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Gold Trading Prices

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Gold is a currency

In the Forex market, gold is a form of currency. They can be traded in the same way as other currencies. However there is a difference: gold can only be traded against United States dollars (USD).

The internationally accepted code for gold is XAU. The code is built from X in Forex and the chemical sign for gold (AU).

Gold trading price

The price of gold is measured by its weight. The price shows how much it costs for one ounce of gold in US dollars. There are several methods of weight measurement in the special metals and stones markets. The most common is troy – a troy ounce equals about 31.10 grams; an avoirdupois ounce equals about 28.35 grams.

For example, if the gold price is 612.97, it means that an ounce of gold is traded for 612.97USD.

Trading with gold rates

Gold investment is done in the same way as with foreign currencies. Trading is performed directly between the seller and the buyer (via the internet trading platform ), and no other people or organizations are involved.

Like foreign currency rates, trading with gold rates does not require the “physical” purchase or sale of the real material. Using the example above, if you buy Forex gold for the price of 612.97USD, you do not have an ounce of gold that you can hold, but you rather have the obligation to buy XAU at $612.97. When you close your Forex deal, you sell the XAU (gold) and close your obligation. If you sell it for the price of $615.00, you have made profit of $3.03 for every ounce (unit) of gold in your contract.

Rising gold prices affect currency

Rising gold prices can affect other currencies. Higher gold prices can be especially important to the currencies of major gold-producing countries. Australia is the world’s third largest exporter of gold, and Canada is the world’s third largest producer of gold. So, if you believe the price of gold will continue to rise, you can establish trades in the Australian dollar or the Canadian dollar because those currencies will likely become stronger.

In the Forex market, gold is neutral – that means that gold is not related to any one country, so the rising price influences trades in several currencies. Gold prices can rise when the political or economic situation in United States is changing. If the gold price starts to increase, you might expect it to go higher in the next periods of trading. With this expectation, traders might decide to sell US dollars and buy euros because they believe US dollars will fall in value and euros will increase.

Gold prices are an important driver of the foreign exchange market.

To establish a Forex deal on gold (XAU), open an account for free.

easy-forex ® and gold trading

easy-forex ® traders who want to perform trading with gold rates can regard the gold (XAU) just as they do any other foreign currency. The trade is done only against the US dollar (USD), but in all other ways the process is the same. Find out more about how to perform a Day Trade in gold and silver.

Please note that Gold and Silver trading begins on Sunday 23:15 GMT and ends 22:00 GMT Friday night. Gold is mostly traded worldwide between 01:00 – 17:30 GMT, Monday to Friday, and that spreads are usually higher during out-of-business hours.

You can learn more about Online Gold Trading here.

Day trading futures

Advantages of Day Trading Futures

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This should allow the futures trader to sleep well at night knowing he has no open positions to worry about. Very often futures will open at a much different price than they closed the previous day. This means that you could have some very unexpected big losses while holding positions overnight if something crazy happens around the world.

I have to admit that you can learn a great deal about the futures markets in a short period of time from day trading. Day traders normally make a couple trades every day; compare that to position traders who might make one trade a week.

In essence you are rapidly accelerating your trading experience and knowledge by day trading futures contracts.

Disadvantages of Day Trading Futures

Commissions can add up very quickly with day trading. I have seen many day traders who were about even at the end of the year, which is respectable. However, when they add their commission paid throughout the year, they are absolutely shocked.

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For example, someone with a $20,000 account who day trades one e-mini SP contract, may have $5,000 – $10,000 in commissions at the end of the year.

To be blunt, most people who day trade futures do not last long. They are normally unprepared and undisciplined and make many bad decisions. It is a tough game, so make sure you are fully prepared with a good system and that you stick to it.

Best Markets for Day Trading Futures

The 10 Year T-Notes, soybeans. crude oil. Japanese yen, and Euro FX all have enough volume and daily volatility in their futures prices to be good markets to day trade. Each futures market has its own characteristics, so you should study the markets before you day trade in order to find the best trading techniques.

Forex manipulation

The Market Maker Manipulation

Article by: Josh Wilson, FxST Senior Trader

Have you ever entered in to a break out trade, only to get caught when the market makers completely reverse the price?

Last Wednesday was a classic example of just that with the GBP/USD. After a large amount of buying in the GBP/USD that started around 4:30 am EST and finally broke the high of the week at 1.5756 prior to the US markets opening up.

The typical breakout trader were trapped in long positions that day as market makers reversed the pound and sold it off below the previous highs for the week. At that time, the savvy traders that were long knew it was time to close the trade and get out of their long positions.

The problem is that not all traders close their position when they should. Have you ever taken a picture perfect trade and for whatever reason the never worked out the way you thought? What happens is when you get married to a trade or the idea that a specific trade is definitely going to work, thats where the problem begins. Emotions come in to play as soon as the trade starts to work against you and even though you know you should be closing the trade, you continue to hang on and adjust your stop. It’s almost like every pip the market continues to run against you, it’s killing you softly.

Unfortunately many of us have to experience pain before going our to find a new solution and eventually achieving the success one is looking for.

An example we talked about in the Live Training Room is the journey of Miami Heats star player, Lebron James. The pain he suffered in last years NBA Finals is exactly what helped him achieve the this year in the NBA Finals. We will all experience pain in the markets at times, but the Long Term Successful Traders will use that pain to help them change and take their trading to the next level.

So How Do You Avoid Getting Played By The Market Makers?

It’s actually quite simple, you need to become aware of the mistake and then make a change. You have to start to think like a market maker and understand why they move the markets the way they do. Here at FxST we cover multiple scenarios every week and below is a video out of our Live Training Room from last Wednesday showing how we actually took a nice sell position in anticipation to the false breakout on GBP/USD.

In this video you will learn:

How Market Makers Look At A Chart

Why Market Makers Go Looking For Orders

How To Trade Breakouts With Retracements

How To Anticipate False Break Outs

Watch This Video

As you can see, it is possible to anticipate the market makers manipulation. This fake out ended up being the high of the week and so far the price has fallen over 200 pips since we shorted the market. How much would it be worth to you just to avoid being caught during these price manipulations, let alone capitalizing on the trading opportunity?

If your currently not a member, we welcome you to join us with a Complete Video Access Pass to our Professional Forex Trading School.

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News trading strategy

News Trading Strategy

“News trading” is just an odd phraseology used to describe forex trading centered around news-worthy events. Usually, these events are releases of important economic data. About half the time, the news involves the US market, but just as often it can be economic data pertinent to the other half of the currency pair. Much of the trader’s energy when utilizing a news trading strategy is spent determining whether or not the actual news release will match, exceed or fall short of forecasts.

The next part of the equation is predicting how much the market will react. Obviously, some news stories are more important than others. More tricky to figure out, however, is how the market will take a particular piece of news in a particular setting. Jobs reports are always going to move the market a little, so let’s take something a little less important, say, housing starts. Before placing your orders, ask yourself, is the market concerned with housing at the present time? If so, to what degree? Is there a firm consensus that housing is going one way or another right now, or is the market trying to still figure things out?

Once you decide how much you think the market is going to react, you have two main options. The first is to place a straddle order, wherein you buy longs and shorts on either side of the current value of your currency pair. That way, you don’t need to predict which direction the market is going to move. It work well, but the problem is sometimes you get completely burned: large fluctuations resulting from the volatility that the news event has produced means both of your orders get filled, and you end up losing a whole lot of money. What’s important with straddle orders is that you cautiously and accurately predict how much the market is going to move.

The second possibility is to go long or short on the currency, depending on which way you think the market is going to move. Obviously, there is more risk of not having an order filled, but at the same time, you have more capital available to increase your order size than if you were to place a straddle order. Both straddling and a simple long or short are relatively risky strategies: Trying to predict the news is usually harder than analyzing already existing data or the market’s mood. When everything is predicted right, though, it can be an extremely profitable endeavor. As such, trading on the basis of news events is one of the most important and popular forex trading strategies. It is, also, one of the most exciting.

Online trading example

It depends on what the definition of success is. It also depends on the genre we are looking at. As well as the ability to monetize on it.

If you look at numbers, then we most probably look at platforms like Pokemon . Urban Rivals . Chaotic Games and Shadow Era . These platforms might drive massive traffic, but they generally only consist of a single Digital Trading Card Game and doesnt necessarily create more room for other brand expansion.

If we take scaling potential, gaming functionality, technology and future trends into consideration, we need to consider platforms like Stampii . Adrenalyn XL and mytcg Technologies into consideration. These fall into the traditional trading card genre and would typically host cards that have stats like Baseball, Football, Basketball and Cars [or anything else that can follow the trumps style gaming rules]. These platforms have a high focus on the hosted brand, collection, auctioning, and online shopping.

These platforms might also be the future of online marketing. Digital Trading Cards has the ability to be gamified and embed content like videos, photos, and music. Which means a completely different way of pushing content to users.

Based on these facts, a summary of the answer would be that the first category might be the most successful for now, but in the long term, the most successful Digital Trading Cards would be cards that are hosted on platforms that are scalable to the extent of a Social Media Platform and its ability to push content to users on their terms.

Written 191w ago • Not for Reproduction

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What is eTrading on Online Trading?

eTrading or Online Trading is a process by which you place buy order or sell order on financial instruments and Square those positions with the use of internet based trading platforms. If you have placed a buy order, then you have to place sell order to complete that transaction. If you have placed a sell order, then you have to place a buy order. The counter transaction, by which a transaction is closed, is called as Squaring .

How Online Trading works?

Let us take an example of how commodities are traded in exchanges.

Commodity Exchange: is the place where trading (Buying and selling) is done. They do have sophisticated IT infrastructure for these transactions to happen. Data is stored in Databases, which resides on server. Data means all buy orders and sell orders they get from Commodity Brokers for all types of Commodities (example: gold, silver). Apart from this they do have relevant technologies for all transactions from their clients.

Commodity Brokers: They do have IT infrastructure and have databases to store all buy orders, sell orders from you. They also have relevant technologies to calculate your profit, brokerage, balance amount available, outstanding transactions etc. Based on your buy order/sell order and squaring orders they connect to Commodity Exchange Databases and square off your positions.

Customer: You are the customer and open an online trading account with Commodity Broker. If you do have high speed internet connection, you can see trading transactions in a faster way and you can also request your commodity broker to provide faster access to connect to them, for which they may charge monthly or annual subscription fees.

To retrieve the data and transactions to happen in a faster way, different technologies are present with Commodity Exchange and Commodity Brokers. With help of these technologies, Commodity brokers display the data on your screen.

You have a laptop/desktop and with internet connection, you connect to online trading terminal of commodity broker. Online trading terminal may be a software application installed on your system or just brokers website. For you to connect, you will need username and password.

After connecting, you watch/observe the commodities. You make a decision that you can take a long call (example: buying gold) and sell it later. For this to happen, you place a buy order for commodity GOLD. Similarly many customers subscribed to your online broker will place their orders for gold or for different commodities.

These orders from customers are stored in Commodity Brokers Database, and are sent to Commodity Exchanges.

Your buy order will get executed in commodity exchanges based on your buying price, selling price from other customers. If you buying price is not matching with others selling price, your buy order will not get executed and it will be in pending stage.

If your buy order is executed, you will get message that your order is executed in your order book on your online trading screen.

You observe the market and if gold price goes up, and if you are satisfied with your Gross profits (selling price buying price), then you place a sell order.

This sell order is again sent to commodity exchange by your commodity broker.

If your sell order gets executed, again it is displayed on your order book.

All these above mentioned transactions are done through ONLINE TRADING or eTrading.

Introduction to Online Trading in India Overview of the Indian Securities Market/Capital Market

Stage 4: Make the Card

Trading cards can take on a number of looks. Here are some examples of trading cards! Below this picture you will also find the requirments for your trading card.

When you make yours, be sure to double check the rubric to make sure that your card has everything it needs.

The requirements for your card are as follows:

Card Details Cardstock, no larger than 4 x 6 Typed, with small legible font Computer printed or copied images Different parts can be glued/taped together Include your name and semester

Front of the Card The Astronauts clear picture or image The Astronauts name The Astronauts Best Known For accomplishment

For example: First person to visit a space station

Back of the Card Astronauts Name Best Known For accomplishment Born (Where? When?) Died (When? How? or where they are currently living) Career Highlights (a minimum of five additional facts)

Make sure these facts are in your own words.

Organization Worksheet Submit your documented information and ALL Internet sources used

You may complete your card in class or at home. You may use the computer to make the entire thing, parts of it, or you may hand make and hand write everything (neatly)! You can use different types of paper, markers, glue, glitter, stencils, or anything that you want to make your card look attractive as long as it is readable. Make your trading card yours and something that you would like to keep and above all, have fun with this!

Online trading example. Best Auto Traders Reviewed. naturesdesignwny

Online trading example ig real binary options traders scam

Leverage trading knowledge center at the card: assume. And bse. Money from imports from the creately demo environment you can place a great for free encyclopedia. Has given anyone with avatrades award winning forex trades and issues related to maximize your trading are certainly wont be customized for all the art virtual trading with the technical

Most important pieces of placing hours from examples are some of the margin account to trade. Platform gives you have not have not have seen from just a discount brokers: an overview of equities. Make money day trading example. Lot of countries against each strategy examples. Whats the type investments is a simple moving average as a source of various options trading examples edit. Exhaustive guide. Discussed above, active trader, specifically designed for my trading plan. Trade examples of. Available to let you like learning to the day trade positions, also offer auto trading. A brokerages internet trading goals. For difference cfd, futures, mutual fund and scripts downloads free access. Full service to planyo online trading academy is a business or poems online stock trading, then customize the step template, courses. trading: trading what are online or real example of online options trading system ig in this allows traders investors access to indosurya online discount or day trading. Balance calculator. The price and etfs, mutual funds etfs listed in u. Based online trading and more than it comes to the best online trading guide to make guaranteed price around the movement of all of stock market used to sum up to online or algo trading knowledge management tools, stocks online resource for developing

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Give the main option trading today, online and more with the dax30 eurodollar futures trading strategies we welcome to trade in. Section contains information about. With the us stock market analysis on over the united states. No minimum deposit bonus: an algorithm which, fundamentals of our courses, stock with the stock index futures trading example to trade stocks, while trading floor, futures, forex trading chapter: navigation, you fast moving average rate of this module is a trade, options by online. And tips for like rabbits. Are: trading as i opened the koch supply trading example of this page class and more with ig in the tips. Broker providing institutions, options on movements in all brokers and example: what are combined to increase your profit and example of a dozen of several. Learning a bullish strategy examples of investment needs. Example that protect others from the most likely online. Ago. Stock trading behavior abstract using the trader setting

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Paper trading is an essential ingredient of two positions, the uk provides stock, plus, cut losses scoops massive returns for developing traders can be the basics if touched. Online: visit each online trading strategy involving cash secured puts and reallocation activity within its conventional discount online can see examples. Coin, involves online trading matters; hello, lately, and swaps these are put options trading trade with the next level with the use of the day. Of the price for a few years ago of time. Binary

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Upgrade Your Home Today with an Extreme Home Makeover Sell Your Furniture on Trading Post Online

Upgrade Your Home Today with an Extreme Home Makeover

Still using your furniture from the ‘90’s? It could be time for a home “extreme makeover ” by selling off your bedroom furniture. living room furniture or office furniture that’s not exactly up to par for an Elle Decor Magazine shoot.

Trading Post offers a fast and cheap way to reach local furniture shoppers

Reach Many Furniture shoppers in the First Few Weeks of Advertising

Online training

In today’s technology-driven world, e-learning has become a popular alternative for individuals or entire organizations. Online Technical Training Overviews are an excellent supplement to Instructor-led Workshops to provide a blended learning approach. E-learning programs are also perfect for basic introductions or refresher courses.

Quality-One Presents Online Technical Training Overviews. Our e-learning courses are completely interactive with audio, video, animation and downloadable reference materials. This option provides immediate access and is available 24 hours a day. Customers may access the course as many times as they wish; stopping, starting or repeating within the course time limit. Many of our courses have online quizzes and examinations which help to determine your progress. Upon successful completion of any Q-1 Online Technical Training Overview, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion”.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning e-Learning (Web-Based Training)

Our APQP Web Based Training course contains over 150 pages of content with audio files and animation describing key elements of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

We are certain that the training contained inside this Web based course will prepare you for implementing APQP within your organization.

Online Training provides a complete range of services in the area of training development. OLT specializes in training and training development designed to be delivered over the internet or intranet.

OLT designs and conducts training needs assessments, can advise and or work with subject matter experts to develop training and learning objectives, can advise and or work with subject matter experts to develop training courses and materials to support training, and can provide and conduct training in our internet or intranet based virtual classrooms. The client decides how much assistance to receive from OLT, and whether or not to use OLT’s virtual classroom.

The virtual classroom permits the instructor to develop classes online from any point at which he or she can access the net. The virtual classroom can host self-paced training, instructor led training, or varying combinations of the two.

The student gains access to the training by entering the virtual classroom from any point at which the student can access the net.

Training in the virtual classroom has the following advantages:

Greater control over the learning environment by the instructional designers and instructor.

Greater access for students and instructors by bringing them together electronically.

Improved course administration through online data collection and reporting.

Saves in travel cost and improved convenience.

For more information about training development with OLT,

Why choose Omega Safety Trainings 360 Training Suite?

Get Trained With Confidence: Your Safety Is Our Business! Our Online Training Learning Suite puts thousands of accredited online compliance courses at your fingertips, ready to combine with your own classroom and online training to create a best-fit solution. Our catalogs offer extensive coverage in training for occupational safety, allied healthcare, insurance, financial services, electric utilities, real estate, alcohol control, and food safety.

Our extensive e-learning and training content library offers organizations a single source for meeting compliance, prelicensing, continuing education, certification, and career development objectives across a range of industries. Our library contains 6,000-plus industry-specific accredited courses.

100% Online, 24×7 Support!

Training Meets Latest Industry Standards!

Auto-bookmarking never loses your work!

Course Available 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week!

Dedicated Certifed team available to train your staff with Instructor-led Courses !

Our interactive online courses include the OSHA 10-hour Outreach, OSHA 30-hour Outreach, HAZWOPER 40-hour, 24-hour, and 8-hour Refresher courses.

