Brit Method – Scam or Not

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Brit Method Is Scam by Jason Taylor – Warning !!

If you have been invited to try the Brit Method App, Avoid its a Scam, be warned! We have reviewed this trading software,there is a whole lot of evidence that we can share with you in this review. We will show what is wrong with the BritMethod system, what it is supposed to do and why it is a scam.The Brit Method software operates an automated binary options trading system. This has been created by Jason Taylor for complete beginners who want to profit from trading in binary options. The Brit Method signals show you when there is the least risk and the maximum amount of profit to be made.

Jason Taylor has apparently been using the Brit Method System successfully for some time and now wants to offer an opportunity to just twenty people to gain access to his system for free. In return, you only have to agree to make a video testimonial at the end of thirty days to say how successful you have been when trading binary options with the Brit Method App.

When you sign up for the free Brit Method software you are asked to deposit some funds into a trading account. Then you upload the app and follow the signals to decide how much to put into each trade. This is supposed to produce hundreds of thousands in profits.Jason Taylor guarantees that if you fail to make enough money in three months with the Brit Method provider will personally pay you £10,000. He says that so far he has never had to pay anyone, because all his beta testers have made much more than that.

Why is The Brit Method a Scam ?Real Reasons Explained

There are a great many reasons why you should not trust this software and in this section of our Brit Method review we can show you the evidence we have gathered. There are suspicious signs, some plain lies and faked content that all go to prove it must be a scam.The nice smiling man pictured on the Brit Method website is exactly the same image that appears on other scam sites. He has model looks and is introduced as Jason Taylor, founder of the the video Jason claims that with his guidance you can become a multi-millionaire like him. He then shows details of his bank account with a multi-million pound balance. When you get to the Brit Method members page, it states that he has made profits to date of £2,187, 612, but there is no actual proof of this.The Brit method video on the homepage features the usual stock footage, typical of scam websites, of dream locations, luxury cars, big houses and pools. There are also a great many screen shots of accounts with hundreds of thousands in them. These can easily be faked and it is a method often used by scam operators to illustrate imaginary wealth.

Also see why Aussie Method is scam owned by the same Jason in a Different Fake Name to Scam Australian Residents

The Brit Method System is Not Free to Join

In the video Jason Taylor explains that there is absolutely no risk involved in trying out the Brit Method system for a month or more, because it is 100% free to access it. The limited offer is made out to be by private invitation only, but we were able to use the website without any invitation and it is clearly open to anyone to register. We very much doubt that the free offer is only available to 20 people. All these lies are evidence of a Brit Method App is scam.There is no mention in the free offer that you will have to open a broker account through the website and fund it with your own money. In the video demonstration of how it works, the starting amount to deposit is £250.

The hard sell comes when Jason offers to pay £10,000 to anyone who does not make “hundreds of thousands” within the first few months. This is mentioned several times but no information is provided about exactly how this is guaranteed. The system has only just become available, so obviously no-one has yet tried to claim this sum.The results shown for trades with the Brit Method Autotrader, and the large sums shown on the members page are not verified, so there is no way we can say in this review that they are genuine. The people seen in the Brit Method video giving testimonials are actors who make themselves available for hire on micro job sites.

Fake Brit Method Positive Reviews and Testimonials

The social media testimonials are all fakes. For example, you can see that Tamara has tweeted to thank @britmethod, but when we checked with Twitter for this review we found that there is no such account. It is likely that none of the senders exist because no usernames appear in their tweets, just a first name, which is something that never happens at Twitter.

Always check my scam binary options signals providers page before you join any new systems.

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7 Binary Options

The Brit Method, created by Jason Taylor designed to make millionaires out of those who trade in the binary options market. According to Taylor, there is no experience needed; simply sign up for the Brit Method and you will be making money in as little as sixty minutes.

The Brit Method requires you to make an initial deposit $350. Surprisingly, after doing so, you are still not given the secret to making money in binary options. You are basically supposed to do all of the work on your own and the system is not even regulated.

Experienced binary options traders know that, while simple to understand, the world of binary trading can also prove complex and necessitate the use of advanced tools and analysis. If you believe you’ll receive what you need with The Brit Method, then sadly you’re mistaken. Basically you are throwing away your hard-earned money.

