formula is actually quite simple. The good news for traders is that at no point is anyone forced to take on more risk than they feel comfortable with. Traders also have the analysis process to consider, which can render prediction more of an exact science.

    Investment and Trading Platform

    Tradologic is now the driving force behind the Cedar Finance platform. This platform is completed web-based and does not require any type of download or installation. Because of this, binary options traders are free to trade anytime they have access to an internet connected computer. The platform is secured, protecting not only personal information, but financial information as well. The combination of massive trade variety and a world-class investment platform means that traders are going to have access to endless investment opportunities.

    The Cedar Finance is available in five different major languages, which should allow nearly all who’d like to trade binary options to participate. The platform also includes a wide variety of expiry times which traders can choose from. These start out at one minute and go to as long as a full month. Each available expiry period option is posted along with the investment opportunity (inside the investment window). The expiry times and the asset price data each come from Reuters and this data is directly imported into the platform.

    Cedar Finance Trading Platform

    The hours during which an asset can be used in binary options trades is posted next to its title within the asset index. Here traders will find 150+ underlying assets to choose from and put to use in their trades. Over 100 of these are stocks, which should delight traders who prefer to trade within this asset class. There are not many brokers which are able and willing to provide such a massive number of assets as it can be taxing on them to do so. However, Cedar Finance seems to flawlessly handle the management of a massive variety of underlying assets.

    The available trade options include: Digital, Turbo, Range, and Touch. Each of these are plainly labeled within the Cedar Finance platform. Digital options are their form of the basic Call or Put style binary options trade. Turbo trading is the same basic trade, but with three different super-fast expiry times to choose from. Touch are weekend, high-yield options, and Range trades are boundary trades which are presented in both In and Out format. Option Builder, which was primarily used by advanced traders, has been removed from the platform.

    Cedar Finance, like most binary options brokers, does have minimum investment requirements in place. These minimums have recently been reduced in an effort to allow traders of all financial levels to fully participate within the platform. For the fast Turbo trades, the minimum is set at only $5. For each of the other three trade types, the minimum is set at $10. Traders who may have previously passed over this broker because of their higher minimum investment amounts may want to re-consider partnership at this time.

    Cedar Finance Accounts and Banking

    Before being able to trade within the Cedar Finance platform, a deposit will need to be submitted. This broker asks for a minimum of $200 (or currency equivalent) to open an account. Credit cards, bank wire transfer, or various online payment processors can be selected as your means of deposit. Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier accounts are available, with access to each being based upon the amount of your deposit. Bronze accounts come with the $200, but traders may want to consider the higher levels since they do come with plenty of extras like supplemental tools and increased access to a dedicated account manager.

    Profits and other funds can be withdrawn using the exact same banking methods which are accepted for making deposits. Cedar Finance does have a minimum withdrawal amount in place, and this is currently set at $200. Credit card withdrawals are always free. Bank transfers can be free also, but only when they are in the amount of $500 or more. For withdrawals totaling less than this, there will be a $25 fee. Note that credit card withdrawals cannot exceed the amount of deposit. If you’ve earned more than this, the excess will need to be withdrawn via bank wire transfer.

    The payment processing time is going to vary by account level. Bronze accounts are linked to 1-3 payment approval and 5-7 day disbursement time periods. Silver account members should have their payment in 5 days or less. Gold account members are provided with 2 day payments. Keep in mind that each of these stated time frames are based on business days, so if you request payment on the weekend, the turnaround time is not going to include those days.

    Cedar Finance Bonus Funds

    Quite often, claims of binary options scams are linked to bonus funds. For this reason, let’s review the Cedar Finance bonus policy now. This policy states that in order to withdraw bonus funds from your trading account, you’ll need to have entered into investments totaling 30 times the amount of your bonus. Once you have done this, you’ll be entitled to any of the bonus funds which were placed into your account.

    Cedar Finance Customer Service and Client Support

    Just because Cedar Finance provides their platform and services exclusively online doesn’t mean that direct customer service is not offered and available. In fact, this broker prides itself on offering custom support to each trader. All traders are supplied with one account manager who will be familiar with their account and is able to provide all types of help and assistance. Telephone, email, and live chat can each be used to contact this binary options broker.

    As part of their commitment to service, Cedar Finance provides plenty of market information, platform tours, binary options trading seminars (webinars), individual training and more. Assistance in at least one form is accessible at all times. Phone support is only accessible during regular business hours, but emails can be sent to [email protected] at any time. The live chat box located on the website provides instant answers to most questions, and also allows traders to speak to a representative.

    There are various other extras offered by Cedar Finance in the way of tools. These include things such as asset price charts which are updated live, various price graphs, and up to the minute financial news which is piped directly into the platform. Each of these is going to help with technical and fundamental analysis. Daily, weekly, and monthly reviews are each included on the website. These offer a great deal of insight in relation to various assets and markets in general.

    In conjunction with all of these tools and resources, Cedar Finance delivers a wide range of written content and instructional videos which are going to help all who trade binary options within their platform. In this area, traders will find resources which will help them improve their trading skills, perform better analysis, and learn how to earn the largest possible profits when trading. All things considered, its clear that Cedar Finance is committed to helping traders to get the most from their binary options trading experience.

    Cedar Finance Scam Potential

    No review is ever complete without some examination into the possibility of a scam. A search for this type of information in relation to Cedar Finance did yield a few result. Further examination showed that these were simply basic complaints, and even these could not be verified. It is quite common for binary options brokers (and all businesses) to experience complaints for time to time. Since this broker is working with 300K+ people, there will be some misunderstandings, especially when traders do not take the time to read all the terms and conditions.

    In general, binary options scams are going to directly relate to either non-payment of funds or unfair variances within the investment platform. Cedar Finance is free and clear of either of these types of problems. This broker has already been in operation for a number of years now. Scam brokers typically do not remain in business for more than a few month, max. The internet empowers traders to expose bad brokers quickly and helps traders to avoid being taken by any broker with bad intentions.

    Cedar Finance Ranking

    In all areas, Cedar Finance ranks at or near the top. This binary options broker has done an excellent job of providing the services that traders want most, and has not been afraid to make changes when necessary. Their platform is well-designed, easy to use, and overall appealing. Everything is backed up by a solid customer support team. The tools and resources which are provided are hard to beat, as is the extensive asset index.

    Cedar Finance provides everything that the binary options trader needs in order to earn money. You wouldn’t think that a broker would want to do this, but this broker has clearly figured out that it is possible for everyone to earn money from digital options. Because of this, they are able to confidently provide all types of tools to traders. As a trader, you only need to take advantage of them and if you do, you can earn limitless profits from trading binary options with Cedar Finance.

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