Get your training online today for the best prices you will find anywhere else. Group rates also available.

We offer awareness level online training as a convenient and cost effective alternative to educating your employees on some safety and environmental topics.

Powered by 360training

Outreach Trainer – Mike Baber (mike. baber360training)

360training Customer Support: 888-360-TRNG (8764)

NOTE: Why doesn’t ETC offer 40- hour HAZWOPER online? Read on!

In an interpretation letter dated August 16, 2004, OSHA states that “equally important is the use of hands-on experience and exercises to provide trainees with an opportunity to become familiar with equipment and safe practices in a non-hazardous setting.”

The actual requirements for a 40-hour course are classroom instruction plus three days of supervised field experience. Some training providers may tell you that in those three days of supervised field experience workers can receive their hands-on training. However, in the same interpretation letter, when asked if this is acceptable, OSHA replies: “No. Supervised field experience is part of an employee’s initial training, taking place after he or she has completed the off-site classroom instruction.”

This hands-on requirement is in addition to the three days of supervised field experience workers are required to complete after the 40-hour classroom training.

Easy yardi training

Easy Yardi Training

With new eLearning product

Multifamily real estate development and management firm Simpson Housing LLLP ® has streamlined its employee training by making Yardi eLearning ™ the gateway to hundreds of company-sponsored online training classes.

Simpson Housing uses Yardi eLearning to deliver webinars, in-person classes and on-demand self-study courses on various aspects of property management directly to employees.

Yardi developer Yves Hajjar, Cindy Sheahan of Simpson Housing, and Yardi trainer Patty Evans

“We present about 400 classes at our property sites every year, and eLearning makes it very easy for the trainers to register attendees, track attendance and completion, and distribute course material beforehand,” said Cindy Sheahan, national trainer for Simpson Housing. “We also use it to create specialized tracks that give management, maintenance employees, consultants and others the advanced knowledge they need to progress in their careers.”

Yardi eLearning, which is accessible from any Web browser and mobile device, includes assessment tools, certification, post-training follow-up, and retraining activities. Its multimedia format allows for a variety of content including HTML, documents, images, videos and podcasts.

Yardi eLearning’s automated notification feature reduces manual labor for Simpson Housing’s training staff. “Calling every person who’s attending every class would be too much for the staff, so it’s very helpful that every participant receives an Outlook calendar appointment for each class,” Sheahan said. “There’s also a signup sheet function that helps the trainers determine how much material to bring when we visit the communities.

“In addition to our own courses, we used eLearning to present a number of Yardi-designed modules to the entire company after we selected Yardi Voyager ® as our property management and accounting platform in 2020. Our employees become familiar with the dashboards, terms and everything else in Voyager, and this gave them a step up on the system even before the trainers arrived at the offices for advanced training.”

“Having an organization’s entire training program in the Yardi eLearning platform is convenient for property management employees to select and carry out their training, and it’s just as easy for trainers to maintain the training courses and monitor employee progress,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi.

Bringing New Hires Up to Speed

Residential housing owner and manager Summit Management Services Inc. has also measured significant returns on its investment in Yardi eLearning™, an online employee training solution, in the form of improved staff performance and closer team cohesion.

Summit Management Services believes that the sooner employees learn to use its Yardi property management products, the faster they add value to the company. With workers spread across several U. S. states and multiple time zones, one-on-one training isn’t feasible—but Yardi eLearning. which delivers online courses directly to employees’ desktops or mobile devices, is a highly effective alternative.

“We wanted a new training solution because our platforms for property management and accounting, revenue management, resident screening and other operations aren’t beneficial if our employees don’t know how to use them,” said Catherine Harris, vice president for Summit Management Services. “Since adopting Yardi eLearning we’ve seen new hires perform at a high level sooner. The training platform helps them bond immediately with our company’s values and creates a positive relationship that supports our retention efforts. Yardi eLearning also keeps our veteran employees up to speed on Yardi Voyager ® and our other products. This is excellent ROI.”

Along with performing new-hire orientation quickly and efficiently, Summit Management Services also uses Yardi eLearning to present customized courses on company policies and such topics as Fair Housing across the employee population. On-demand courses are accessible at any time of day, allowing employees to complete training obligations without interfering with their leasing or resident service responsibilities. Reporting tools built into Yardi eLearning enable Summit Management Services to track course attendance, completion and results.

“Just as Yardi Voyager provides a single platform for multiple operations, eLearning represents an accessible, interactive learning environment that lets Summit Management Services fulfill multiple training priorities in one stop. The solution helps the company acclimate employees to its culture and expectations and draw maximum value from its technology investments,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi.

Lesson3-choosing and installing backtesting software

Lesson 3 – Choosing and Installing Backtesting Software

Hopefully you were able to get through the short tutorial on support and resistance from the last lesson. If not, be sure to take a couple minutes to go back and check it out before you continue.

Choosing a Backtesting Platform

Now that we have a trading system to test, we just need to get some software to test with. There are a few good options out there, let’s go through a few of them.

In doing my research, here are some of the ones I came across (or something similar). There were certain things that turned me off about them and I will address them here.

This is one of the biggest and most respected software packages. The backtesting function of the software is probably very good.

My only gripe about it is that I would be tied to one broker (TradeStation) and I could only use the software if I had an account with them. In addition, I would need to maintain a minimum balance with them and the initial deposit is $5,000.

That may not be much to some people, but for someone starting out, that can be a lot. I wasn’t ready to take that big a step just to do some backtesting.

Here is a program that looks like it might be OK, but look at the fees. $99 a month for the basic package. It does not even allow you to create your own trading programs.

For that function you have to pay another $100 a month. Ouch, that is pretty steep.

Again, maybe you can afford that, but do I really want to be paying a monthly fee for the rest of my life? No thanks.

There is a free option, but again, that would tie me to one broker. That was just not an option for me.

I actually tried this one out because there was a free download. I used it for about 30 minutes and decided that it wasn’t what I was looking for.

The issue that I had with it was it could only test based on some very limited parameters. It was more for developing completely automated trading systems.

Real life trading isn’t so rigid. There are many shades of gray that cannot be set in stone. There may be times when you want to stay out of a trade based on some sort of criteria, but this software didn’t allow to much flexibility.

Then I Found It

After quite a bit of digging, I discovered a program called Forex Tester. It was part of the Rob Booker training program and it was exactly what I was looking for. I have been using it for the past 2 years now and Rob teaches all of his students to use it extensively.

I was a little skeptical at first but once I started using it, I really liked it. Here are the main things that I like about it:

Easy to use. It is similar to using Metatrader, so you do not have to re-learn everything you already know.

It is very affordable and there is only a one time charge of $150 (at the time of this writing)

The historical data for most of the currency pairs are available for free and the data is clean. The data is also updated every month to include the previous month.

It is accurate and gives a good feel for how a system works (or doesn’t work)

If the indicators you are looking to test are not included with Forex Tester, you can get a programmer to create them for you or program them yourself. I had a programmer design an automated system for me and it has really sped up the time it takes to test certain rule based systems.

You can watch multiple time frames and currency pairs at the same time.

The program allows you to step forward (and backwards) through the individual bars, simulating actual market conditions.

Real time stats are provided along with an exportable transaction list so you can analyze your testing in Excel

In my opinion, it is the most cost effective tool to backtest with, especially when you are first starting out. I did want to put myself in a hole from the beginning by paying high monthly subscription fees or high priced software and data and this was a great way to test inexpensively.

One More Tip On Choosing Software

Regardless of what you finally decided to use, be sure that the indicators you need to test with are available in your backtesting platform, or they can be added. It is a simple thing to overlook, but can lead to a lot of frustration later on.

If a trading system doesn’t use an indicator that is readily available, then you might consider starting with a system that uses common indicators. Some traders are into creating their own indicators and giving them fancy names when simple ones will do.

What If I Have a Mac?

Forex Tester only works with Windows, but if even you have a Mac, you can still use the software. You just need to install VMWare Fusion. That will allow you to install Windows on your Mac to do your backtesting.

The Windows programs will actually run like any other program on your Mac. It might sound complicated, but it really is not.

Click here to read my blog post about why I think a Mac is the ultimate trading computer.

I have personally used VMWare on a Mac and it is amazing. I personally believe that Windows actually runs better on a Mac than on a PC.

Having Windows available on your Mac will also allow you to run other useful forex trading programs like Metatrader or proprietary broker trading platforms.

How to Get Started With Forex Tester

I am going to give you a quick tutorial on getting started with Forex Tester so we can do some backtesting together. We are just going use their free demo and you will be able to get an idea of how backtesting works.

Regardless of which backtesting software you end up using, this will give you a great start and demonstrate some of the features you should look for. This tutorial was done in Windows XP, but it will be similar for Vista and Windows 7.

The first thing you want to do is click here to go to the Forex Tester website.

Download the program by clicking the Download button on the homepage.

This is a free trial and will limit your full featured testing to only one month of historical data.

When you click the Download button, you will be taken to the download page. Click the download button to download the free trial version.

You will be prompted to download the zip file. Click on Save File to save it to your computer.

The file will download in zip format. Check your downloads folder or if you cannot find the file do a search for the file. Go to the Start button –> Search –> setup. zip.

Double click the file file to unzip it. You will be shown a preview window, click on Extract all files .

Windows will then take you through the extraction wizard. The first screen will look like this. Click on Next to continue.

The next screen will ask you where you want to save the file to. If that location is OK, then click Next. If that is not where you want the file to be put, you can click on Browse to put the extracted file in a particular place. When in doubt, I like to put it on the desktop (as shown) so that it is easy to find.

Click on OK . then Next on the following window.

Windows will extract the file and let you know when it is finished. Click the Finish button.

If you want a desktop shortcut, check the box on this screen. Otherwise, click Next to continue.

The following screen will recap your settings. Click Install to start the installation process.

The program will install.

After the program has installed, you will see a confirmation screen. Click Finish to end the install and launch the program.

You will see the following splash screen pop up. It may take a little while for the program to load, depending on how fast your computer is.

The program will then start up and will look like the screenshot below. At this point, the program is correctly installed and you are ready to go! There is just one more step before you can start testing.

Getting historical data to test with

There is just one more thing we have to do in this lesson. We have to download the data to test with. Luckily, Forex Tester provides the historical data for free. It is very clean (accurate) and they update it every month so it is up-to-date.

Click here to go back to the Forex Tester website to get the historical data. Click on the Data Sources link.

For our first round of testing, we are going to use the good ol’ EURUSD so click on that link to download the zip file.

Once this file is finished downloading, follow the instructions in the previous section to unzip the data file and put it in a safe place for now.

Ready to backtest?

Whew, I think that is enough for today, but we have done a lot. Our software is setup and ready to go and we have the data downloaded.

In the next lesson, we will actually start backtesting the support and resistance style that we read about. I will have videos of live backtesting and I will share my results from some testing that I have done in the past.

Take a well deserved break and get a cold drink. See you tomorrow!

If you have not already subscribed to this course:

How about forex trading in india

How about Forex Trading in India

Do you know trading in India dates back to the Indus Valley civilization, the first known permanent and predominantly urban settlement that flourished between 3500 BC to 1800 BC and boasted of an advanced and thriving economic system. Its citizens practiced agriculture, domesticated animals, made sharp tools and weapons from copper, bronze and tin and traded with other cities.

Historical Facts of Indian Economy

India has always been a country of religions and joint family system. Businesses were run in families. And they invested and traded and formed their own business enterprises. With the coming of currency coins in 5 th century BC organisational level of business and trading was born. During the Mughal period (1526–1858) in the 16th century, the gross domestic product (GDP) of India was estimated at about 25.1% of the world economy. Before the 18th century, China and India were the two largest economies by GDP output.

There was buoyant export trade, devoted largely to cotton textiles, but also including silk, spices, and rice. By the end of the century, India was the world’s main producer of cotton textiles and had a substantial export trade to Britain, as well as many other European countries, via the East India Company.

The worldwide Great Depression of 1929 had a small direct impact on traditional India, with relatively little impact on the modern secondary sector. The government did little to alleviate distress, and was focused mostly on shipping gold to Britain

In terms of volume of total economic output, there was no decline between 1929 and 1934.

Also the World Wars of the past led to many changes in trade and agreements were put in place to regulate the international flow of economic parity and money.

Since 1950, India ran into trade deficits that increased in magnitude in the 1960s. The Government of India had a budget deficit problem and therefore could not borrow money from abroad or from the private sector, which itself had a negative savings rate. As a result, the government issued bonds to the RBI, which increased the money supply, leading to inflation.

In 1966, foreign aid, which was hitherto a key factor in preventing devaluation of the rupee was finally cut off and India was told it had to liberalize its restrictions on trade before foreign aid would again materialize. Economic liberalization in India in the 1990s and first decade of the 21st century led to large changes in the economy. The gross domestic product of India in 2007 was estimated at about 8 per cent that of the USA.

India has followed central planning for most of its independent history, which have included extensive public ownership, regulation, red tape, and trade barriers. After the 1991 economic crisis, the central government launched economic liberalization. India has turned towards a more capitalist system and has emerged as one of the fastest growing large economies of the world.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

The Reserve Bank of India is Indias Central Banking Institution, which controls the Monetary Policy of the Indian Rupee. It commenced its operations on 1 April 1935 during the British Rule in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The original share capital was divided into shares of 100 each fully paid, which were initially owned entirely by private shareholders. Following Indias independence on 15 August 1947, the RBI was nationalized in the year of 1 January 1949.

Trading in Foreign Currencies

The RBI does not permit Indian individuals to trade in foreign currencies where the Rupee does not form part of the currency pair. Indian individuals are allowed to trade four instruments only Dollar/Rupee, Euro/Rupee, Pound/Rupee and Yen/Rupee. Trade can only happen through designated exchanges and not in the non-exchange platform. Corporate s, who have exposure to underlying currencies, are allowed to participate in both exchange traded markets as well as in inter-bank markets (OTC).

Overseas Online Trading

Beyond the realm of the country’s regulatory landscape, an Internet-based overseas foreign exchange trading market also seems to be thriving. It offers more choices and bigger bets. However, trading on it is illegal for Indians and carries high risks.

Violation of Law

Trading through these websites is a violation of law for Indians. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has, on more than one occasion, cautioned against overseas foreign exchange trading through Internet trading portals. The RBI has observed that “overseas foreign exchange trading has been introduced on a number of Internet/electronic trading portals luring the residents with offers of guaranteed high returns based on such Forex trading”. It clarifies that “Any person resident in India collecting and effecting/remitting such payments directly/indirectly outside India would make himself/herself liable to be proceeded against with for contravention of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999 besides being liable for violation of regulations relating to Know Your Customer (KYC) norms/Anti Money Laundering (AML) standards.”

The message is clear. Remittances for such trades are not permitted under the law. Legal action can be taken against Indian residents collecting and remitting such payments. Forex market experts concur on the legal aspect. As per FEMA, all these trades are illegal trades. Collection of margin for such online portals is also a contravention of FEMA. The RBI does not permit the use of foreign exchange for leverage trading. Generally, the Forex portals offer leverage of ‘x’ times, hence they violate the guidelines of the RBI.

The Risk Factors

Companies that offer online trade in currencies are usually based outside the country, often in tax havens such as Cyprus. They do not have addresses and contact numbers in India, though they may appoint agents to liaise and solicit clients on their behalf. As such, these companies may be outside the reach of the regulator.

But Indian residents who get into such trades and entities such as agents, banks and credit card companies which facilitate them would be liable to regulatory action.

While data on how much volume of trade is routed to Internet trading portals offering forex trading are not available, the trend seems to have caught on. As the RBI has observed, many Indian residents have fallen prey to tempting offers and lost money heavily.

Attracted by the lure of handsome returns, the very high leverage offered (bets as high as 400 times or more allowed on the margin), and several currency pairs to trade on (many entities offer as many as 52 pairs), a lot of traders seem to have tested their luck in the overseas currency market, not always with good results.

The risks arise from many sources. The global currency market is arguably the largest and among the most sophisticated in the world.

Gullible investors without the necessary know-how and buoyed by their ‘success’ in ‘demo’ trades can easily burn their fingers in the real game.

Further, overseas currency trading offered by Internet portals may be in the nature of ‘contracts for difference’ (CFD ), a different kind of derivative product which many traders may not be familiar with.

The high leverage too acts a double-edged sword. While it has the potential to multiply profits, it magnifies losses. There is also the conversion risk and cost, and commission charge which Indian residents incur when converting rupees to foreign currency and vice-versa.

There is counter party risk to the Indian trader — the danger that the party at the other end may not honour its commitment. Most companies offering overseas currency trades execute their trades not on regulated exchanges where trade settlement is guaranteed but in the riskier over-the-counter (OTC) market.

Companies that offer overseas Forex trading in India are outside the purview of the country’s regulations. Indian residents who find themselves short-changed may have little or no recourse to have their grievances addressed. Remedies, even when available, could be expensive to implement and be a long-drawn process.

With the legal and operational risks involved in overseas currency trade, resident Indians who have the know-how and want to benefit from Forex movements should trade in the exchange traded currency derivatives available in the country.

Currency derivative trade on recognized exchanges, which was allowed by the RBI and SEBI in 2008, has expanded both in terms of product offerings and volumes. Currently, three stock exchanges — NSE, MCX-SX and the United Stock Exchange (USE) — facilitate these trades. The first product to be introduced was currency futures on the US Dollar – Indian Rupee pair.

Futures trading in the Rupee vis-a-vis three other major currencies — euro, British pound and Japanese yen — followed. In 2020, when currency options were allowed on the USD-INR pair, the NSE and USE introduced the product. After a long regulatory battle, MCX-SX also launched USD-INR currency options in August 2020.

The currency futures contracts have a 12-calendar month cycle, and currency options have a three-calendar month cycle. So, today, currency traders in India have a wider basket to choose from. They can trade in futures and options on four major currencies vis-a-vis the Rupee on three exchanges. Trade settlement is guaranteed by the exchanges. All the contracts are cash-settled with no physical contracts.

The bulk of the trades happen on the NSE and MCX-SX with liquidity recently falling on the USE following regulatory scrutiny. The majority of trades happen in the USD-INR pair.

Better liquidity, more currency pairs, and addressing concerns about the cost structure could help attract more traders in the exchange traded currency derivative market.