The home page video catches your attention and appeals to your sense of eagerness to make money. But the system doesn’t offer much at all for traders. Even after making the first deposit, you don’t receive any special insights or techniques or tools to help you profit with binary options.

In fact, based on what we found, hardly anybody has made money with The Brit Method thus far. So you’d just be freely handing over your money to the developers.

So, though not fully confirmed, it looks like The Brit Method is, in fact, another scamming opportunity by someone looking to part traders with their money. Nothing on the website indicates to us that it has anything helpful and trustworthy to offer serious binary options traders.

In addition, we also found a very similar site to the Brit Method. Many dodgy people within the industry create multiple sites, sometimes even simultaneously, that have the same look, feel, and purpose. This sign also points to The Brit Method as unreliable.

But that’s not all…

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 97%
Minimum Deposit: $350
Countries: All nations

  • Easy to use interface
  • Available in multiple languages such as: Dutch, Spanish, English, Arabic, German, Japanese, Italian, French and Portuguese

  • Initial deposit of $350 is higher than the average
  • System does not offer a formula to help traders achieve a profit
  • Reliable internet connection is needed to access the system
  • Traders must register with one of their recommended brokers
  • No technological l analysis tools available to traders

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

Is Brit Method Scam?

Brit Method Scam Investigation

After we completed the Brit Method scam investigation it looks like the Brit Method seems to be just another scam. It has not been fully confirmed a scam as of this writing, but however, in our opinion, the information about the website does not give us an indication that it has anything legitimate to offer to those serious about binary options trading.

Our team also found another website that is extremely similar to the Brit Method. The only difference is that the name of the founder and CEO. This is a strong red flag that this system is not reliable or legitimate. Do not take stock on any of the websites reviews or testimonials as they are not legit. These reviews and stories by traders are not in any way real testimonies.

The Brit Method System is Not Free to Join

Jason Taylor in his video talks about the Brit Method system being absolutely risk-free for beginners for more than a month or so, with 100% free access. Although no one is supposed to avail this offer without a private invitation, it was evident to us that their website is open for registeration to anyone who tries to access it, as we were able to navigate through their supposed ’registration only’ part of the website without being invited.

We also have major misgivings about this free offer being available to just 20 individuals. All of these facts point openly to this whole system being a rip-off. We found no mentioned that members are required to deposit your a fee to sign up for a broker account on their website. To get started, the Brit Method system requires you to make an initial deposit of £350 which is clearly depicted in the video demonstration.

Jason taylor makes an offers to pay any investor £10,000 if their fail to rake in huge profits during the initial few months. Although this was offered multiple times in their advert, they somehow failed to provide any information whatsoever as to how they were going to guarantee this profit return. And since the whole system of ’The Brit Method’ is new so no one has posted a claim to the said amount yet.

The Brit Method Autotrader provides potential investors with results depicting large sums of money passed on to members, but which is unsubstantiated. None of these facts provide any sort of help to an individual who is trying to figure out if this method is genine and profitable or just another scam. Moreover, the testimonials given in the Brit Method promotional video are provided by actors who possibly hired through micro job sites.

Screenshot of the sign up add:

Brit Method Auto Trading Software

Auto Trading Software

Although the website claims the software is free, you do have to make the initial deposit of $350 with one the brokers recommended by the Brit Method system. As experienced binary traders, we should all be aware by now that binary trading is a complex market that requires advanced analysis and tools. However, if you think you are getting any of these tools with the Brit Method, you will be extremely disappointed.

Honestly, the Brit Method leaves little to be desired when it comes to binary trading. The promotional video in the home page is eye-catching and appeals to those who are eager to make a profit. The truth is that hardly anyone has made a profit with the Brit Method to this date.

The site states that the system seeks out favorable conditions for traders in the financial market and then makes those trades automatically on their behalf. According to the developers, traders average over $3,300 profit daily and can expect a 97% success rate.

We found no proof in our research that his system works as successfully as they claim it does. The website doesn’t trend well on Google Trends and we had a hard time finding sufficient information about it online. Therefore, we remain skeptical of the system’s stated accuracy.

To this day, we haven’t seen a software system for trading binary options with such a high success rate for traders. And we have every reason to doubt that The Brit Method has somehow cracked the code or broken the mold.


