Dow Jones Focus Group Review – Is it a Scam

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Dow Jones Focus Group Review

Binary options are a great way to make money. With new binary options platforms coming up every other day, program developers are falling all over themselves to conjure up new ways to make their platforms more profitable, more attractive or both. Here we look at one of these programs and its unique way of attracting traders. It is the Dow Jones Focus Group

What Is It All About?

The Dow Jones Focus Group binary robot uses the Equinox software to conduct its trades. It is basically designed to attract novice traders to binary options. You do not need to be experienced or carrying lots of knowledge on binary options to trade with this software.

The program is promoted by the Equinox project manager, Jeffery Richards which carries some credibility. With the test of time traders will decide whether the program is really profitable.

The company’s website claims that it is the only binary options software that is employed by Wall Street traders. They continue to say that this program has been in use for some time by some Wall Street insiders and it is only being released for use by the public now. Whether this is true is debatable. Why would such a potentially profitable system not be kept under wraps? Aren’t they afraid of clone programs being developed soon after this goes live?

What happens is that if you want to trade with the Equinox software, you need to join a focus group of a predetermined number before you can trade. Trading only takes place within these focus groups and not independently. The claim is that if you miss out on joining a focus group, you will have your name added to a waiting list till the required number is achieved.

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Dow Jones Focus Group – Unbiased Review – 100% Honest Truth Full Scam Investigation – Read This First Before You Create an Account

How to Make Money with Binary Option Robot

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Claim your free binary option robot, get started with three easy steps:

  • Name of Robot
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  • Rating
  • 1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

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    2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

    Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

    3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

    Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

    4. Collect your Earnings

    Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

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    The Promises

    1. High win rate: The Dow Jones Focus Group and their Equinox software claim that their win rate has not fallen below the 79% mark in the last ten years or so. This represents a very attractive return on investment especially for somebody who has never traded before.
    2. Ninety day trading: The moment you join a focus group you will be allowed to trade for ninety days within the group. During this time, the group will have to create a unique financial system that they will use to make $20,000 for each member within the group, within the ninety day period. After this the focus group is disbanded and the members are not allowed to continue trading with the Equinox system anymore. The reason for this, as the developers of the software claim, is that it is still going through testing to refine it to become the ultimate binary options trading platform.
    3. Money offered for early sign up: The first thirty people to sign up for the current focus group will get $200 just for signing up. This seems like an inducement to hasten the new sign ups within the shortest time possible.
    4. Withdrawals available in a reasonable timeframe: After joining, the program promises to make your profits available for withdrawal within five to ten days of making a gain. This tends to cushion the platform from complaints of delays as has been the case with many programs where the traders complain of not being able to access their funds within the advertised timeframe.
    5. Big profits: The program promises that it is possible for traders to make well over $2,000 every day. This is a good amount of money for anyone who is investing no more than an hour a day. The veracity of that claim has not been verified as of yet.
    6. Unlimited customer support: The Dow Jones Focus Group also promises that you will have unlimited access to customer support via email, telephone and live chat. This is a big claim as most traders have nightmare stories from nearly all but the best binary options trading platforms.
    7. Benefits for newbies: Novices, or newbies as they are known are especially encouraged to sign up. This is because there is a lot of opportunities to make money without having to have the knowledge and experience that manual trading demands. This is because the program is fully automated and no prior knowledge of binary options trading is essential to make profits.
    8. Good bonuses: The Dow Jones Focus Group promises you good bonuses for trading on their platform. The downside of these bonuses is that you cannot access the profits from them until you fulfill certain conditions.

    Dow Jones Focus Group main page

    Understanding the Website

    Review of the program’s website shows it looks really classy, uncluttered and organized. The text is very legible and the video and the info capture form are easy to find. There is more information on the first page than you will find on the websites of other binary options platforms coming out today. You will find more info and offers further down the page.

    You will find a statement declaring the profits made by the Dow Jones Focus Group in 2020. After this there are the Dow Jones Focus Group members. It is evident that they use their much promoted Equinox software.

    The Videos

    If you have done any research into binary options trading software, especially the binary robots, you must have come across a good number of promotional videos that introduce you to a fabulous world of making money through binary options trading. This one does not disappoint at all. The video is right up there making the same promises of you making mega money.

    There are the usual testimonials with the narrators claiming how the software has changed their lives. Many of these have been discredited in the past and time will tell if these ones are actors as well. This technique is getting old as not much new content is brought forth. This looks much like the others with the content spun enough times to seem authentic.