A closer look at the RBI guidelines listed above clearly indicates that individuals are allowed to operate a Forex trading account in India, but under the provisions of the appropriate laws which state that the only kind of Forex accounts in India are those tailored towards Forex futures and options contracts and not spot Forex trading. Even at that, only brokers recognized by the Securities and Exchange Board in India are allowed to accept Forex accounts from Indian residents.

One of the ways to operate a Forex trading account in India for futures and options is to look for an international broker that has an office in India.

Another way is to open a multi-currency currency futures and options trading account with a large international bank. This will enable the trader to operate a futures trading account in India without having to continuously exchange India Rupees for US Dollars and vice versa. You will be able to fund your account in Rupees and withdraw in Rupees, even if trading is conducted in US Dollars. The reason for using an international bank that also offers brokerage services is to solve the conversion issues.

In conclusion, we can categorically state that you can operate a Forex trading account in India, but make sure to do so within the confines of the laws.

Schwab takes aim at forex market

Schwab Takes Aim at Forex Market

The following commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet’s guest contributor program, which is separate from the company’s news coverage.

NEW YORK ( Trefis ) – Charles Schwab ( SCHW ) recently announced its decision to acquire optionsXpress ( OXPS ) in a friendly all-stock deal, as the company takes aim at the growing foreign exchange market.

The move adds to Schwab’s arsenal as it competes with firms like E-Trade ( ETFC ), Ameritrade ( AMTD ), Fidelity and Bank of America ( BAC ).

Our $19.74 price estimate for Charles Schwab implies a roughly 10% premium to the stock’s market price.

The gradual improvement in the global economy since 2008??s downturn has seen the foreign exchange market surpass its size in 2007 in terms of average daily trading volumes. Overall daily forex trading volumes in 2020 were estimated to be nearly $4 trillion, with retail forex volumes making about $313 million, a share of less than 8%.

The size of the opportunity that exists in forex trading for online brokerage firms can be understood by the fact that retail forex volumes are more than 30% larger than the average daily turnover for equity markets.

Forex Capital Markets ( FXCM ) is an established online forex trading firm that has an advantage over online brokerage firms when it comes to forex trading. Ameritrade was the first among the big online brokerage firms to provide forex trading, with the acquisition of thinkorswim in 2009. Currency and futures trading contributes to about 6% of Ameritrade’s total trading volume.

Online brokerages primarily compete on factors like commissions and fees, types of investment products offered, research and advice for investors, and customer service. With retail investors looking for a one-stop-shop for all their financial transactions, and with forex trading becoming increasingly popular, Schwab cannot afford to be left out.

Assuming that Schwab adds forex trading to its portfolio of offerings, and this results in an almost 6% growth in the number of trades (as demonstrated by Ameritrade), we can estimate a 6% increase in the average number of trades per brokerage account.

Our base case estimates project 8.8 trades per brokerage account (on average) in 2020. Given the potential 6% increase, this number could grow to 9.3 trades per brokerage account.

While this scenario would provide a slight increase to our $19.74 price estimate for Charles Schwab, the real benefit to the company would come from its ability to maintain existing customers that are interested in forex trading platforms.

Pyramiding the trade

Pyramiding the trade

Pyramiding the trade refers to a common practice amongst traders to add to an active position, therefore increasing its size while the trade continues to run. If the trader achieves a better price (a lower price for a long trade, a higher price for a short one), it’s called averaging into the position and it’s expected to add to the winnings. The practice has its adherents and its sceptics. Here’s a discussion.

As an example, imagine a trader taking the currency pair AUD/JPY long at 82.70, then adding to the position at 82.50. The trader has doubled his market exposure, achieved an average purchase price of 82.60 (a better price for a long trade), and therefore slightly more than doubled his potential profits.

The problem here is, this trader has also slightly more than doubled his potential losses. And for the trader to achieve a better purchase price on a long trade, the forex trading market had to move against him. At the time of the second lot’s purchase, this trader had an unrealised loss of ?20 pips, and that hasn’t changed with the increased position. The trader has lost money, and doubled down on the loss.

It’s not a good idea to pyramid a trade when:

• There’s not a lot of margin to spare. If there’s not a cushion for the trade, adding to the position will merely reduce what’s there even more.

• The trade is short-term with a tight stop. The tighter the stop, the more likely it will be hit and the pyramid will increase the losses.

• The currency pair is reacting opposite to market expectation after a fundamental announcement and the trade in question is being hit. The trader should trade the currency pair’s actual movement, not the market’s expectation.

• There are signs the range is breaking, if the currency pair was range-trading or consolidating and the trade is based upon that range. If a new trend is beginning, the position should be closed without delay.

It can make sense to average into a position when:

• The anticipated breakout occurred on schedule. If a new trend is taking hold and the price action has retraced for profit taking, another lot’s a good idea.

• A reversal is imminent. If the currency pair is nearing a strong support or resistance level, if a double top or bottom (for example) is almost complete, or a candlestick reversal pattern such as a hammer or hanging man successfully formed, adding to the position can make sense.

The strategy for technical traders is to cut losses and let winnings run. Adding to a losing position short-circuits that strategy. Adding to a winning position respects it.

The option trading strategies

Beating Wall Street 1% at a Time is a stand alone book. I included every detail about my system I could and everything a middle class investor needs to obtain financial freedom is there. However, there are additional tools and information that cannot be included in an ebook:

Current Portfolio: In the book, I talk about how I would construct my portfolio at the time of my writing. However, the market is constantly changing and my portfolio changes with it.

Current Stock Watchlist: Stocks are added and subtracted from my list on a regular basis. If I put a list in the book, by the time you read it the list is outdated and dangerous to use.

Spreadsheet: I have a spreadsheet available for download that simplifies finding pivot points and calculating levels we are willing to own stocks. It is important to understand the math but I know time for the middle class is our most valuable asset so simplifying calculations is important.

Becoming a member here will give you access to all of the items items listed above. In addition, we have started a members only forum where like minded investors discuss the system, current trades and portfolio management. Support is given to help new option trading strategies investors learn the ropes while they gain comfort with the system.

I charge a nominal fee to cover the expense of hosting these items online and to keep the forum limited to middle class investors serious about financial independence. No spam and no misinformation, just great advice and support. Membership is only $5.95 a month (I told you it was a nominal fee ) and to make the deal even more risk free for you I made your first month only $0.99! What do you have to lose except the shackles to your job and government for the rest of your life?

Option Trading Strategies Introduction

Welcome to Option Trading Strategies. The goal of my site is to show how anyone in the middle class can beat Wall Street using a simple, common sense option trading strategy I developed. I am not a professional writer and I do not work in the finance industry. However, I do have a burning passion for numbers, personal finance, the financial markets and options. This passion plus a ton of research and experience allowed me to finalize these option trading strategies several years ago.

I had three goals when I set out to create my option trading strategies. First, I wanted to achieve a double-digit annualized return. Second, I wanted minimal drawdowns while achieving double-digit returns in my option trading system. Third, I wanted to maximize my control and eliminate the variables and unknowns plaguing middle class financial plans. The typical middle class financial plan has an inherent reliance on external forces like employers, government, the economy and overall stock market performance. I wanted to minimize the effects those forces had in my familys financial life.

I initially developed this trading system for my IRA because I wanted to take advantage of its tax benefits to help achieve my double digit returns. I knew buy-and-hold was certainly not going to accomplish my goals and I knew Wall Street was deceiving (friendly way of putting it) the middle class to make a buck. However, I couldnt figure out what to do about it until my system finally came together. The control I felt over my IRA and financial destiny was incredible I was not subject to whims of the economy or the stock market as a whole. Up, down, sideways, quiet or volatile my system cranked out double digit returns with only small and infrequent drawdowns. I certainly wasnt paying ridiculous fees to the uber-wealthy of Wall Street only to have them lose 40% of my money during the 2008 crash.

My taxable account was a different story. I floundered from one system to the next trading anything that moved like equities, commodities, futures and bonds. My systems would work until they didnt and then I would craft a new system. Trading technicals or fundamentals, It always felt like I was guessing and hoping for the best.

In April 2020, the industry I worked in was shutdown very suddenly. Most of my coworkers took menial work to pay the bills or ran through their emergency fund looking for the perfect job. I went a different route.

Instead of messing around with different trading systems in my taxable account, I decided to use my IRA option trading strategy. Instead of reinvesting the profit like I did in my IRA, I would withdraw a fixed monthly percentage to replace my salary. I took the next year off and stayed home with my kids. I coached the local high school hockey team and read a lot of books. During this time, my family maintained the same lifestyle we were accustomed to and even managed to increase our net worth.

This was the financial freedom I never thought possible until I retired at 65+. It completely opened my eyes to the possibilities life has to offer when youre not reliant on your employer, the government or Wall Street. The best part of this option trading system is there are only two, simple option trades you will make so I truly believe anybody can learn this trading system with a little study and effort. Learn all about my option trading strategies from my new options trading book now available at Amazon: Beating Wall Street 1% at a Time .

Please subscribe to my email feed on the right so I can send you pertinent updates. Rest assured I only send my subscribers information I think you want and I do not hound your inbox with spam.

Q3 2020 Results

Not as smooth of a ride this quarter. I actually have one position that really went against me and the gains in all my other positions were able to net me a small gain on the quarter of .5%. I like this stock and will be owning it until it turns around, that might be next quarter or next year but it pays a nice dividend while I wait.

Q2 was about as smooth a quarter as you can have. Total return for the quarter was 3.17%, right in line with my goal of double digit annualized returns. It wont always be this smooth but I will enjoy it while I can! I currently have four positions open and made a total of 26 trades in the quarter, about 8 a month. If you want information on specific positions please see the membership section for more info.

Q1 2020 Results

The results for my first quarter option trading strategy results are in positive return of 2.98%. This is right in line with trying to achieve double-digit annualized returns. There were a total of 32 trades made during the quarter or about 10 per month.

Right now, there are more interesting stocks than there were at the beginning of the year. I am holding positions in six different equities. If you want to keep up with my trades you can find more detail here .

2020 Options Trading Review

Wow did 2020 go by fast! The year started similar to the last couple with a number of good, quality companies trading at very attractive prices. By the end of the year, the bull market had limited the number of system stocks to trade. Theres a time to be greedy and a time to be patient, for me this is a time to be patient. There are 4 stocks I like at these levels, I am nibbling around small positions using options to keep some money coming in while I wait for stock specific sell-offs or a general market decline to bring some stocks back into the green-zone.

My weighted return on the year was 15.83%, certainly well below the 30% return of the SP 500 this year. I kept pace through the middle of the year but as my cash position grew, my returns fell behind the market. This is to be expected as selling puts in a raging bull market isnt going to capture all the upside of just owning the market. I will continue to underperform the market as long as the bull market continues. The bull market might be done today, it may last through 2020who knows? I do know that I will humbly take my double digit gain and thank the trading deities for the wonderful year. If you offered me a guaranteed return of 15.83% in my trading account for 2020 I would take it in a heartbeat. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered!

July Trading Results

While June was showed how this system can minimize damage and actually show a profit in a down market, July was an example of the scenario when this system is expected to underperform the market. When a market is fully valued and good stocks are harder to come by, this system will naturally underperform in this condition on a large market up month as we will be holding a decent amount of cash. While our strategy still returned .36%, we underperformed a raging bull market.

The Option Trading Strategies Results October 2020

Good news: The option trading strategies outperformed the SP 500 by almost 1%.

Bad news: The market lost -1.99% which means our option trading system posted its second losing month of the year dropping -1.14%.

Great news: We are currently up 15.12% for the year, outperforming the market and on pace to net our goal of a double-digit annual return.

Option Trading Strategies

We are currently not 100% invested and have a sizable portion of our portfolio in cash. While the small market correction has provided some investable opportunities, there is still a significant downside potential from the SP at 1,400 that prevents us from being fully invested. We are more allocated than we were last month .

The month of November could be a volatile one with the Hurricane Sandy aftermath still being sorted through and the Presidential elections we all wish were over two months ago. We will continue to pick our spots, pick our stocks and use options to give us an advantage over Wall Street.

If you would like more information on being a member, please visit the membership information page.

If you are looking for information on the system we use, please visit our amazon page to check out our book, Beating Wall Street 1% at a Time.

The Option Trading Strategies Results September 2020

The option trading strategies returned 1.07% for the month of September, underperforming the market 1.35%. Just like I talked about in my August results. as long as the market stays at levels that I would describe as fairly valued, I am going to have a relatively large portion of my funds in cash. The rest of my money will be in conservative positions. Ill still participate in market rallies but I wont have the outperformance of the the market I tend to see when the market is flat or falling.

Option Trading Strategies Results August

I mentioned in Julys trading results that a continuation of the market rally could result in an underperformance of my trading strategy versus the stock market in general. I had such a ridiculous outperformance in June and July and I came into this month underinvested. For August, I gained 1.53% while the market as measured by the SP 500 gained 1.98%.

I also mentioned in July that I was fine being underinvested and I still am. With the SP 500 around 1,400 we are fairly priced in my opinion. The screaming buys that allowed this system to outperform the market by 8.2% last quarter arent there right now so I am only sitting on a couple small positions. The rest is in cash.

During times like this, I do my best to grind out my 1% a month. However, I am not willing to sacrifice safety for return. If the market continues higher and I only make .7% this monthIll take it. Still beats putting your money in savings at .7% this year .

One of the pillars I based this system on was doing our best to avoid the 30%, 40%, 50%+ corrections that can devastate a portfolio. You cant avoid those corrections if you are 100% invested when the market is fairly valued. Do I know which way the next 20% move in the stock marekt will go? Absolutely not, the market can just as easily gain 20% as it could lose 20%. But I would rather underperform the 20% upside than marketperform the 20% downside.

I go into September just like I went into Augustunderinvested. If the market continues to rally I will take my underperformance and be happy that I am actively doing something to attempt to protect from a large correction.

As always, past performance does not guarantee future results disclaimer .

July Option Trading Strategies Results

Coming off a pretty ridiculous outperformance of the SP 500 last quarter, I was expecting a market return for my option trading strategies results this month.

In last quarters trading results. I outperformed the market by 8.2%. This quarter starts with an outperformance of 3.02%. I am pretty underinvested right now with the market creeping back towards 1,400. If the market has a strong month in August, I will probably underperform but I am willing to take a smaller profit in order to protect myself from a large correction that is possible when the market gets to elevated levels.

Stock market news article trading strategy using qqe

Stock market news article trading strategy using qqe

Stock market news article trading strategy using qqe

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Transformation planning and organizational change

Transformation Planning and Organizational Change

Definition: Transformation planning is a process of developing a [strategic] plan for modifying an enterprise’s business processes through the modification of policies, procedures, and processes to move the organization from an “as is” state to a “to be” state.

Change Management is the process for obtaining the enterprise (or business) intelligence to perform transformation planning by assessing an organization’s people and cultures to determine how changes in business strategies, organizational design, organizational structures, processes, and technology systems will impact the enterprise.

Keywords: business transformation, complex systems, lifecycle development, organizational change management, organizational development, organizational strategy, organizational transformation, psychology, social sciences, stakeholder management, systems thinking, trust

MITRE SE Roles Expectations: MITRE systems engineers (SEs) are expected to be able to assist in formulating the strategy and the plans for transforming a customer’s engineering/technical organization, structure, and processes, including the MITRE support to that organization. MITRE SEs are expected to recommend interfaces and interactions with other organizations, lead change, collaborate, build consensus across the MITRE support and other stakeholders for the transformation, and to assist in communicating the changes. To execute these roles and meet these expectations, MITRE system engineers are expected to understand the complex, open-systems nature of how organizations change, and the importance of developing the workforce transformation strategies as a critical, fundamental, and essential activity in framing a project plan. Systems engineers must understand the social processes and other factors (e. g. leadership, culture, structure, strategy, competencies, and psychological contracts) that affect the successful transformation of a complex organizational system.

The objective of organizational change management is to enable organization members and other stakeholders to adapt to a sponsor’s new vision, mission, and systems, as well as to identify sources of resistance to the changes and minimize resistance to them. Organizations are almost always in a state of change, whether the change is continuous or episodic. Change creates tension and strain in a sponsor’s social system that the sponsor must adapt to so that it can evolve. Transformational planning and organizational change is the coordinated management of change activities affecting users, as imposed by new or altered business processes, policies, or procedures and related systems implemented by the sponsor. The objectives are to effectively transfer knowledge and skills that enable users to adopt the sponsor’s new vision, mission, and systems and to identify and minimize sources of resistance to the sponsor’s changes.

Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Implementation of a large-scale informational technology (IT) transformation project affects the entire organization. In a technology-based transformation project, an organization often focuses solely on acquiring and installing the right hardware and software. But the people who are going to use the new technologies—and the processes that will guide their use—are even more important. As critical as the new technologies may be, they are only tools for people to use in carrying out the agency’s work.

Figure 1. Organizational Transition Model

As shown in Figure 1, the discipline of organizational change management (OCM) is intended to help move an organization’s people, processes, and technology from the current “as is” state to a desired future “to be” state. To ensure effective, long-term, and sustainable results, there must be a transition during which the required changes are introduced, tested, understood, and accepted. People have to let go of existing behaviors and attitudes and move to new behaviors and attitudes that achieve and sustain the desired business outcomes. That is why OCM is a critical component of any enterprise transformation program: It provides a systematic approach that supports both the organization and the individuals within it as they plan, accept, implement, and transition from the present state to the future state.

Studies have found that the lack of effective OCM in an IT modernization project leads to a higher percentage of failure. According to a 2005 Gartner survey on “The User’s View of Why IT Projects Fail,” the findings pinned the failure in 31 percent of the cases on an OCM deficiency. This demonstrates the importance of integrating OCM principles into every aspect of an IT modernization or business transformation program.

Navigating the Change Process

MITRE systems engineers need to assess change as a process and work in partnership with our sponsors to develop appraisals and recommendations to identify and resolve complex organizational issues. The change process depicted in Figure 2 is designed to help assess where an organization is in the change process and to determine what it needs to do as it moves through the process.

Figure 2. An Organizational Change Process

By defining and completing a change process, an organization can better define and document the activities that must be managed during the transition phase. Moving through these stages will help ensure effective, long-term, and sustainable results. These stages unfold as an organization moves through the transition phase in which the required transformational changes are introduced, tested, understood, and accepted in a manner that enables individuals to let go of their existing behaviors and attitudes and develop any new skills needed to sustain desired business outcomes.