Here is a screenshot of “Jason Taylor”:

Fake Positive Reviews & Testimonials for The Brit Method

Our eyes fell with suspicion upon the website reviews and testimonials for this system as well. The social media reviews and testimonials for The Brit Method displayed on their site are false. While it looks like someone named Tamara tweeted a thank you to @britmethod, we couldn’t find the testimonial when we checked Twitter for it. No such account even existed!

In fact, it’s highly likely that none of the reviewers they highlight actually sent them anything because they only show the first name in the tweets, not the usernames. Twitter doesn’t display first names only.

Instead of believable praise, we actually found a lot of complaints about The Brit Method. One common refrain complained about the requirement of a deposit for access contrary to claims of being able to use the system for free. On top of that, the minimum deposit is $100 higher than most other binary options brokers. So traders feel that they get less for more money.

Another complaint among traders involves the lack of a formula or secret that allows them to profit from the system. Several say they’ve not only failed to profit but actually lost all of their deposit while attempting to use the system to trade binaries.

More Unfortunate Truths About The Brit Method

  1. The creators more than likely purchased the photos displayed on the site from online stock photo sites like or They don’t truly represent any gains made with profits from using their system.
  2. The countdown timer is just a scarcity tactic to make you believe that you’ll lose your spot to make money if you don’t sign up with the system right then and there. Lots of marketers online use this gimmick to entice you to part with your money sooner rather than later (or at all). If you come back to the site tomorrow or next month, it’ll restart to where it was when you came the first time.
  3. No one really knows who the creators of The Brit Method are. But whoever they are, they’re really an affiliate for the broker they recommend you sign up with. When you deposit money with that broker, they receive a commission for getting you to register and fund your account.
  4. Their recommended brokers partner up with The Brit Method creators to scam traders out of their money. These guys act a bit like a fly-by-night operation, designed to get into your pocket by tricking you. Then when the walls start closing in on them, they’ll take the money and run.

And they’ll likely creator another brokerage operation, under a new name, to do it all over again. Experienced traders have been able to make connections between present and past scam brokers due to this practice.

The Brit Method by Jason Taylor

According to Jason Taylor, the Brit Method is the latest and greatest binary options software system available for traders at this time. He claims the system can make millions of dollars for its traders in a matter of hours. And best of all, there is no experience required.

Jason Taylor claims the system is designed for both novices, as well as experienced traders. You are guaranteed immediate access to the system once you create an account. However, remember that before you can begin trading you must have an initial minimum $350 deposit. We feel that it is unfair that there is no guaranteed money making formula offered to help you trade once you have made your deposit.

Our basic conclusion is that you should not invest your money in the Brit Method as you will get nothing in return. It is generally a waste of money and our honest advice is that you steer clear of this system since it promises to deliver what it initially claims.

The Claims In a Nutshell:

  • The Brit Method is the greatest binary options software available
  • The system can make millions of dollars for its traders in hours
  • It’s designed for both novices, as well as experienced traders
  • You’ll get immediate access to the system after creating an account

The Brit Method Results

Jason Taylor states that the Brit Method is designed to be extremely user-friendly. According to him, the system searched for favorable conditions in the financial market and then executes automatic trades for its users. He claims the system has a 97% success rate as traders pull in an average of $3,350 in profits a day.

We could find no legitimate proof that the system is in fact as successful as Taylor claims. The Brit Method does not have a high ranking on Google Trends. We also were able to find very little information on the Brit Method online. We feel that it is extremely unlikely that this system is as accurate as Jason Taylor claims. We have not seen a binary options software system with an accuracy rate of 97% to this date so we have reason to doubt that the Brit Method can have such a high rate of successful trades.

The Brit Method Complaints

We found quite a few complaints regarding the Brit Method. The most common one is that despite Taylor’s claims that the system is 100% free, traders are required to make an initial deposit of $350 to even access the system. The average initial deposit with most binary trading systems is $250 so users feel they are paying more for less. Traders are complaining that they are given no formula or secret to enable them to make profits with this system and quite a few traders have lost their entire investment using the Brit Method system.