    What is different though is that there are clips of the various members of the focus group and their winnings so far. You will also find screenshots of Facebook pages as well as other material about the Equinox software and the Dow Jones Focus Group. The articles are well laid out to look authentic though you know the endless possibilities afforded by computer apps today.

    The Red Flags

    1. Limited numbers: The idea that there are only a limited number of people who can form a focus group with this software is demoralizing. This is because it seems much like the scarcity countdowns that are so common with binary robots which display a limited number of chances available and that failure to sign in immediately will shut the door to making profits for good.
    2. Deceptive promotions: This Equinox software has been in the news of late. It is therefore suspect that such presumably respectable software will have fake news on its website. The Facebook screenshots are also suspect. Such deceptive promotion puts a dent on otherwise great looking software.
    3. Discouraging experienced traders: Why the emphasis on newbies? Any money made is good money. Discouraging professional traders is akin to throwing money away. Could there be something that they want to hide that experienced traders might find that novices won’t notice? While it is a good thing to encourage beginners, it does smell funny when you try hard enough to keep out a certain group of people.
    4. Video tells same old story: The promotional videos are suspect as well. This is because they look and feel like something you have seen and heard before. If it is such a successful platform, don’t you think that its video content should be a little more advanced than the same old fare that you can find in virtually any binary options robot today?
    5. Win rate not verified: The 79% minimum win rate sounds good to any trader, especially one who is just starting out in the binary options trading. The reality is different though with no independent trader coming forth to declare the truthfulness of this claim.


    There has been a lot of buzz about this program of late; it will probably be a good program in the future. The problem is that in binary options trading, results are what matter, a lot more than appearance and history. It’s with this in mind that you are well advised to watch how things go for a while. This is where you should use caution with your investments. After a few cycles of verified focus groups, you can then make your judgment on the software. For now, stay away from this platform.

    What you need to do

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    Yes! Dow Jones Focus Group is also a Scam? Read to know Why!!

    No doubt! One of the best and easiest way to earn money quickly is Binary Options. After sharing BinaDroid review, today we are sharing information about new scam software. Every day you hear about a binary options platform that helps you earn a high profit, but the question is, Did they deliver what they promise? No is the answer in most of the cases.

    The most of the trading system available over the internet are fraud or scam. And the aim of the people behind these scam trading system is to loot innocent individuals who watch dream to get rich using trading signals.

    Here our job start, our aim behind launching this site is to provide the right information about the trading system. In today’s article, we’re going to review Dow Jones Focus Group. We know that there are lots of users who wants to make money using this trading system, but before investing in this software, they just want to know our opinion.

    We appreciate that, and today we’re going to review the hottest trading system available in the market. Unlike most of the binary options signals system available over the internet its litter different. After doing a deep research about it, we found both positive and negative facts about this trading system which in the end confused us.

    But don’t worry! In this article, you will check the detailed review of Dow Jones Focus Group trading system including all the details about this binary options signal software. We assure this review will help you to decide whether its right to invest in this system or not.

    Dow Jones Focus Group

    Jeffery Richards is the owner of the Dow Jones Focus Group, and Equinox has developed the software. This binary options software is dedicated to new traders, or you can say that it is created to attract new users.

    About Dow Jones Focus Group

    • Easy to use trading software developed by Equinox. The user with no knowledge of trading can easily use this application and make money quickly.
    • As mentioned on the website, this trading software is employed by traders of the Wall Street.
    • The trading won’t take place independently and will focus some group. Less loss for sure.
    • Using this trading application yu can easily earn secure future just in 90 days. You will not become rich just in a night.

    Guarantee Given by The Company

    1. This trading software will provide you trade Winning Rate of 79%.
    2. The first thirty users will receive a bonus of $200 for creating an account with this trading system.
    3. Just after the first week of joining users will start making money.
    4. Using this trading software you can earn around $2000 a day or even more.
    5. The company also provides you 24/7 customer support which includes email, live chat and, telephone.
    6. The companies primary focus is on newbies that because so that they can also earn good amount just like experienced traders.

    What positive about the Dow Jones Focus Group?

    After doing a deep research on the website we find:

    Clean Website

    The site of Dow Jones Focus Group has the clean design with easy to use user interface. If you compare this site to other binary options system available on the internet, that you will find that this trading system is genuine.