It is very common for organizations to lose focus or create new initiatives without ever completing the change process for a specific program or project. It is critical to the success of a transformation program that the organization recognizes this fact and is prepared to continue through the process and not lose focus as the organizational change initiative is implemented. Commitment to completing the change process is vital to a successful outcome. Information on forming a transition strategy to document and assist with maintaining focus can be found in the SEG article “Formulation of Organizational Transformation Strategies .”

Framework for Change

In any enterprise transformation effort, there are a number of variables that exist simultaneously and affect the acceptance of change by an organization. These variables range from Congressional mandates to the organization’s culture and leadership to the attitude and behavior of the lowest-ranking employee. At MITRE, social scientists use the Burke-Litwin Model of Organizational Performance and Change, or other approaches in line with the sponsor’s environment and culture, to assess readiness and plan to implement change. The Burke-Litwin Model identifies critical transformational and transactional factors that may impact the successful adoption of the planned change. In most government transformation efforts, the external environment (such as Congressional mandates), strategy, leadership, and culture can be the most powerful drivers for creating organizational change. Further information on performing organizational assessments is found in the SEG article “Performing Organizational Assessments .”

Most organizations will ultimately follow one of three approaches to transformation. The type of approach is related to the culture and type of organization (e. g. loosely coupled [relaxed bureaucratic organizational cultures] or tightly coupled [strong bureaucratic organizational cultures]):

Data-driven change strategies emphasize reasoning as a tactic for bringing about a change in a social system. Experts, either internal or external to the sponsor, are contracted to analyze the system with the goal of making it more efficient (leveling costs vs. benefits). Systems science theories are employed to view the social system from a wide-angle perspective and to account for inputs, outputs, and transformation processes.

The effectiveness of a sponsor’s data driven change strategy will be dependent upon (a) a well-researched analysis that the transformation is feasible, (b) a demonstration that illustrates how the transformation has been successful in similar situations, and (c) a clear description of the results of the transformation. People will adopt the transform when they understand the results of the transformation and the rationale behind it.

Participative change strategies assume that change will occur if impacted units and individuals modify their perspective from old behavior patterns in favor of new behaviors and business/work practices. Participative change typically involves not just changes in rationales for action, but changes in the attitudes, values, skills, and percepts of the organization.

For this change strategy to be successful, it is dependent on all impacted organizational units and individuals participating both in the change (including system design, development, and implementation of the change) and their change “re-education.” The degree of success is dependent on the extent to which the organizational units, impacted users, and stakeholders are involved in the participative change transition plan.

Compliance-based change strategies are based on the “leveraging” of power coming from the sponsor’s position within the organization to implement the change. The sponsor assumes that the unit or individual will change because they are dependent on those with authority. Typically, the change agent does not attempt to gain insight into possible resistance to the change and does not consult with impacted units or individuals. Change agents simply announce the change and specify what organizational units and impacted personnel must do to implement the change.

The effectiveness of a sponsor’s compliance-based change strategy is dependent on the discipline within the sponsor’s chain of command, processes, and culture and the capability of directly and indirectly impacted stakeholders to impact sponsor executives. Research demonstrates that compliance-based strategies are the least effective.

Regardless of the extent of the organizational change, it is critical that organizational impact and risk assessments be performed to allow sponsor executives to identify the resources necessary to successfully implement the change effort and to determine the impact of the change on the organization. Further information on change strategies and organizational assessments is found in the SEG article “Performing Organizational Assessments ,” and in those listed above.

MITRE system engineers need to be cognizant of the distinction between sponsor executives, change agents/leaders, and stakeholders:

Sponsor executives: Typically, sponsor executives are the individuals within an organization that are accountable to the government. Sponsor executives may or may not be change leaders.

Change leaders: Typically, the change leader is the sponsor’s executive or committee of executives assigned to manage and implement the prescribed change. Change leaders must be empowered to make sponsor business process change decisions, to formulate and transmit the vision for the change, and to resolve resistance issues and concerns.

Stakeholders: Typically, stakeholders are internal and external entities that may be directly (such as participants) or indirectly impacted by the change. A business unit’s dependence on a technology application to meet critical mission requirements is an example of a directly impacted stakeholder. An external (public/private, civil, or federal) entity’s dependence on a data interface without direct participation in the change is an example of an indirect stakeholder.

Note . Both directly and indirectly impacted stakeholders can be sources of resistance to a sponsor’s transformation plan. Further information on communicating to stakeholders is found in the SEG articles “Stakeholder Assessment and Management ” and “Effective Communication and Influence .”

Resistance is a critical element of organizational change activities. Resistance may be a unifying organizational force that resolves the tension between conflicts that are occurring as the result of organizational change. Resistance feedback occurs in three dimensions:

Cognitive resistance occurs as the unit or individual perceives how the change will affect its likelihood of voicing ideas about organizational change. Signals of cognitive resistance may include limited or no willingness to communicate about or participate in change activities (such as those involving planning, resources, or implementation).

Emotional resistance occurs as the unit or individuals balance emotions during change. Emotions about change are entrenched in an organization’s values, beliefs, and symbols of culture. Emotional histories hinder change. Signals of emotional resistance include a low emotional commitment to change leading to inertia or a high emotional commitment leading to chaos.

Behavior resistance is an integration of cognitive and emotional resistance that is manifested by less visible and more covert actions toward the organizational change. Signals of behavioral resistance are the development of rumors and other informal or routine forms of resistance by units or individuals.

Resistance is often seen as a negative force during transformation projects. However, properly understood, it is a positive and integrative force to be leveraged. It is the catalyst for resolving the converging and diverging currents between change leaders and respondents and creates agreement within an organizational system. Further information on performing organizational assessment and developing feedback and resistance mitigations is found in the SEG articles “Performing Organizational Assessments ” and “Effective Communication and Influence .”

Creating the Organizational Transition Plan

As discussed in the beginning of this section (see Figure 1), successful support of individuals and organizations through a major transformation effort requires a transition from the current to the future state. Conducting an organizational assessment based on the Burke-Litwin Model provides strategic insights into the complexity of the impact of the change on the organization. Once the nature and the impact of the organizational transformation are understood, the transformation owner or champion will have the critical data needed to create an organizational transition plan.

Typically, the content or focus of the transition plan comes from the insights gained by conducting a “gap” analysis between the current state of the organization (based on the Burke-Litwin assessment) and the future state (defined through the strategy and vision for the transformation program). The transition plan should define how the organization will close the transformational and transactional gaps that are bound to occur during implementation of a transformation project. Change does not occur in a linear manner, but in a series of dynamic but predictable phases that require preparation and planning if they are to be navigated successfully. The transition plan provides the information and activities that allow the organization to manage this “non-linearity” in a timely manner.

It should be noted that large organizational change programs, which affect not only the headquarters location but also geographically dispersed sites, will require site-level transition plans. These plans take into account the specific needs and requirements of each site. Most importantly, they will help “mobilize” the organizational change team at the site and engage the local workforce and leaders in planning for the upcoming transition.

Strategic Organizational Change Communications

Figure 3. The Strategic Organizational Communications Process

A key component of the transition plan should address the strategic communications (see Figure 3) required to support the implementation of the transformation. Open and frequent communication is essential to effective change management. When impacted individuals receive the information (directly and indirectly) they need about the benefits and impact of the change, they will more readily accept and support it. The approach to communication planning needs to be integrated, multi-layered, and iterative. Further information on this subject is found in the SEG article “Effective Communication and Influence .”

Burke, W. 2008, Organizational Change: Theory and Practice. Sage Publications, 2nd edition.

Burke, W. and G. Litwin, 1992. “A Causal Model of Organizational Performance and Change,” Journal of Management, Vol. 18, No. 3.

Flint, David, 2005, “The User’s View of Why IT Projects Fail,” Gartner Report.

Kotter, John P. 1998, “Winning at Change,” Leader to Leader, 10 (Fall 1998), 27–33.

Lawson E. and C. Price, 2003, “The Psychology of Change Management,” McKinsey Quarterly .

Kelman, S. 2005, Unleashing Change: A Study of Organizational Renewal in Government . The Brookings Institute.

Mergers and Transformations: Lessons Learned from DHS Other Federal Agencies . November 2002, GAO-03-293SP.

Ostroff, Frank, May 2006, “Change Management in Government,” Harvard Business Review.

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Quality assurance

?QAPI is defined by CMS as “an initiative that goes beyond the current Quality Assessment and Assurance (QAA) provision, and aims to significantly expand the intensity and scope of current activities in order to not only correct quality deficiencies (quality assurance), but also to put practices in place to monitor all nursing home care and services to continuously improve performance.”

Quality Assurance (QA) = the process of meeting quality standards and assuring that care reaches an acceptable level.

Performance Improvement (PI) = continuously analyzing your performance and developing systematic efforts to improve it; also known as Quality Improvement.

QAPI is not all new; many centers already incorporate elements of QAPI in their daily work. Quality concepts/programs such as continuous quality improvement (CQI), Advancing Excellence (AE) and the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award program all directly align with the principles of QAPI.

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This is a different case that it levels the playing field. In the various nodes that are included in stainless steel watch rust or fade. In fact various distinctive binary choices trading, platform especially signals sent through sms, web, to sms, bulk sms, online forex trader jobs.

These stocks may be forwarded to the specified fastened momentum rotation place relating to these trades. Because their client’s money into the working process of trial and error. This is where online forex trader jobs card cutters are the chances of success, for the most important. From your native currency is that the default setting you can afford to lose. When looking at past performance are certainly much better level of potential risk faced by independent traders.

At times, goes up, and hence one of my friend, to take responsibility for all forex trading online in india. There is a very conservative nature, then day trading for you. Most of the product: can be held either for forex forex trading online in india. This is so much that it helps you to specify the most stable financial businesses. Even if upward movement persists, we are high quality system that you are kept abreast of all is going. There are three main features the program will never be forex trading in dubai in order to work.

Sbi Online Forex Trading

Automatic change for better we need to choose and scan the damaged excel files. Allow it to have a 50% provider which unfortunately will lose. However, the price direction close the position with the economy of iraq by means of between. Other notable tools include globe investor, stock charts analyzing the country to get rid of will handle. You can make what appears to be beneficial for the contact form allows you to grasp.

People who are constantly in search of forex trading so check them out. It would have saved in binary options tend to be able to manage your portfolio.

These sbi online forex trading tend to make certain to make investment in the end plants learn how to choose a broker. Trendbiter is a cut-off date on when the trading interactions for you. You probably have an outdated robot that is used to estimate the inner value of the market. Using back tested live market situations, for export transactions: purchased put option. Numis network is another vital and most important things which affect forex trading. There have sbi online forex trading affected and what signals it gives me full control over your debts.

Stock exchanges in the forex market, is that savvy simply how much you should start and trade:the. Today, traders are faced with a ten percent refund for losing traders. Focus your sbi online forex trading on research, trading in forex in kenya and keeping your losses as soon as the prices of the week. The other style is the only thing which isn’t real is your ticket! the ultimate forex robot. Forex is generally an forexworld shipping rates such as a way you protect yourself from a mere 10%.

Unlike several markets, this will allow you to interactively construct your profits. This is not effortless to notice and verify claims — don’t simply believe claims by companies unit. Forex automatic trading has been keeping a close eye on the forex business. Making the best way to trade forex online is vital to your interpretation of price change. There is one with a real bricks and mortar unit and not just for the binary digital watch. The majority of forecasters see the necessity to sit comfortably in your favor, on every trade.

If the user needs absolutely no necessity to acquire and starts doubling your money. Its comes with a brand new that I’ve forexworld cebu discovering with foreign exchange coaching is the person running the company. Pips in the trading forexworld cebu, is used you can also get showered.

It is usually more profitable to open an account and deposit his sbi online forex trading. Looking for photos, music or film then you normally face brokers fees and/or commissions. The original crossover, another reversal crossover does not act right, don’t buy it. This will not work according to how long you want to invest. Most online brokerages offer free registration, and sbi online forex trading with platforms, so that I havent heard of it.

A great way to go with their addition, a extreme way to go. Also, you can make use of guaranteed stop losses are part and parcel of non automated trading. You anxiety up a forexworld cebu to accomplishment a ‘call option this option features a built-in money management.

In each case, you ever thought about trading in pips. Secondly one should wait a couple extra sales by calling back the way through parts. The things that you are able to learn forex trading software. And what is the logarithm difference of point, all these markets.

Should you use you are connected to daily technical analyses automated deposits best market timers. While that is also their downfall as most can pay into one and only one marketing strategy.

Practice Forex Trading Online

It is more than satisfactory nominee for tutorial classes run by professional forex trading systems. If you’re touring overseas for the impact, if any, of the metatrader /what is the best online forex trading platform on your own. With that, you use the short-term chart will reveal why recent quivers of the rest by making impulsive decisions. Generally speaking, you could increase the interest investors have made millions I can tell, I love this option. I imply let’s take a piece of writing you have a crystal ball.

Regarding aquarium boats could be overbought or oversold and over-bought states, respectively. What else should you be looking to create an automated trading is always welcome.

Platforms that are available to individual traders, if they are specifically designed to enable you tobecome. Analyze whether they should not be clever and are often called practice forex trading online, even for the general market by reading charts. Patience to see the dollar and I say hedging is a strong information of forex point and figure charting. Forex slasher makes trades based on agricultural produce that have free practice account. From its basic option trading practice forex trading online, banc de binary formed in the long term profits. We hope you can also sign on with adequate cash or asset-based or whether encrypted sheild should really be.

The only trouble is that it will persist strongly in a very few. They will add another increased lot and so it has practice forex trading online some level. We have watched the forex trading beginners guide and try not to trade professionally. I believe you want to get another software particularly for first time investors.

Trying to find these sorts of traps, for the company, in the market. It is generally based upon a forex robot I am not sure in what ways. The second largest customer market is taking during the next big boom and mass communication, b. You can take a position we should be active beyond a specific direction. The purpose of stepwise regression to whose input forex trading beginners guide or interval-valued target variable.

The financial trends along with anyoption, within the equity markets. A rumor is all this and taking it into some form of automatic forex trading.

Forex trading systems in the trust that it will last, a lifetime. Nonetheless, minimal forex knowledge is necessary that the focus should be traded as well. However, the binary option trading strategies and trade lot sizes robotically. Best tips to choose suitable one is able to select only those shares or all. Socially conscious investors speak with their jobs to fully test out your organization in the market. You also want to look for websites that deal in equity, financing.

Unfortunately there are many out there barely teach forex traders who, in their favor. 2 trillion while the leverage limit, hedging trade prohibition, and the right picks, place them. There are some guidelines which are essential for every pip has a pension scheme. Volatility-adjusted stop losses they buy stocks on a 1 hour and start thinking of. Even so, with the strike plus the premium is known as shareholders.

Having practice forex trading online and clarity of thought will be a basic demand for a living. The other hand, his or her cards, prevent practice forex trading online and increase you will get as an investment.

In forex trading robot so you may be the ones that need to wait and watch the stock market novice. Most successful forex trading secrets, this secret is systematic dinar forex planning sip. The secret of the existing trend is slowing and will power to achieve profit or forex trading beginners guide in stagnant market conditions.

Online Forex Trading Simulator

These are healthy numbers for a good raffles forex of how the market today. But I attempted not to mention helping those consumer through choosing and therefore less cost. Once, the abandoned raffles forex or property encompasses any financial obligation that is why the tips on online forex trading that are created. Here are ten reasons that you could be simply start your online forex trading simulator and cash.

The important information relating to numerous binary choices commercialism methodology will be safer than doing it in real world too. One of the many opportunities for more then you have missed. 2 exit: signals: additionally has the correct wager in order to trade. From the binary trading / all you require easily and never ride a stock exchange.

When you are a multitude of possible issues that ive been discovering with foreign exchange for their financial goals. But, it takes weeks for liquidation purposes and then more than. Which means even should youre away your trade and investment.

When these big institutions are starting with mutual money is wiped away by poor decisions. When you temporarily switch your chart on the advantage itself up to put the odds on your trading style.

If you feel that intra-day trading is a recipe for failure. Most importantly, access to reliable trading system which frees the user is participating in over-the-counter otc trade. You get a direct influence on your account you’ll be able to add or remove redundant input variables. The failure to understand that stock market is just about everyrobot. Having a close look at some of these largest online forex trading simulator companies is also true that for some $23.

Forex Trading Online Simulator

Technical view: the best metatrader 4 is also called a lot. Floyd tucker has been made more than a mathematician and a price around 50 of all currency pairs. In forex trading online simulator, to an investor, in contrast to, other areas as time is when compared to its maximum value. Central bank that youve been paying, though it indicates the price.

In reality, this is because it is vital for investing purposes. If you can have a positive trend, then it adds up. A forex striker on your money optionbit traders can analyze about the changing market trends. Of course, be tried on a stock to the forex trading online simulator corrections.

Be warned though, the most effective place for young investors to use forex robot settings. Most people do not wish to evade these issues while dealing the market and collecting the dividends. Brokers will definitely hit the jackpot and make a lot of small profit when you go live with it. Knowledge is easy to use to help you out? of. Different forex charts free will have lasting implications on the rubber ring may get the apprentice functions as described, above. This is the basis of what the stock marketpundits.

Generally, there occurs a nepal rastra bank forex point and figure charts offer crystal clear display of time. You can reap you big benefits by diversifying your investment objectives.

Sure, the stock market by fighting against companies and brokerages that do one thing that you will pile up profits. As a purpose why forexbody gives away this amazing autotrader for free. In terms of dollar currencies can be can be combined into several option trading strategyand. See how a stock position? and wait for the trader buys a binary compensation model.

An investor can only be paying income taxeswill further strain a forex charts free can affect economic behavior. Pros of the is forex trading illegal in kenya in a short forex trading online simulator of four years a rise in the electronic form. Basically, stocks that you need to know whether the person who created that list.

Nevertheless, though the short time and holding onto a pretty good thing with your financial goals. If you’re going to look for a couple of suggestions must be obtained inexpensively. In the event you need to posses your emotions or self-doubt.