The Truth About The Brit Method

  • Promotional photos that are available on The Brit Method app’s website were bought from websites selling photos like, or, etc. Solidifying the point that these are not genuine people who have used the system.
  • The Brit Method’s sales video is performed by what appears to be actors hired on Fiverr who will perform for $5 a minute or hour in some cases.
  • A countdown timer is added to the website to give the impression that time is running out and you may miss the chance of earning a huge profit. Its a cheap sales tactic called ”creating scarcity.”
  • No information is available regarding the real people behind the Brit Method
  • No virtual or real help offered to those using the Brit Method
  • The aim of setting up the whole platform of the Brit Method is simply to drive investments to a broker who they are affiliated with. The people behind the Brit Method will earn a commision each time it convinces members to trade via the recommended broker.
  • Brokers recommended by the Brit Method’s creators are scammers who hope to run away with your hard earned money.
  • Images of social media newsfeeds provided on the Brit Method’s website cannot be verified.


Following a thorough investing of the Brit Method, we feel that this Brit Method is not safe. The fact that we cannot find any unbiased interviews adds to the doubts we already have about this supposedly automated system. Upon creating our account, we have not yet matched the profits they initially guaranteed. At this time, we cannot confirm that the Brit Method is in fact a legitimate or reliable binary options trading system.

So you very likely won’t receive anything of value in return for it. It has failed to deliver for traders what it claims it does. If you want to seriously trade binary options, you’d be better off looking somewhere else.

The Brit Method Review – Big Ben of Profits or Scam?

IMPORTANT UPDATE (03/06/18): Today it was made clear that the Brit Method online trading software is no longer providing the expected results that initially attracted its clients. People have started to relocate their assets and investments to other platform in order to protect themselves from losses. The software is no longer recommended and you should consider joining a better alternative. Currently, your best alternative would be the QProfit System for online Forex and CFD trading.

Review Verdict: The Brit Method is Scam

Today’s Forex software review will focus on a profit increasing investment solution called the Brit Method. It is created by Jason Taylor. Britain is a country I regard highly and this online trading software just boosts the reasons why. From its centuries of cultural history up to its ability to maintain a relatively strong economy in hard times. I do not understand their decision to leave the EU… but this is another topic.

Can the Brit Method really serve as a legit income generator? Or is it just the regular scam? Read my investigation results below.

The Brit Method Software – Who is the Creator ?

I performed quite the comprehensive and far-flung investigation into the matter. Jason Taylor has made the effort to properly introduce himself. He is not a tech genius but he has a very well-developed sense of entrepreneurship, even though he is quite young. Brit Method is the proof of that. Most tech start-ups begin just like that – their creators know what they want to do and just do it. As one Forex software review states, “Jason Taylor, creator of the Brit Method, has a humble biography. No higher education, no excellence awards, nor an inclination for mathematics. But his trading robot managed to acquire an excellence award, thanks to all the opportunities it can give to traders.”

Coming from a modest and destitute background, he searched for ways in which to aid financially his friends and family. After trying different occupations, he suddenly came across a Forex investment system. Realizing that this could be the answer to his prayers, he rounds up some friends who had the necessary computer and math skills and together they founded The Brit Method Software (also known as The Brit Wealth System).

The Brit Method System – Legit Forex Robot or a Fraudulent One?

IMPORTANT UPDATE (03/06/18): Today it was made clear that the Brit Method online trading software is no longer providing the expected results that initially attracted its clients. People have started to relocate their assets and investments to other platform in order to protect themselves from losses. The software is no longer recommended and you should consider joining a better alternative.

Review Verdict: The Brit Method is Scam

How to Join Brit Method?

The required minimum deposit is £250. Yes, it is a bit high than the usual average. But the quality of service provided by the Brit Method is very high. Additionally, the software is entirely free to use. Its license won’t cost you a thing.

Once you sign up for the free Brit Method license, you will get connected to a trustworthy broker. Make the initial accepted deposit and set the robot to run in the background. It will scan the markets constantly and will place trades in accordance with your preferences, achieving an average success rate of 87%.

The Brit Method System – Forex Review Verdict

IMPORTANT UPDATE (03/06/18): Today it was made clear that the Brit Method online trading software is no longer providing the expected results that initially attracted its clients. People have started to relocate their assets and investments to other platform in order to protect themselves from losses. The software is no longer recommended and you should consider joining a better alternative.

Review Verdict: The Brit Method is Scam

Hello, I am Collin Tyusm. I am a Forex blogger. I have created my blog, because I want to help people learn more about Forex & CFD Trading Software and Bots.

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