    Positive Review and Feedback

    You will find positive testimonial for all trading system whether it’s legit or scam. It’s because law breakers pay users to give positive reviews while the real trading system gets positive review genuinely. Due to this reason we did a research and found that Dow Jones Focus Group’s Equinox Software got some genuine reviews or testimonials about how this trading system has helped them in making an easy profit online.

    Hey Hey Hey! But still, we’re not in favorite Equinox Software. Yes, it was performing better in previous months, but now. We have got some negative facts about this trading system.

    Fact #1 Everything is changed failed to fulfill the promises.

    The company assures you that:

    • Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox Software is very easy to use
    • The company claims to have average of 95% Winning Weeks
    • It’s a Completely Transparent Software
    • Every day you will receive Multiple Signals around an average of 23–67 signals daily which is good and helps
    • you to earn the sufficient money for the day.
    • At last, you can make $600 from $250 just in few hours.

    Lots of reported, that Equinox Software is not performing well, and they have completely changed the software. While other reporting that, they’re not even getting single signals as promised by the Dow Jones Focus Group.

    Group of Fake Members

    No doubt, this trading system got lots of green flags, but check this proof and will blow you mind.

    If you have done a research about this binary options signals system, then you know this name, i.e., Amanda Reed. She’s Dow Jones Focus Group participants

    Friends did you know that She’s is an actor and provide you testimonial just in 5$. Now you might be wondering that it’s not possible, here is another proof:

    Remember Paul Blomqvist? You will find his name when you click on more participant. Paul is totally a fake name. Just like Amanda he’s also a Fiverr actor who give testimonial for the same price

    Our Review about Equinox Software

    Maybe this software is still performing better for some trader, but after exposing the verified participant Equinox program who are fake actors and provides you a testimonial for $5. So we don’t want anyone to become a part of this trading system. We have done our job, not the decision is all yours. We recommend our users to use Virtnext software instead.

    In case you enroll for Equinox Software by Dow Jones Focus group, then we would love to hear your opinion about this trading system in the comments! Users who already the members of this trading system can share your feedback with us.

    Dow Focus Group review

    Dow Jones Focus Group is a Big Scam

    Recently I’ve been receiving a ton of emails from people soliciting me to invest in this scheme called the Dow Jones Focus Group, so I decided to review them since I have been getting a lot of scam complaints.

    First of all, there is no Jeffery Richards, its just an alias used by online marketers to attract every day working people much like you looking for a legitimate way to make money online. This has been re-confirmed multiple times, feel free to Google his name and references.

    Secondly, the so called “Equinox” trading software is just a rehash of existing older software, re-branded to give you the feeling of something new. It really does insult my intelligence when people try to sell me the same thing

    It’s easy to see this because these marketers will most likely promote GTOptions as the leading broker, that is due to business-related issues. Not to say it’s a bad broker (quite the opposite is true), it’s just not one of the best ones these days, and it’s lacking regulation.

    Furthermore, it’s not very intelligent naming a software after one of the most well known chain of fitness centers. Granted, it really sounds good, but has nothing to do with working out or going to the gym.

    To continue, analysts don’t develop trading software, it’s computer programmers and engineers and these guys will most likely work for bigger companies like Citadel, Goldman Sachs, or Dean Witter. You also have great guys working for companies that specialize in HFT (high frequency trading) and algorithmic trading, which is really where the big money is. But binary options are such a small niche that you have second grade programmers rehashing old code to make it look legit (Nadex and CBOE excluded).

    Moving forward, these guys promise you profit and easy money just by pushing a button, but this just doesn’t work in the real world. I’m really sorry to burst your bubble and be the proverbial wet blanket, but chances are they just want you to open and fund your account so they can get paid on the back end by the brokers.

    This is really good for the marketers, and to a lesser degree to the brokers who end up paying exorbitant fees for disgruntled clients just wanting to try out a new system because they really don’t have that much money to invest in the first place.

    I mean, let’s be real – people who have the money to invest go to an investment banker and cough up a minimum of $100,000 for a legitimate yearly ROI of 5-8%. If you have less than that, it’s best to invest it in some form of small business and get a cash flow going. Another alternative is just getting paid for filling out surveys, it’s not a lot of money but at least you don’t get scammed.

    To conclude, this Dow Jones Focus Group and Equinox software is just another in a long series of scam trading systems designed to solicit your initial investment. Generally speaking, there are far worst systems and at least the trading activity and investment amounts are being displayed and you know your win/loss (success) ratio immediately. But at the end of the day its a mere facade of aggregated and random data rolled up in a way which is designed to create a false perception of authenticity and legitimacy.

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