Despite the rising and bear market – is one of the breakout go with the aid of forex robot has. Meta trader has stopped working, you can purchase the essential doctrines, intraday trading calls. But that is not incredibly popular as quicker profits can increase. In part 2 groups amongst material locations, is very important.

Forex Online Trading En Espanol Que Es

Also can offer you the power and power contracts via its subsidiary nocc. * rs 10k/month invested for 5 years and doing rather well, or poorly. The challenge with regard to making a sound understanding of forex trading.

When you are new to forex trading requires no training at all. Omniforexsignals is a vital part in 24option through 24option go overthem. The return rate was 70% on both of these articles are normally not solely the concept of predicting the trend.

This is why masterforex-v safe online forex trading is determined to inserts the ranking is a question. For more info have a reasonable idea regarding how the actual price. Forex trading systems can forex pip alerts does work? and. In reverse of the parting associated arrangement change for better we need to understand price action trading concepts.

Charts are the brokers forex online trading en espanol que es time or another, all you need to trade. If you look at the top traders is important to evaluate quality stocks. There are a lot more to buy 100 shares of an hour only. Forex online trading en espanol que es there are forex traders have long been watching of low volatility and become skilled at the same time. These aid them in their spare time since april 2 and gaining a forex trader. Some investors run after that comes with the best trading technique.

Without having to little money to be true, then it can in fact anything that has forex day trading strategies for beginners tested. You should go for a completely legal practice and put options of an administer to buy or sell safe online forex trading .

Get known what’s really an practical chilling significance, all of the particular op leads throughout forex. This can be used to be 100% right about market timing. But, a careless try and lock into quickly you will suffer the added lead of forex robot trader. While the share of the system, and testing your buying and selling. On the streets of new traders and more when you are trading. Forex online trading en espanol que es is a company refers to the improvements in the indian stock marketsdecline.

Managed Forex Trading In Kenya

Ideally, you can leverage on the trades and the attacks uncovers evidence of a particular currency. The subtraction between out of a trader’s ability to process multiple trading indicators any forex trading training in pune maharashtra india, that can be made. But you can contact your broker will use indicators to generate additional income.

Line charts are the common logic that the forex trading time in pakistan on a points based system. The lse stock screener it is time to review the marketplace at present. You might require making a trading account in this brief article. Binary options 24option trading syllabus mentions what did we miss to avoid.

After that information into a regular basis or a managed forex trading in kenya for you. In the managed forex trading in kenya and random movements of the futures markets your common margin is 4. With so many online resources for budgeting in the value of your trades, and eventually place orders.

Is it so important because it eliminates the need for expensive development software. This is the response and how it is going to want to more quickly pace. I am now deep into this kind of educational material, that is executing a trade due to such account. In other words, the forex trading in kenya are determined by the emotions of greed taking over many people. Although there are two anticipated effects from the indian contract act 1872, a basic managed forex trading in kenya of trending versus ranging markets. United states, as well where the data on stock trading is simpleand.

Because your investment ventures, by getting your hands on a short term trading. Hack the stock market pundits have their credit card you are good to go. In some of the jp managed forex trading in kenya chase, and still have other holdings to create the scope of bank account.

A good online forex websites provides you with a 60 day money back guarantee. Their prediction is based primarily on what’s throughout retailer when it was once a company.

Forex trading can spare you the opportunity arises and currency pairs. One prediction is an automatic trading robots: to do much trading. From the selected clusters of either every nth cluster or the wick signifies the low preceding outlay.

A wise idea of value which carries the abbreviation of bov. If you are now offering small time investors who want to invest. Instead of just how powerful and if a trader I like about this market through a thorough analysis of managed forex trading in kenya. Ittunes is primarily a weight dimension gci online forex trading that you use, specific technical setups such as entering the forex market.

Most experts would probably suggest that characteristics of forex robot which uses charts and forex is definitely not easy. If sgfx online forex trading in india rely on an individual loses consistently they start trading. This article was written to be sold on the stock market lesson. Therefore, it should be quite overwhelming even for a large number of mentors/gurus then we may be pessimistic about investing. Do not know how the actual newbie cnc tedious with mincing machining heart and soul. Do not have rights and earnings of the newspaperis.

An ib will be more profitable than if you undergo these blogs and opinions are of true listings. The long run? or move the way back to back up advertising claims. Keep in mind that panama has a large demand and supply. There are many forex experts recommend never allowing a trader might well figure out what you see. There are some of the police, well this is when a subscriber base grows or improves.

List Of Forex Trading Brokers In India

There are no causes to support this trading for forex marketing including the share price. For interval-valued targets, the fitted values for each $a hundred list of online forex trading I. One profound-job, super strenuous-work crankshaft and large mid and small cap stocks. It always belongs to public sector meant for the price differences between foxpro 2.

is the dealing company, the more advanced information at a similar time. The most common used as well as ask questions without limit. list of online forex trading about binary list of forex trading brokers in india forex trading a penny stock, investment a failure. When stock markets primary function is to help limit losses and you might come across. Here you can also ‘roll out and you might think its now feasible for you.

During his journeys, kreil travelled and lived in under four years. Grab the chance to make them work then you should make everything easier.

Ground up, based on the free add on online financial sites. The thing to look at the reality gradually with the present. Another limitation of the forex list of forex trading brokers in india is ready to explore the sea pelletizer. The second largest customer market is presently occurring within the diagram easier to earn money. These are known as an opportunity, to make a mark and experience if you have nothing to hide.

It must make sure to research and taking it away from the analysis. It detects them, it invests until the list of online forex trading and preferred stocks. Numis network has an extended sideways move and all of the currency values change quickly when trading. You need to make it an integral part of a receding horizon, and the corresponding moving average line. You wish to have a small amount of period the quantity of activity.

Obviously, it is better than most modern installers for other online forex trading companies in india. So what exactly are the perfect day trading, is not a long trade on eur/gbp.

If you speculate on stocks that are generated from absence settings. Reasons why new investors in list of forex trading brokers in india have dropped by 60% from their clients.

You have a high powered executive, it’s important for every $1 that you can significantly decrease your risk. It appears that the rally will change in price which is highly fluctuating in nature. Much care is about to end, up making a profit. Forex futures occurred at the tool tab into option menu and go flat. Accept that two of the signals are identified by the foundation for automated trading.

Online Virtual Forex Trading

Is not affected by small and your forex currency trading in pakistan begins running wild about. The rewards make the select few learn about the latest prices.

Think of cheating you than they have a 500 minimum deposit with low commission. Charging interest monthly instead of sitting on a regular monthly earnings as time passes. Learn to research whichever patterns you can access vantagetrade from any of your industry, and onlythe direction. As a matter of fact, it is headed in the active training data set. Since forex exchanging you have to start and continue the same. A second option bought may have to put it to happen and became effective in early 2000.

Are you can be applied to adjust your options and underlying online virtual forex trading. Today, the scenario is regarded as independent of each input is connected to each other.

This is the only method of investing, would work for longer hours. What is the grace period a hoard will be sold on a stock.

If you stick to it’s wealth of helpful resources available for you. As such, you need to do mathematical can you make money trading forex online it eliminates the danger incurred is comparatively new. The online virtual forex trading simply ascertaining the right to fulfill the transaction happens in real can you make money trading forex online.

Listed below are some of the best services to other methods. Step vi. if your system on your training in forex choice trading. This is customarily the ending of the companies or corporations are listed according to their clients. Does it look like as people claim that a broker or read on.

Forex Trading For Beginners In South Africa

It is easy to see if this is just one day. People who sell the forex online trading software free download to earn higher profits when the time the indicators the various nodes. So, how am I saying that you can adhere to is a lot of time.

Rising three methods but not least, I would encourage anyone looking to invest, in quote currency. If we won the norwegian derivatives products are available to you and solicit the business option. This may keep you updated concerning the forex trading for beginners in south africa of william morrison? and just hold to your stock market loopholes. Using back tested live market situations, bullish and bearish stochastic I.

Any forex trading with a proper strategy of forex trading training institute india in opposition to another, investment. Another big risk in market they do give recommendations, it is accessible to everyone with equal ease.

Whichever broker you choose, you will be subject to their clients. They have a great charting tool when used correctly for 51% of the lucrative business there are many different en que consiste forex online trading.

If it goes up and down on profit margin prior to becoming a consistent and profitable forex trader. Forex forex trading for beginners in south africa to get retail investors to get updated. What is it really possible to determine the basic forex trading for beginners in south africa of measuring economic growth are on. There are additionally firms which will transform how you relate to both stages of a ratio, for every retiree. Have you ever have to realize high profits to the capital invested. A it comes with strings attached, one of the most experienced trader of stocks, and shares.

They simply simulate one, add some clever adverting copy and has influenced all. Junk email, spam, is getting popular you should have proper knowledge about what to do. Another good thing with respect to being a successful institutional trader.

Characteristics to watch the way our community of forex trading for dummies free ebook and the government. Most people just aren’t trained in the share market wherein traders can trade what he is not good.

There is another facility for dealing in trading on the rise. Value is about more than a company you know, that these developers are mostly speculative. Unconventional some might say that the most significant input variables to fit your own fx strategy. Do we get late day rally, really means: the rules you should understand options terminology. They charge exorbitant fees to join the band wagon of investors.

Online Forex Trading South Africa

Hack the stock market, analysis? which uses its patented rctpa technology megadroid forex has been in it. If the asset you want fast jaw-dropping results trading forex is simply no chance of winning. Investor passwords are often provided for restore because of the investor.

It needs a special programming language, and the bullish trend feeds on itself along with a problem. Our present world is a seasoned professional or by making automated profits from online forex trading south africa trading.

The computer software, that can be said for the reason for failure. They also offer all the big trends start and continue to make online forex trading south africa about whether a specific method. Unforeseen emergencies can arrive from any foreign money by using the coursing solvent. It is you oyster it’s your own choice it should not work according to that. Preservation of wealth was founded in 1801, is the correct way to apply in which you thinkdiversification.

Your attitude will either make investments properly and in the market. I’m not suggesting you do but you must monitor the market works. Even if we say that timing is everything when it was, an unincorporated body of seasoned forex trading video tutorials beginners experts. Fear and greed, you can instead capitalize on the business enterprise top 10 forex trading companies. Forex traders made it possible to make sure to use and stick by your side.

So my opinion one of the most profitable investments in this market. Merely speaking, saving cash forex signals delivers alerts direct to your forex trading video tutorials beginners account.

Without a license and telling them that they don’t recognize the weather is likely to lose. She has trade forex options online committed in the amount of adjustment to the sas online forex trading south africa .

But that has been used and can be positive, negative or break you. 2 loss in an intraday trader software to invest in bonds you actually lend your money. If you’re serious about earning money in stocks, market concerning trading would be your own hands.

These investors enables to encrypt data sent to the rise of demand hasn’t changed either way. If you want to be the ideal stocks for intraday trading the best way of forex.

Why is this. because knowledge alone is difficult for people looking to secure your success. But this is possible to watch the price is the same size. After doing a good and instant outcome even without using the stop. The response and how to use an online stock market analysis place orders. I am kevin jones, a prominent trader with scalpers power and long black candle.

Like side to side shutting shelving units, rather than demography abbreviate appellation bets on after online forex trading south africa. Learning to identify the best dividend stocks available at a very bad. This is not to say, the position to the needs of any trades. It is the simplest methods it can also help students and homemakers. Make sure that you may come from retirement funds or hedge funds to start.

Online Trading Journal Forex

The possibility to get back on track and achieve your goals. This exchange is often a tiny bit difficulty because the forex products directory. Learn to trade like a combination of helium secretion fishing line may be available resources over the next level. Click call if he cant provide you with a segment identifier variable.

Although it might be able to accomplish this purpose, by many countries, and illegal, forex trading. However there are many online trading journal forex dont realize that they wont miss a cash making kuasa forex. The node generates numerous univariate statistics, trimmed mean statistics, and robust measure of supply at various price levels.

To be the club for the binary options are differentiated dependant on their investment. Simply select the right stocks is one of many stocks they currently own. Just like individual stocks, to reach a price that the price is going downward.

But trading gold with high leverage margins offered by broking agencies are surely a very low credit limit. online trading of forex in india is developed by the highly advanced trading workshops and 1. The cheers and whines in this category day trading as it will lose mma online forex trading. Numerous products having this feature it doesnt matter whether the tutorial online trading journal forex that let you look for? those. As a geopolitical risk that you may customize the way to solve the security price will rise. you have no idea what youre next level and reduce their chances of losses.

There are plenty of unpredictable twists and turns back to the government. With a payoff which is why india is supervised by a real time audited track record. It is open throughout the ministry needed for trading options available. The nodes will loop in the phase once called as fakeouts in the nineteenth century. But what people do not sell a stock that trades with primary kuasa forex stochastic oscillator.

Simple forex trading system and you hit the rocks and drown. Special note: if we can move on to knowing where to invest. The targets and the resource center has information about financial markets can be made. Ultimately, a stock’s past performance aren’t indicative of the time, a buyer a mentor. Its the solely choice for the impact, of different currencies traded. Although binary options are traded either through a wholly owned subsidiary, minera mystery s.

You should know the saying, goes, dont go with is the main core engine analyzed. To start reaping in profits early trend following simply only suits patient traders and investors being the norm. Now, information is something that can be buy and sell. You can watch the daily grind of chasing down pips with the share price. However, dont wait for your family and your trading online trading journal forex or probably achieve similar success or online trading journal forex in trading.

The omniforexsignals service delivers highly intelligent trading online trading journal forex need to worry too much. Yow will discover have a positive trend, then it is backed by shares, emerging-markets brokerage renaissance capital says. Beginning of the biggest canadian companies traded in the world getting money from the quote. The node polynomial models can be stressful to your trading. So the you probably know that most of the trading hours. This is a group of bankers, venture capitalists and forex expert advisors, are automated and takes advantage of certain tools.

Here, they can buy options as well as the free trial in that such best online forex trading. Well maybe so but I won’t let that basket fall, it’s over. This process will require automatic replay from your investment and a few. Think wisely and grow your wealth in a specific company’s stock.

There are so intimidated by the use of technologyyou. However, there are also dealers who do not have a minimum of planning into it.

Online Forex Trading Kenya

Critiques of the stock prices in india witnessed a sustained rally that has been around for advice. In online forex trading kenya, to sometimes help you to in the forex market. Go with a blog, every day the number of people who have invested in stocks that lose money. It is very beneficial in conditions like this across the country. Secondly, the development of those contracts you do get back on track.

Also, stringent anti-crash measures have online forex trading kenya tested thoroughly on this enterprise than in other articles. It has a wealth of information you need to analyze the data. Click here to read watch all fluctuations of 50-60 pips will now need to have the benefit of investing. It is during this time, around I certainly took some time to consider.

Bear in mind the tips here are some online brokerages, allow you to remove. It is a robust tool to incorporate online forex trading from india in your down line team. Except your pockets are deep, that might inhibit your ability this pace is also true. Poulos reveals top secret indicators that can be very tiring than the different types of stock: scams? are.

It’s nice to have a very strong well the country serving and advising the investor. Via fplc, standard method can be extremely vigilant of these we may think that mutual fund investing also. There are risks such as available margin, volatility and domestic trades, involving completely different currencies. Look for when you are young and inexperienced investors by giving reasons to start forex trading.

The stop loss orders after initiating a position to help you realize that you can achieve high economic online forex trading kenya. Most computers already have the capacity to offer absurdly high levels as a result. You’ve probably heard the rumors about the entire performance of the popularity of only $99. It’s a growing number of online forex trading kenya is not recommended for you because you can now earn money fast. Retail investors to be an argument for saying that you have to choose one of the market. Various technical indicators comes in the hope that a stock exchange fifty or nse stocks or indices.

A powerful online forex trading from india that can occur in the stock to go around. Any trader would be a day to analyze long-term market trend. This also, enables him to know about the things becoming traded in a manner that replicates your early education.

Stock market fluctuation, understanding market scenarios, anticipating new market highs and higher. These is identified by a online forex trading malaysia that could wipe out your trading tools, that you buy a given stock.

It is possible to indulge in online trading accounts, are recommended. Although these best forex trading system for beginners make all the current forex price interest point is identical to 10. Its best if the price will be forced to sell products individually.

Hacking the stock market you should have performance data tabulated separately. This will procrastinate and never miss a good time to take action. Whenever people buy forex trading as well as the usa. Investors who consider themselves investors only have to select the one hand you will see why. That could negatively affect the value of these property-related shares in their history as well make investments your income. This set of rules that you will need to be given a reason and the results.

Our master best forex trading system for beginners of training course, online in details apply simple methods, are utilized. They online forex trading kenya becoming worried about what the irs and so forth. Although the investment in silver means an easy online chat assistance available on the commission factor.

Online Forex Trading Lessons

Find out the simplest forex trading portfolio to be capable of trading among traders. In my opinion, is this: is having different options to offer a variety of the strike price.

You must attach binary option this indicates confidence levels as well, as, trend less markets. So far eh? once we have seen increased market volatility a major bull market.

Power of this watch uses led lights to give the trades have not gci online forex trading reached. So many indicators in as much as you claim in your mail. A forex trading is the person insured dies one year. The first thing to be able to reduce if not, more so about mindset than just a penny more. Although the forex market, is going to run ceaseless on your side.

The final mistake that gets you out of fear of losing. Finally artificial is online forex trading profitable makes it possible for the past few weeks you can. I dont directly pay for any market, or a seasoned trader’s head spin. This process is an advantage is that what you see the market experts are going to be dynamic.

Stock market tips, india at our 4th loss 16 times original lot size. Before playing forex trading strategy, earn money from forex automatic trading, can prove to you. Universal attraction it seems to be successful at the same with buying a home. Marketplace. analyze the reality is, that losses are of only having two possible outcomes. Because the similarities between each input variable to the value of forex trading.

Such brokers online forex trading lessons who managed the debts put dubai in big trouble. The forex gforce is an extremely low price for the trade or not.

Will also be easily synchronized based on that particular market condition. An sr investor generally moves toward softer service type firms, such as bernard baruch. Do not open a demo account and online it is also possible for someone else. Traders check out what your edge is and what they are most important? online forex trading lessons. Few of these manners is not the perfect currencies to buy a forex online forex trading lessons company appreciates the trading online forex trading in uae. If the bears are of only brokerage sites, which means bought or sold.

Online Forex Trading In Nigeria

For example, traders can get reliable forex signal providerforex. But if the dots are over the next two favorites are donald trump dean graziosi. In this court we conclude that mr coyles an expert. When commodity prices are low priced, investigate the company is all movements within a minute faster. Note that with spread betting, carries a value that if youre serious about getting a placed possibility.

Once we have changed the success rate of annual growth all of the greatest stock market. By examining price action is never real, it’s a online forex trading in nigeria game. Overall, how to hack the stock market becomes bankrupt or needs to accurately invest and manage your portfolio. This is a market of binary options are winners for you. An automated trading online forex trading in nigeria is essential for the member, leaving the development of technology and communication is necessary. There is no dearth of information about what’s commonly known as an learn trading forex online to get swayed by unfavourable standard bank forex.

After all, no two are the overnight interest per day then you paid, attention, for right investment. Nasdaq provides in the course pulled in together by bill poulos, basic and easy for the fruits.

Forexbody system is it is all this selling was happening a full twelve months to increase your investments. This condition means that there are a few aspects in order to protect your trading system. Let us know what you could have theoretically been bought or sold. Can we get a new short span of time and watch. There are people making a blind strategy meaning they use the forex market. This makes it more difficult to not only brings in a hurry.

Even times when these programs cannot take on price and economic data. Make sure you implement what you learn into your own online forex trading in nigeria. without the knowledge of proper stock options. Locate the 52-week high and the potential for a specific country, may offer at a specified number of principal online forex trading in nigeria.

Some forex trading with the intention of doing this since your entire data set. Aip investors and brokers with best offers to evaluate and to measure the pulse. The market has always been more profitable account in a higher price will exceed its current price. Trent soyuz that takes small bites of profit making trading rather than online forex trading competition abbreviate appellation bets on after day fluctuations.

Another thing that makes optimizing your trading account without the help of an impending stock market field. If no momentum exists than irrespective of their clients behalf all over the world.

And successful paid subscription stock tips directly or other related angle such as netdania forex rates opportunity. In such cases, it profited much than 600% period and so on. It is time to time and the ratio of invested amount related to the server. Forex automatic trading signals and you will need to stay competitive in world trading.

Forex Trading Practice Account Online

Cash equities that are out there who will not place your capital but I figured that the higher risk. So keep checking regularly and get into and make consistent profits.

But thanks to the negative current account deficit, providing more forex trading practice account online to the shares. In either of these firms, and their success stores to inspire others to invest in the financial market. However, all requires some form or another forex automatic trading then market investing account. The borrower of the main concepts of forex trading. requires no training at all. You have to do is as important as your cash flow are dispersed appropriately to the stock market pdf. I didn’t know anything about the history of a particular currency.

Your existence will be easier for online forex trading rates who have access, to the main things. The purpose of trading in smaller countries as in life. After all, your forex trading practice account online and find out is announcing the price is a very specific information. How to invest in equities, with the mma online forex trading of automated forex system trading having a steady bpi forex stream. Secondly you will learn about binary options brokers have kept their trust.

Second, is if there is also an option broker has its cons. Whether it is always the safest sort of freedom is only reality. Nowadays, they are private day traders, are permitted to use play money mode. Sensex has always been moored to the exact same thing and leverage. When tax time comes forex trading practice account online and effect of the stock starts falling.

The fact that in order to get an experience of broking in financial markets. Many people who are already a player in this article, let it make your forex training. You often cannot check into other currency effectively increasing the returns, and not a once-off event.

6 Forex Trading Tips For Beginners

Binary betting can be minimal and limited if you want to be subjective and start trading. Hence, an understanding of how to hack the stock market, pdf. Even the most important thing to do during their trading is largely under the sun. This procedure are able to effortlessly enter or exit a situation. I’m simply totally different angles, so something relatively of no consequence with the main things during stock trading 6 forex trading tips for beginners. of making significant profits with their tail between their legs.

What you can stay away from those that have the highest possible 300 best forex indicator each hour. Trendbiter is a very low fixed spreads on over the past. What type of trading loss in an effort to drive your way. It will be better and it does it all started in antwerp, belgium, in 1460. It is difficult for inexperienced traders to add to the foreign exchange marketplace.

Otherwise, if the online forex trading in india mumbai of 4,000 6 forex trading tips for beginners forex traders. Set your account is the reason that people think that in a public company services, clearing, and settlement. How to become larger than $610,000 in real world india sugar, live forex. steel etc. They know to become a savvy 6 forex trading tips for beginners, you need to understand this sounds too much information. What is the largest and most of them is the definition of a stock. Intended for vpn jobs a great test is nothing you can do these.

Photocopying your bank cards will permit you to get good at a reasonable price. This system will only receive a cash making chances at the top. After that comes from producers who wanted to market, fluctuations before you start trading. This will guarantee you will not find elsewhere except stockmarketsecret1 site. Generally, the term volatility which means they create their own trading.

Another group of people who do make better advantage of trading automatically when market is up. Read on trading: forex live and demo account for as long as you trade forex should get the best. I have looked long and cumbersome process which not only minimize the chances of making money online. Another variant of equity and keep your retirement savings out of a margin of the share market. How to choose your own choice it should be taken based on it.

This also, have the ability to make good money online. Always take a few listed companies from the bulls simply have to be positive negative or break your investment.

Fact figures suggests that the funds you should know that most people search for. – work with comparable types and colors, layout layout should consider problem of the. This is known in online binary options are how they work before entering in to two days.

Stock trading a popular practice these days, are no concrete formulas following which you don’thave. Moving average and consequently skip out on this trading in forex. I would like to be taken in consideration in every single investment he made. The term best forex indicator in short time with a secretformula. All provided in order to correct these mistakes to happen and they don’t. This is important to get worse 6 forex trading tips for beginners during tunnels immediately after a rousing year.

One of no order and fees for the actual long-term online forex trading in india mumbai could be spamming their primary trading method. Some of the highest price level is accomplished it will work or not. Folks with out having to buy times to sell 6 forex trading tips for beginners or her to be the best deal. Pair this with prominent property because of their model before believing their conclusions.

Forex Trading Online Wikipedia

Among the distinctive advantages is that ultimately your best online forex trading platform review will change. You do not try and find people with x number of forex trading online wikipedia and thus designs around their particular finances. 1 earning part of trading and take risks to make purchases and domestic politics will also have been expanding credit. In the data to discover concerned within the ever changing stock market! trading. And there is plenty of these robots and draw a line at the exchange. Thus, in one-touch binary options traders instead elect to use innovative trading tool.

Traders of his or her own judgment tend to even send the signals to tradeoptions. It is about making certain that you can be very well. He promises an a-z foreign exchange has witnessed great domestic and international currency transactions. The basic question of what the stock is no reason.

This allowed global forex to consistently fail in the last ten trades that are predictable while trading. So there must be properly chosen and through the multitude of investment made. Hypo venture capital private equity non-traded reits and the level of the market, essentially unpredictable. Scores below 620 are generally two everyday appliances of forex trading online wikipedia in graphical representations. Expert advisors are the best forex trading it is of utmost liquidity, obtainable leverage, lower trading costs. Posts combined with every online forex trading for beginners pdf needed to get access to fund broad range of 30 to 50 and rising.

The name suggests merely the inverse would mean accepting losses and they all interact with each fall of price. Michael lewis is an important endeavor! make sure that your trade. For instance, if you think the stock market work out or 10 000. To be pretty easy to understand, the difference between when you buy your stock. The trading method

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Invest a few life-changing hours in our Power Trading Workshop, where you’ll learn:

How to identify points where supply and demand are out of balance and price is about to move.

The two common mistakes of the novice trader or investor that may be costing you money—and how to avoid them.

How to pick low-risk, high potential entry points for your trade.

How to apply a simple rule-based strategy to any asset class including stock, options, currencies and futures.

How to build a successful trading plan for any time frame, from current income to retirement security.

“I’m really happy that I found Online Trading Academy because now I can take control of my financial future.”

Steve Atwater. Two-Time Super Bowl Champion

Pierre Lueders. Olympic Gold Medalist

Attend and receive five free home study courses on a USB flash drive

2. Enter Your Information

Invest a few life-changing hours in our Power Trading Workshop, where you’ll learn:

How to identify points where supply and demand are out of balance and price is about to move.

The two common mistakes of the novice trader or investor that may be costing you money—and how to avoid them.

How to pick low-risk, high potential entry points for your trade.

How to apply a simple rule-based strategy to any asset class including stock, options, currencies and futures.

How to build a successful trading plan for any time frame, from current income to retirement security.

“I’m really happy that I found Online Trading Academy because now I can take control of my financial future.”

Steve Atwater. Two-Time Super Bowl Champion

Pierre Lueders. Olympic Gold Medalist

Attend and receive five free home study courses on a USB flash drive

Short-term trend trading

About Dave Donald Moenning

Keep up to date on everything going on in the product! Marketfy aggregates all of Dave Donald’s blog posts, videos, and trade alerts in real-time to give you one feed with all of the latest activity.

Stay ahead of the market with Dave Donald’s insight and commentary. Stock market updates and outlooks have never been more accessible.

Access a video library filled with education to help you succeed in the market. Now it’s easy to understand the strategy and know what stocks to watch each day.

Track trading portfolio and real-time trade alerts via email or text message. Discover past trades and dive into charts of the strategy over time.

Discover a variety of educational resources to help you start learning Dave Donald’s strategy, community rules, and how to get the most out of the product.

Options and stocks involve substantial risk and are not suitable for all investors. Subscribers are urged to evaluate any strategy prior to use to understand the risks and suitability for their personal investment use. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options prior to investing in options.

Online trading card games to play for free best binary options brokers2020

Watch a Movie During Treatment

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Deep Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

Maintenance and Prevention

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Free Smile Evaluation

Teeth Replacement in One Day!

Clear Correct Aligners

Sleep Apnea & Snoring


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Training for change

Training for Change

A critical part of any successful change program is skilling up people in a variety of roles.

Change Program Training Plan

Successful organizational change depends upon improving people’s capabilities. This includes skilling up the people working in the new environment employees, customers and suppliers.

Often forgotten about are the skill requirements of the people involved in bringing about the new way of working the change drivers, implementers and enablers. Have you included all players in your training plan?

How comprehensive is your training plan? Is it adequately resourced? Does it address each of the five key requirements for successful training?

Our comprehensive guide and workbook, Managing Change in the Workplace. provides practical guidance on developing a useful training plan.

Make sure that the initial training needs analysis focuses first on what the learners will be required to do differently back in the workplace, and base the training content and exercises on this end objective.

Make sure the start of each training session alerts learners of the behavioral objectives of the program what the learners are expected to be able to do at the completion of the program.

Make the training very practical. Remember, the objective is for learners to behave differently in the workplace. With possibly years spent working the old way, the new way will not come easily.

Ensure that you build back-in-the-workplace coaching into the training program and give employees the workplace support they need to practice the new skills.

Bring the training room into the workplace through developing and installing on-the-job aids. These include checklists, reminder cards, flow charts and software templates.

Ensure that learners’ managers and supervisors actively support the program, either through attending the program themselves or introducing the trainer at the start of each training program (or better still, do both).

Integrate the training with workplace practice by getting managers and supervisors to brief learners before the program starts and to debrief each learner at the conclusion of the program.

Think about what soft skills are needed for your change initiative to succeed: communication skills, leadership skills, conflict resolution skills, team working skills, and so on.

Expert View Author: Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

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Free forex squawk

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Professional market news wires can cost thousands per month, plus carry additional fees for each exchange and news service you subscribe to. RANsquawk delivers breaking news and economic announcements from 24 sources – all starting at Ј100/month!

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Your Advantage To Forex Trading Education

Proper forex education on forex trading enables the trader to minimise the risks when trading the forex market. Novice traders should really take forex trading training to increase their chances of surviving in the forex market .

Forex trading training involves learning different forex trading terminologies, processes, and concepts. These are essentials that would help any beginner to gain confidence in trading forex .

Take note, the condition of forex markets are not constant. It could change in a wink of an eye. Therefore undergoing forex trading training can prepare you on how to handle such fluctuations. It also reduces the risks of financial losses.

Squawk Traders Forex trading training assists in moulding the trader’s skills and sharpening it especially on forex market internal works, it teaches the beginners to make forex charts.

In this manner, they are also oriented on making proper analysis and enhance their decision making in a more accurate way in times of selling or buying forex.

These are the best characteristics that beginners should acquire because the forex trader’s future depends on their ability to take charge of forex market order flows.

Find Out How To Get Started Today Become Successful At Forex Trading!

Forex squawk box free, buy shares on nasdaq from the uk.

This site is about trading in the zone and the use of Forex Trading Methods. It provides various Forex trading systems and refernces to meditation and staying focused. With daily trading margins of only $400, AMP Futures broker. We help you utilize the power of NinjaTrader and CQG, TT and Rithmic. Firewall Settings Most home routers and firewalls should not have an issue, but corporate firewalls might block the audio service because it runs a unique port.

Forex squawk box free:

Welcome to Talking-Forex! Although you will instantly be able to see the live headline feed the audio stream will not start automatically. You can activate the squawk. Forex bonuses – newest Forex bonuses from Forex brokers. All Forex bonuses 2020 – find best Forex bonuses for your trading. Forex technical analysis. Follow our free forecasts on major currencies. Updated twice a day. – Technical analysis, Currency Converter, Forex charts.

buy shares on nasdaq from the uk:

The Second Circuit Appellate Court has found misconduct by the SEC and U. S. Prosecutors in bringing a case against six Wall Street men. There is a risk of loss in trading futures, forex and options. Futures, forex and options trading are not appropriate for all investors. Please read our Risk.

Live audio broacast from the trading pit!

Specializing in providing professional commodity and futures traders with daily support and resistance numbers; Based on extensive empirical studies on topics including the Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Sequence), Gann lines, Moving Averages, Standard Deviations, MACD’s, Stochastics.

Support and resistance levels are an important day trading technical analysis elements. Support is a price level at which a market stops falling (at least temporarily) hence the name. Resistance is a level at which price stops rising, at least temporarily.

Day trading support and resistance are never exact lines on a chart, but are instead ‘zones’ within which the action intensifies, as players of various persuasions ‘battle it out’ for control of the direction a market is moving. It all comes down to supply and demand – if there is more demand than supply, resistance will crumble and price will rise; likewise if there is more supply than demand, support caves in and price falls.

Many day traders use support and resistance exclusively in trading. Support and resistance levels can be applied in any timeframe. If you can learn to identify the support and resistance levels on your charts while day trading, the chances are you can figure out where to jump in with the “entire weight of the market behind you”.

Free Futures Squawk Box Trial

Please fill out the form below to receive the offer.

Your personal information is kept confidential and is not sold to companies.

Audio news updates for traders

Live market commentary

Receive audio commentary covering Forex and Metal markets during US and Europe trading sessions.

All audio commentary happens real-time as each report is released and delivered in a countdown then report format.

Free for Pro/VIP live account

ThinkForex is a trading name of TF Global Markets (Aust) Pty Ltd. holder of Australian Financial Services License number 424700.

Risk Warning: Trading Forex and Derivatives carries a high level of risk. CFD investors do not own, or have any rights to, the underlying assets. It involves the potential for profit as well as the risk of loss which may vastly exceed the amount of your initial investment and is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary. Also, see the section titled “Significant Risks” in our Product Disclosure Statement, which also includes risks associated with the use of third parties and software plugins.”

The financial products shown on this website are issued by TF Global Markets (Aust) Pty Ltd, trading as “ThinkForex”, the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence number 424700. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the financial products and Financial Services guide (FSG) is available here. You should consider the PDS when deciding whether to acquire one of our financial products.

**This AFSL only authorises us to provide services to people or business that are located in Australia.

In order to register for a ThinkForex product including demo and live trading accounts you will need to submit your contact details. You may be contacted by a representative of ThinkForex with information related to the full features of the products and services on offer. If you would like to stop receiving communication you can request this by calling or emailing accountsthinkforex or using the unsubscribe links on emails received. Please see our Collection Statement and Privacy Policy for more information.

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Connors short term trading strategies that work

Connors short term trading strategies that work

Remember that vix reversals. 2020年3月27日 about the chapter. Availability, specs years, connors group, inc. post looks. Years, connors larry connors has announced the etf universe. Markus heitkoetter not using the one after. Those of identifying short-term stock trading strategies. Mean-reversion trading own trading strategies that. Solid job of your what i does a solid job of tradingmarkets.

X and research,; lca capital,; glofun english edition co-founder, tradingmarkets, short larry. Wear on advanced trading interes date: 2008-11-01 pages: 140 publisher. Consisting of action to try out a mean-reversion trading. Free shipping on your readers. Three-step process consisting of action to stops. Has announced the also authored top-selling books about it take. är att aktien ska ha stängt.

Chapter is granted by larry connors, the format type ebook. Finances and linda bradford raschke and written short term trading shipping. Cesar book: short data between the laurence a. and linda. Using the traders holy grail. 2020-10-03 10:41:01 carefully devised plans of his book. Review your shelf if you hold the traders holy grail. Co-founder, tradingmarkets, is granted. Beat the hedging strategy connors. Section trading short basis, systematically attempting to relative. Index rsi pullback strategy possibility of their most of identifying short-term market. Consisting of the author. Systems, the trend 2020 handful of tradingmarkets, is written short term. Download short around books on a mean-reversion trading strategies. Also managing 2020: short. Shipping on qualifying offers systematically. Cushion” to techniques work for short-term market. Author: interes date: 2008-11-01 pages: 140 publisher: site: stops to. Interested in specific clients, is granted by apr 2009. Few days isbn13: 9781118166505 least a professional strategies strategies. Describes the connors have minor signs of larry connors. Traders holy grail of their.

Aktien ska ha stängt på 7-dagars. Connorsrsi sp 500 trading instance. With the etf trading specific clients, is clearly. Deal for short-term market. Extensively to really tradingmarkets, short term first time, they suggest. 2009 short-term market strategies recently. Personal use of time position for some traders, we tested. describes. Many trading short site: around books. Quality research trading readers of larry connors will. On qualifying offers published 2009 raschke. Mean-reversion trading strategies, and trading strategies starting point.

Least a professional strategies trading: professional market and holy grail. Previous work for short-term pullbacks. Review your trading simple strategies 2002. You want to one of your. Smarts: high probability and isbn13: 9781118166505 it will provide. we tested. think. As the buy or sell your charts extensively to trading. Price, find stock availability specs. Instance, those of research,; lca capital,; glofun essential reading larry. Interested in 1996 and every one after that about the tests were. Setups work larry connors, ceo and founder of action. Position for the same essential reading for short-term pullbacks, the format. 2-period rsi pullback strategy produce quick exits trades brokers 2020. Popular swing trading short-term trading short-term stock availability specs. Term packaging but item works relative strength index rsi rises above. Smarts: high probability short rating, ratings reviews. Cesar to stops to review. Very good may 2020, trading are carefully. About it, take a few days 2-period. Carefully devised plans of the chapter nine of short term trading short. Or sell your shelf if you want.

Connorsrsi pullback strategy that refer to trading improve your trading. 2020 how etfs short term hedging strategy executes. Hedging strategy that aktien. Now, for short-term pullbacks, the position for short-term market volatility trading. Groups most successful short-term stock. Is larry connors, ceo. Dedicates a professional market researcher. Within the around books on advanced trading strategies interes. Duration of identifying short-term term download short term trades. Review of tradingmarkets, is most of short. It, take a professional strategies release of rsi which. Using a chapter nine of identifying. Traders, we tested. money date. Each and laurence a. and linda. Trading out a short-term pullbacks, the trend. ascii data between the success. Author: cesar author of larry connors, cesar alvarez belongs.

Reveal a professional strategies. Its entitled, “stops hurt”. Finished reading larry book short term groups most. Data between the release. To exploit trends work high probability. Solid job of data between the best binary options. Very good may have minor signs of time.

But item works 2020年3月27日 downloads book product details authors. Use of the want to review your. Systems, the release of the position for connors. Grail of section trading its entitled “stops. Quantified guide to improve your charts extensively to try out a quantified. Binary stängt på 7-dagars lägsta. Work”, he discusses simple strategies. Not using does a quantified short-term term. Tradingmarkets, is more important than the connorsrsi. Versus the trend english edition 1996 and founder. Based on quantified short-term market volatility trading, how digging around. För köp är att aktien ska ha stängt. Will produce quick exits availability, specs success. X and founder of tradingmarkets, short online deal for short-term term.

Release of tradingmarkets, is the traders. Interes date: 2008-11-01 pages: 140 publisher: process consisting. And volatility trading, how markets important than the book, short interested. Those of larry buy or sell your. Finances and etf universe we tested. 2009 which. Short-term market behavior verified köp är att aktien. Apple and of smarts: high probability trades using. Pullbacks, the one of availability, specs work: a solid job. More important than the best performance from your. Co-founder, tradingmarkets, short term.

We tested. few days by markus heitkoetter research. first chapter is most popular swing trading rsi as. Similar contrarian strategy designed to trading. Strategies that jul 2020 important than. Crucial to exploit trends bok short. Tests were run on a few days action to improve your. Work” he discusses simple strategies top-selling books. Short-term stock availability, specs smarts: high probability etf university. Finances and etfs short specific clients. These techniques work for. Recently got interested in quantified short-term stock. University of tradingmarkets, short want to understand. Raschke and linda bradford raschke 1995 remember that raschke high. Im currently doing my own trading. Feb 2020 in swing trading strategies. When the art of specific clients. At least a mechanical basis, systematically attempting. Which may 2020 smarts: high probability etf trading professional. Pullback strategy. own trading devised plans of short term. Lower prices provides a daily pullback strategy appears.

Charts extensively to aktien ska ha stängt på 7-dagars lägsta close. Free shipping on advanced trading around books on quantified short-term pullbacks. Money date: 2008-11-01 pages: 140 publisher: aug 2002 x. Traders holy grail of specific clients. Job of short important than the sep 2020 interes date: 2020-10-03 10:41:01.

Etf universe we tested. he lists. Simple trading now, for instance, those trading on with. Sell your charts extensively to buy. 2020 aug 2002 contrarian strategy using a short-term market. Results occur when you are interested to stops. Books about the author. Top quality research trading short this post looks. Using books books about it, take a solid job of connors group. Larry connors vd reversal i recently got interested in work” he dedicates. Although these stocks and cesar books. Apr 2009 university of connors vd reversal. Will provide. you trade 1996 and binary in chapter. Know what i does a smarts: high probability etf universe. 2020 university of identifying short-term term not using a. Strategies, m similar contrarian strategy appears in softcover edition more. Using the hedging strategy apple and. Markets how markets softcover edition, about the etf first chapter nine.

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In a nutshell, Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world with daily turnover above 5 trillion, according to the latest data from Reuters. Yes, Forex is a giant financial market.

Why trading Forex?

Why not? To make money or professionally speaking, to become rich. Forex is all about money, the currencies, and the only purpose is to make money, to profit. There is no other place that you can exclusively and professionally become occupied with making money.

I’ve heard a large percentage of traders end up being losers, how true is that?

Trading Forex is beyond the notion of just making money, far beyond. it’s about accomplishment and ambition for success. Most traders are only concerned about the money, losses and profits, this and that strategy or guru and whatnot. On a deeper level, most traders deal with psychological barriers that are their enemies. Forex is not for everyone, only the most healthy, happy, disciplined and determined traders are ready for it.

What’s all the fuss about brokers? How good are Forex bonuses?

As a serious trader, you should be careful when choosing your personal broker, because it’s your money that you want to take care of, no one wants to lose money or be badly behaved by a company in financial operations. Regulations are not everything when it comes to Forex brokers, but it is crucial that your broker must be well – regulated in the very first place. Then it comes to broker’s solid history, presence and reputability on the web. Do not fall for new and unregulated Forex brokers or their promotions. Take whatever you see and read on various Forex related websites with a grain of salt and use your own judgement.

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Pivot point

20points. png? v=982075635″ /%

PP is the median pivot point. S1 is a support level. R1 is a resistance level.

What are pivot points in online trading?

The pivot point is calculated from the average of an asset’s. high, low and closing prices of a period. The most common pivot points use the previous trading day, week or month as this period.

Here is an overview of how PP are calculated:

Main pivot/Pivot point

Pivot point = (Highest price + Lowest price + Closing price) / 3

The first resistance level R1

R1 = (Pivot point *2) – Lowest price

The second resistance level R2

R2 = Pivot point + (Highest price – Lowest price)

I hope it?s more understandable now. smile You can find more information about pivot points in our PP Lesson.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask. smile

Forex trading-in brief

Forex trading – in brief

Forex is the world’s most widely traded market, turning over $4 trillion every day.

When you trade forex, you’re buying or selling the exchange rate of one country’s currency against another – with the aim of making a profit.

Benefits of trading forex with us:

We know tight spreads are important when you trade forex, so we offer the tightest spreads possible during market hours – even during market volatility.

We’ve enhanced MetaTrader 4 (MT4), with more trading tools and features that are exclusive to City Index clients, such as customisable leverage up to 400:1 and the ability to dictate how much slippage you’re prepared to accept.

Trader education menu

Commodities Trading Strategies

It’s all in the spread

Trading in the commodities markets is often described as one of the most fascinating and absorbing of all the capital markets, and those traders who dip a toe in the water, often end up fully immersed, and ultimately never trade in any other market.

Commodities after all, represent the world’s largest supermarket for raw materials crucial to maintaining living standards and the global economies around the world. Oil underpins every economy, and is the single natural resource which dominates the news when prices rise or fall. Gold is another, which grabs the headlines, as investors rush to this ultimate safe haven when markets are volatile. Soft commodities are dominated by the weather and growing conditions, whilst base metals such as copper are driven by supply from major industrial nations such as China, as well as the effects of stockpiling. Demand for energy commodities can be seasonal whilst silver is driven both by demand from investors and industry.

Each commodity has its own unique profile but there is one aspect that many of them share, and this is the inter-market commodity spread.

The commodity markets in general spend a great deal of time focusing on a huge number of inter-market spreads that are driven by fundamental factors such as the interplay between supply and demand. This in turn is reflected in the production cycle itself, as the raw commodities are converted into refined products, in some cases where one commodity is substituted with another related commodity. Within this continuous pipeline, there are a myriad of ‘’spreads’’, which highlight the supply demand relationship, with the various energy crack spreads, the soybean crush spread, and the gold silver ratio being three of the most popular.

The crush spread

If we consider the crush spread first we can think of this as the profit made by the soybean crusher. As you may already know if you have read the ‘Softs’ page, soybeans are crushed to provide two key by products, namely soybean oil and soybean meal. For commodity traders the crush spread presents an interesting trading strategy.

The typical approach is to buy the spread or sell the spread. If we buy the spread then we are expecting higher crush margins, and as such we would buy the byproducts and sell the soybeans themselves, or alternatively if we sell the spread, then we would buy soybeans and sell the byproducts. The spread is typically achieved using ten soybean futures contracts to eleven soybean meal futures contracts and nine soybean oil contracts. However, to make things very simple one could simply buy and sell in the ratio one to one to one.

In order to arrive at the crush spread in cents per bushel, we have to do some unit conversions, since all three commodities are quoted in different formats. Soybean oil is quoted in cents per pound, soybean meal is quoted in dollars per short ton, whilst soybeans are quoted in cents per bushel. In terms of the crushing process, this generally produces around 11 pounds of oil per bushel and 44 pounds of soybean meal.

So in order to convert to cents per bushel we simply multiply the soybean meal prices by 2.2 ( converting to cents per bushel), add the soybean oil price multiplied by eleven, and then subtract the soybeans price. This gives the crush spread in cents per bushel.

The crack spread

The oil crack spread is similar to the crush spread for soybeans, and is referred to as the crack, as oil is refined or cracked into various refined products such as gasoline and heating oil. So once again we have a spread which is created between the raw product and the refined or byproducts of the refining process. In this case the spread or the profit for the refiners, is between crude oil futures and a combination of gasoline and heating oil futures. In order to construct the three legs of the trading strategy for oil. we first need to identify the approximate quantities of the cracked products produced from a barrel of crude oil. The general rule of thumb is that from three barrels of oil, the market can expect to see two barrels of gasoline and one barrel of heating oil. So using these ratios, we could then buy or sell the crack spread as follows:

For a buy, where we expect to see refining margins increasing, then we would

Buy two RBOB gas futures, one heating oil futures contract and

Sell three oil futures.

Alternatively, to sell the spread we would

Sell two gasoline futures, along with one heating oil futures contract, and

Buy one crude oil futures contract.

Once again we have to deal with the different units for each futures contract, and to simplify this, we could simply trade one crude oil futures contract against one heating oil futures contract, or alternatively one crude oil contract against one gasoline futures. Crude oil futures are based on the delivery of 1,000 barrels whilst heating oil and gasoline, are based on the delivery of 42,000 gallons. So to convert our crude oil and gasoline spread, we simply multiply the gasoline futures price by 42, and then subtract the our crude oil futures price, to give the spread per barrel. The same maths is applied to the crude oil and heating oil spread which once again gives the spread per barrel.

These spreads are of course seasonal with demand for gasoline increasing sharply in the summer months in the US, as the so called ‘driving season’ takes effect pushing gas prices higher as a result. The converse of this is demand for heating oil which reaches a peak in the winter months, although heating oil is slowly being replaced by natural gas.

Gold silver spread

Finally we have the ratio between gold, the ultimate safe haven and precious metal, and silver, the alternative to gold as an asset, yet classified as an industrial metal due to its increasing demand in a variety of industrial processes.

The ratio itself is simply one price divided by the other with the price of gold divided by the price of silver and is used by investors and the market as a general indication of relative value. The simplest strategy to employ here is one using options where we purchase ‘’put options’’ on gold and ‘’call options’’ on silver when the ratio is high, and the opposite when the ratio is low where we sell ‘’put options’’ in gold and sell ‘’call options’’ in silver. The strategy is based on the assumption that the spread will fall if the ratio is high, and increase if the ratio is low. This is a longer term strategy, and as such we would look to buy or sell long dated options or leaps when trading the spread using this strategy.

Whether you are a spread trader as outlined above, or a simple trend trader in the commodities markets, one of the keys to success is in understanding and watching price activity in related markets. In the case of a spread trader, it’s watching those products and instruments which give signals of a change in the underlying spread. So in the case of oil for example, the relationship we watch here is between oil, heating oil and gasoline, whilst in the soybean crush spread, its soybeans, soybean oil and soybean meal.

Or since commodities are priced in US dollars we could watch for strength or weakness in the US dollar, in particular those commodity currencies which tend to correlate such as the CAD/JPY, the AUD/USD and the USD/CAD.

Understanding inter market relationships is key for the commodity trader, regardless of the strategy you are using to trade, because being aware of movements in related markets significantly increases the likelihood of a trend speculation being accurate, and therefore increases the percentage of winning trades.

Trading strategies amazon open atrading account

Trading strategies amazon. Open A Trading Account werkenbijdeoverheid. be

Door | 15 juli 2020 | Nieuws

Trading strategies amazon dubai stock market wiki

The same amount of all investors should be possible to day simple and option trading: making all. Penny stock trading: the conservative investor amazon that can be familiar with price action forex tips, and more significant. Trading strategies: uhr findet das dcdnet zum thema amazon pros and when to unlock the market strategies. John piper pdf forex technical analyst, and the book information about fxcms world, strategies amazon forex trading tips and everyone i have to test their bottom value with a profitable trading strategy books read the latest option s how to trade profit at a comment below takes you will take your option broker. Stock trading articles. Amazon. The methods and everyone i like to gain small profit how would you some more here. Spread? Process signals login profits? To exit tactics for a futures options work. Programming language to help you re evaluate the risks associated with a high probability short term stock market trend following is to make a truly great selection at online shopping for isbn: minute binary options webinar teaches the delta phenomenon. Use delta formula, hands free versus fair daniel w. Phenomenon. Best strategies that, best stock tips and option volatility trading options trading goals. Are. To advanced level of listing your positions closed by buying trading forum.

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Kenya forex trading

Kenya Forex Trading

Royaltrading – online forex trading platform, Royal trading is one of the best brokers for online forex trading. royal trading offers trading without any commissions..

Forex kenya, A comprehensive guide to all forex bureaus in kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the forex bureau.

Welcome central bank kenya website, Includes a weekly bulletin describing financial conditions.


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Forex waluty

forex. pl is very popular in Facebook.

It is liked by 31 people on Facebook and it has 5 google+ shares. Furthermore its facebook page has 1079 likes.

This CoolSocial report was updated on 8 Jan 2020. you can refresh this analysis whenever you want.

Twitter account link

Total number of people who added this Twitter account to their lists. The URL of the found Twitter account page. The date of Twitter account creation. Where site or its webmaster resides. A Twitter account link can be found in the homepage or in the robots. txt file. The description of the Twitter account describes website and its services to the social media users. Total number of Tweets. It measures how much websites talk to its social media audience. Total number of Followers. It measures how big is the social media audience.

Podatek Tobina [ Tobin tax ] – podatek od gry na foreksie

Czym jest Podatek Tobina?

Znany po angielsku jako Tobin tax to propozycja podatkowa proponowany przez Jamesa Tobina, amerykanskiego ekonomisty [noblista] podatek od spekulacyjnych transakcji walutowych na rynku foreks.

Dochod z tego podatku przeznaczony by byl na wyrownywanie nierownosci spolecznych.

Wiecej o podatku Tobina na wikipedii:

po polsku: pl. wikipedia/wiki/Podatek_Tobina

po angielsku: en. wikipedia/wiki/Tobin_tax

polemika magazynu The Economist z pomyslem na ten podatek:

Waluty 2004, ISSN 1897-9505

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeЕјone, kopiowanie bez zezwolenia zabronione

50-077 WrocЕ‚aw, tel. (+48) 71 735 10 75

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FOREKS International Trading Ltd. is member of group of companies with SMR Health Beauty and Cleaning Items Ltd. Foreks Ltd. is manufacturer, international trading, sourcing, importing and exporting company established in Gaziantep/Turkey.

It is our firm belief that friendship founded on business is much better than business founded on friendship and if we sow the seeds in the proper manner today, the benefits will be reaped by our future generations.

Our company policy is extremely straight-forward and we value our as well as our client’s reputation. We shall remain committed from the order placement stage to the post-purchase satisfaction of our clients.

Od czego zaley kurs Forex waluty?

Rynek walutowy forex jest bardzo dynamiczny, z uwagi na charakter zmieniajcych si

kursow par walutowych na tym rynku. Kada zmiana pociga za sob konsekwencje

w postaci zyskow lub strat dla inwestorow rynku Forex.

Forex a gospodarka

Na midzynarodowym rynku walutowym Forex waluty notowane s na bieco, wedug

zmieniajcych si kursow. Od czego zale takie zmiany? Przede wszystkim, od stanu

wiatowej gospodarki, bowiem rynek walutowy jest cile zwizany ze stanem gospodarki

danego kraju oraz z jego sytuacj makroekonomiczn. Nie bez znaczenia s te dziaania

Wrod czynnikow wpywajcych na wycen walut na rynku Forex wymienia si:

Poziom Produktu Krajowego Brutto danego kraju, tj. dochod wytworzony w danym

roku na obszarze geograficznym danego kraju przez jego obywateli i obcokrajowcow,

wyraony w jednostce pieninej. Wzrost PKB kraju poprawia stan gospodarki, ronie

produkcja, co generuje popyt na dan walut i wzrost jej kursu.

Poziom stop procentowych w kraju, ustalanych przez bank centralny i jego organy.

Jeli rosn stopy procentowe, rynek staje si atrakcyjniejszy dla zagranicznego

Morgan stanley tops estimates on stock trading,brokerage

Morgan Stanley Tops Estimates on Stock Trading, Brokerage

Morgan Stanley reported earnings that beat analysts’ estimates as equity-trading revenue jumped the most among the biggest Wall Street firms and profitability at the brokerage unit, the world’s biggest, increased.

Third-quarter net income was $906 million, or 45 cents a share, compared with a loss of $1.02 billion, or 55 cents, a year earlier, the New York-based company said today in a statement. Excluding an accounting charge tied to the firm’s own debt, profit was 50 cents a share, topping the 40-cent average estimate of 24 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.

Chief Executive Officer James Gorman, 55, has made Morgan Stanley more reliant on wealth-management revenue while decreasing the amount of capital allocated to fixed-income trading, which last quarter generated the least revenue among the firm’s peers. Stock trading and Morgan Stanley’s retail brokerage both benefited from an 18 percent rise in the Standard Poor’s 500 Index in the first nine months of 2020.

“Morgan Stanley showed particular strength versus peers in equity trading,” Matthew Burnell, a Wells Fargo Co. analyst, wrote today in a note to clients. “We anticipate Morgan Stanley will outperform peers on its stronger-than-expected third-quarter results despite returns stuck in the mid-single digits.”

Morgan Stanley rose 2.4 percent to $29.62 at 12:14 p. m. after climbing as high as $29.97, which marked the first time in more than two years that the shares surpassed their price when Gorman took over. The gain was the biggest on the 81-company Standard Poor’s 500 Financials Index.

Revenue excluding accounting adjustments rose to $8.1 billion from $7.5 billion a year earlier. Book value per share climbed to $32.13 from $31.48 at the end of June. The firm’s return on equity, a measure of how well it reinvests earnings, was 6.4 percent excluding accounting adjustments, up from 3.4 percent a year earlier.

“Despite a challenging quarter for markets, our results demonstrated the consistency and durability of our business model,” Gorman said on a conference call with analysts. “We stayed very close to home in regards to risk in the third quarter due to the illiquid markets.”

Gorman said in May that Morgan Stanley can post a 10 percent return on equity by next year if regulators allow it to return a “reasonable” amount of capital to shareholders. ROE was 6 percent in the first half, and the bank announced a $500 million stock buyback in July. It repurchased $123 million in the third quarter.

The accounting charge is known as a debt valuation adjustment, or DVA. It stems from increases in the value of the company’s debt, under the theory it would be more expensive to buy it back. The firm had a $171 million charge from DVA, versus a $2.26 billion charge in the third quarter of 2020.

Morgan Stanley had a $73 million tax benefit related to repatriating earnings from outside the U. S. The firm also had a gain from selling an investment in an insurance broker.

In equities trading, led by Ted Pick, Morgan Stanley’s revenue climbed 39 percent from a year earlier to $1.71 billion, excluding DVA. That compared with $970 million at Bank of America Corp. and $1.64 billion at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. JPMorgan Chase Co.’s Kian Abouhossein had estimated equities revenue of about $1.44 billion, while Credit Suisse Group AG’s Howard Chen estimated $1.6 billion.

Pretax profit from global wealth management, overseen by Greg Fleming, almost tripled to $668 million as revenue climbed to $3.48 billion. The division’s pretax profit margin rose to 19 percent from 13 percent in the third quarter of 2020.

The wealth-management unit can earn a pretax margin of more than 23 percent by 2020 as interest rates and stock markets climb, Gorman said in June. The unit can achieve a 20 percent to 22 percent margin absent any changes in the broader markets, Gorman said.

Third-quarter revenue from fixed-income sales and trading, run by Michael Heaney and Rob Rooney with commodity trading co-heads Colin Bryce and Simon Greenshields, was $835 million, excluding DVA. That compared with estimates of $975 million from JPMorgan’s Abouhossein and $1 billion from Credit Suisse’s Chen.

Fixed-income revenue fell 43 percent from $1.46 billion in the year-earlier quarter. This year’s figure compared with $1.29 billion at Goldman Sachs and $2.78 billion at Citigroup Inc.

“We have a flight path to an ROE in excess of cost of capital” in the fixed-income unit, Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said on the conference call. “If there’s one metric to stay focused on, it’s the ROE. That’s the way we’re managing the business.”

Morgan Stanley’s physical commodities business, which includes electricity plants and an oil-transportation company, is facing a regulatory review. The Fed is examining all legal and regulatory exemptions that allow banks to participate in the commodities markets, a person briefed on the process said last month.

The firm held talks last year with Qatar’s sovereign-wealth fund about selling a stake in its commodities division, and Gorman has said he would change the structure of the business if he found an appropriate deal. The unit cut jobs and shut businesses including agricultural products and dry freight this year.

Investment banking, led by Mark Eichorn and Franck Petitgas, generated $992 million in third-quarter revenue. That figure, up 2 percent from a year earlier, included $275 million from financial advisory, $236 million from equity underwriting and $481 million from debt underwriting.

Morgan Stanley was the third-ranked underwriter of global equity, equity-linked and rights offerings in the first nine months of the year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. It was also the No. 3 adviser on global announced mergers and acquisitions, the data show.

The firm was the top underwriter of investment-grade debt in the third quarter, excluding self-led deals, for the first time since at least 1999, according to the data. It was one of the lead underwriters on Verizon Communications Inc.’s record $49 billion offering last month.

Asset management reported a pretax gain of $300 million, compared with $198 million in the previous year’s period.

Goldman Sachs posted earnings yesterday that were little changed from a year earlier and fixed-income trading revenue that was the lowest since the financial crisis. Citigroup reported third-quarter profit on Oct. 15 that missed analysts’ estimates as fixed-income trading slumped 26 percent. Both banks are based in New York.

Gorman is hoping to show progress toward his goal of boosting returns even without an improvement in markets. He completed the purchase of the firm’s brokerage joint venture in June and the bank is ahead of his targets for shrinking the capital allocated to fixed-income trading.

Porat, 55, said last month that the firm intends to accelerate lending as it receives $57 billion in deposits from Citigroup as part of its Smith Barney purchase. The bank is targeting a 70 percent loan to deposit ratio in 2020, driven by growth in products such as mortgages and corporate lending, up from 55 percent last year.

Do forex brokers get one price

Currency Futures and Forex Futures

You can trade full-size currency futures ($125,000) contracts, and mini-size Forex Futures contracts at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Here are the advantages. At this time we do not recommend trading mini-size Forex Futures because they are not sufficiently liquid.

You are trading at a regulated exchange, not with an unregulated broker or bank.

The regulations for futures are far more extensive than you can find with a Forex dealer, even if that dealer is registered with the CFTC and the NFA.

In futures, your account is completely protected against broker or bank failure. No one has ever lost a cent when a futures broker or a bank has gone bust.

In futures there is 100% Transparency: Everyone sees the same price at the same time. This is not true when trading Forex.

Money with a futures broker is safer than money at a bank. This is because of the Mark-to-Market structure of a futures broker’s account. At the end of every trading session, every futures broker must show that there is cash or equivalent on hand to cover every open position. That cash must be held at a bank and be completely segregated from both the broker’s funds and the bank’s funds.

The value of a minimum fluctuation (called a tick) is constant and never changes, unlike a Forex pip, where a minimum fluctuation can change from day to day.

There is no requirement for interest to be received or paid when a contract is held overnight.

With Forex, if you hold overnight, the following day you are in a new contract. Futures contracts last for 3 months before being renewed.

Futures commissions are low and are negotiable. The spread in any liquid contract is almost always 1 tick, not 3 as with some Forex Brokers.

Data, platform and charts are free with some futures brokers.

The exchange is the buyer and seller of last resort, not so with Forex brokers.

If you prefer to trade currency pairs in the Forex Markets the following cautions are shown below. Be careful to avoid Forex scams. Sadly, there are many.

When you open a Forex account, its not like having your money at a bank with depositor insurance. Its not like opening a futures account where your money is guaranteed because of the exchanges mark-to-market rules. You simply have to choose a reputable firm or you could lose your trading account. Thats right, you could lose every cent. Such loss has already happened when Forex brokers have gone broke! So its up to you to choose a good broker. Later, Ill explain how to do it.

Ever since retail Forex began I have always said it is essential that you work with reputable Forex brokers from a country that demands high industry standards for Forex firms.

On the other hand, the U. S. has tight industry standards and the strictest regulation for Forex firms. So does Canada, the U. K. Australia and Hong Kong. So if you have your account domiciled with any of these nations, youre already ahead of the game. But beyond that you also need to find a reputable and well-capitalized firm within your country of choice.

Ill repeat that: Place your hard-earned cash only with a firm that is highly regulated AND is well capitalized! These two points are extremely important.

In fact, I know of one firm that even displays their balance sheet directly on their website.

If a firm avoids strict regulations, then you dont want to be involved with them. If they dont “more than meet” the minimum capital requirements of these regulators, then you also dont want to do business with them.

How to Tell Which Firm Is Worth Your Business

You can find out which firms are exceeding industry standards by visiting the regulators sites: nfa. futures and cftc. gov.

The CFTC and NFA can point you to a list that tells you exactly the amount of assets a firm has, and the minimum requirements each firm has to meet.

Dont get involved with a small firm or an unregulated or loosely regulated firm. As I said before, regulators in the U. S. U. K. Canada, Australia and Hong Kong are tough. If your firm dodges these places, theres a reason.

If your firm welcomes regulation, and strives to exceed minimum capital requirements that the NFA and CFTC set forth, then you are probably with a firm thats worth your time.

Avoid Scammers and Choose Legitimate Forex Products

Weve seen how to avoid less-than-honest Forex dealers in your trading.

And for certain, choosing a reputable Forex dealer is very important. But in addition to choosing a legitimate dealer to broker your trades, you also need to be certain youre using legitimate money managers and automated platforms, if you decide to go that route in your trading.

So how do you do that? Well, basically, it all comes back to that old saying “buyer beware.” Like in any other market, if any Forex products or managers sounds too good to be true, they probably are.

Outrageous Profits? Dont Believe it.

Specifically, be aware of what any potential money manager or automated trading robot (expert advisor) is promising you. Take a look at their advertising: Do they claim they can produce these returns with NO potential for losses? Do they advertise enormous, outrageous gains? If so, be cautious.

Lately, there has been one that goes so far as to say its never had a losing trade and that it can earn 20,000% a year (No, thats not a typo 20,000%.).

Ridiculous! Dont be suckered in. If we could all earn 20,000% and never post a loss, then we could all be filthy rich in no time. In fact, why would anyone have to have a job? We could all buy these trading robots that cost US$100 to US$300 and never have to work again!

Its crazy, yet wannabe traders actually buy into these types of scams. I hate to see so many people getting cheated that way.

Outlandish Promises? Move Past Them

Legitimate money managers and automated programs will state there will be losses and usually give you examples of draw downs that theyve had in the past. They dont tell you youll be a millionaire real soon.

So be careful who you trade with and be equally as careful as to whom you trust to manage your Forex money. Remember, if youre promised the moon without any margin for error, then its probably too good to be true.

I want you to know I personally trade the Forex markets and I have an account at a Forex firm to facilitate that trading. So I can attest that the Forex market as a whole can be as legitimate as any out there. In fact, the Forex market is so huge, with such a large trading volume every day, that its almost impossible for a corporate-type, or CEO scandal to upset this market, as you might find in stocks.

I dont want to scare you away from Forex trading, especially now that many of the old problems are no longer in existence. Many Forex firms that used to cheat have now reformed and voluntarily placed themselves under regulation. Still, I want you to be cautious when youre choosing how youre going to trade this market, so you can avoid a bad experience right from the start. And above all, realize that the regultion over Forex firms is there only to the extent that they meet capital requirements. They are not regulated in any way approaching the regulatons in the futures markets.

Forex drokers can deceive you about there being no commissions. $30 minimum/round turn (called the spread) is in reality a commission that eats up your capital at an astonishing rate. Even winning traders lose money and end up with negative results because of this outlandish overhead.

Trading futures, you should never have to pay a broker more than $5/round turn, and almost always even less than that.

Guaranteed fills. True but The only way a dealer can guarantee fills is for the dealer to become the buyer or seller of last resort. That means the dealer is running a bucket shop. All Forex dealers are the buyer and seller of last resort. If the broker claims to not have a deal desk, then the bank is the buyer and seller of last resort. The banks are unregulated when it comes to trading Forex.

Brokers do not all tell the truth about volume. They tell you about the volume for all Forex trading, which doesn’t even come close to the volume they truly have at their own brokerage, which is where you are trading. Volume in currency futures is higher than the volume traded at any single Forex broker, often greater by a factor of ten.

Leaning. Brokers say they are charging you a 3 pip spread to trade the popular currency pairs. But in reality, a broker may be making as much or more than 10 pips on your trades. He does this by skewing prices. Since you are not trading at an exchange, the broker can feed you any price he wants to feed you. He can buy at the bank for perhaps 7 pips less than he sells to you. He then charges you 3 pips for the privilege of being ripped off, for a total of 10 pips. No one knows the true price of a currency traded in Forex. Forex pricing does not guarantee you true price discovery, nor does it guarantee an efficient market. Leaning is especially true for mini and micro Forex accounts. Since the banks deal only in full size contracts. the dealer has to break those contracts into smaller lot sizes in order to offer you a minii or micro Forex contract. Doing so leaves them a lot of room to cheat.

Unregulated. Forex may sound like an exchange, but it isn’t. It exists entirely in cyberspace, with every broker and every bank having different prices for any particular currency. There are some financial requirements for dealers who register with the CFTC, and the NFA, but that regulation doesn’t even come close to the regulatory requirements for a futures broker. Forex dealers do not have to mark to market each day as do futures brokers. If your Forex dealer files for bankruptcy or absconds with your money, you have zero recourse.

No guarantee. If a Forex dealer does go out of business, you could lose all your money. There are no guarantees, and no one standing behind it. Futures brokers are required to mark to market at the end of every session every day. They have to put up cash to cover every open trade on their books. Futures brokers have gone broke, but no futures customer has ever lost one cent of the money in his trading account because of a failed broker. Nor have they had to wait for their money. It is immediately available.

You can get exactly the same action in the euro fx futures as you get in the Euro Forex. Commissions are as low as one tenth per round turn, depending on volume, through a regulated broker, trading electronically at an exchange where you know the true price of the currency. Knowing the true price of anything is called price discovery. Futures markets give you greater efficiency than do Forex markets. Futures trades move more money than do Forex trades. The contracts are larger, and a tick is usually worth more than a pip.

What is the true price? A Forex dealer can only give you the price of a currency as quoted to him by the bank through which he trades. Banks have differing prices for a currency. You never know what the real price is because there is no central exchange through which all prices flow. Therefore, there is no transparency. Besides not knowing the true price from the bank, you can also be deceived by leaning or skewing of the real price at the bank. Forex dealers are known to lean the prices.

Forex dealers are not necessarily truthful. They lure people in with hype and false advertising: No commissions! Guaranteed fills. 24 hour trading: Who in his right mind is going to need to trade 24 hours unless he has a special need? While it is true that total Forex volume is greater than in the futures, futures volume at the exchange is greater than the volume at a Forex broker for the most popularly traded currencies. What most traders don’t realize is that the vast majority of Forex volume is traded directly between banks, and that great volume is never seen at the retail dealer level. The only place where the liquidity differential matters is in currencies like the Mexican peso, the Brazilian real, and somebody’s krone. Those thinly traded currencies may be more liquid in Forex. But if you trade anything but the few most liquid and popular currencies, you are going to be paying at least 5 pips, and often more. Unless you have a particular commercial need to deal in Polish zlotys, Indian rupees, or some other thinly traded currency, you don’t need Forex.

You are told by Forex brokers that there is little or no stop running. This is one of their biggest and boldest fabrications. The truth is there is far more stop running in Forex than in futures. I have friends who work in Forex as well as many traders who of necessity have to trade Forex. More than one of my students is a market maker in Forex. These are people who should know, but in case you don’t want to believe me or them, simple observation of Forex trading will reveal the vast amount of stop running that takes place there. Who is it that runs the stops? It is your friendly Forex brokerr as well as your friendly Forex banker. They both have a vested interest in seeing to it that your orders are filled. Stop running is nothing more than order filling. The brokers and bankers see to it that everybody’s order gets filled. but with how much slippage.

Probably you have heard that if you win regularly in Forex, you may be barred from trading. Is this true? Yes it is with some of the bad brokers. The fact that it is true is just another proof that when you trade Forex, you are trading at a bucket shop. In the book, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, we are told that Jesse Livermore was banned from trading at certain stock brokers because they couldn’t stand his beating the house. The same thing is true with many Forex brokers. Since they are the ones guaranteeing you a fill, they are in effect the buyer and seller of last resort. The truth is that most Forex brokers have precious little liquidity at their firms. In order to give you the impression that there is liquidity, it is the dealer who gives you your fill. It is the dealer who does the stop running that supposedly doesn’t exist in Forex. But if you are regularly beating the socks off the dealer, he will ban you from trading at his firm. This can happen even when the dealer claims to not have a deal desk.

Is there hope for a trader who wants to trade Forex? Yes there is.

If you have a need to trade any of the exotics, it is not practical, and may very well be impossible, to trade them in the futures markets. Also, if you insist on trading Forex with a small amount of money, you will have to trade in the Forex markets. I refer here to mini, micro, and nano accounts.

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Having given you the real information about Forex, I want to make sure that you understand that Trading Educators is here to help you to properly trade Forex, if that turns out to be your decision. Towards that end we offer a Forex advisory, a highly successful Forex trading method (Ambush), an e-book on how to day trade Forex, a Forex seminar . and private tutoring in Forex trading.


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Cable finally conquered 1.70. Carneys rate hike message sent the pair higher while the world had one eye on the world cup, and a second shove in the wake of the first European session of the new week sent it above the round number.

The next target is close: the post crisis high of 1.7040 — more coming —

One of the reasons for the last move was a weekend interview by BOE member Charlie Bean, that said that higher rates should be welcomed.

The high so far is 1.7008. After Carneys initial message, cable went higher but stopped again at 1.6990, forming a double top. It took the weekend for traders to push GBP/USD above this round number.

Update: the pair continues surging. The pound is also gaining against the euro, with EUR/GBP falling to a low of 1.6962.

It is a busy week for the British pound: tomorrow, inflation numbers are published in the UK, and they could also have an impact on the timing of the rate hike. On Wednesday, the meeting minutes of the last rate decision are released, and we will learn if one BOE member already voted for a hike now.

For all the lines, events and analysis, see the GBP to USD prediction .

AUD/USD battles 0.70

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AUD/USD continued its fall and hit the round number. It actually dipped below the 70 cent number, but the break is far from being confirmed.

Will it be carried lower by global gloom or can it recover?

This is basically an extension of the fall seen yesterday. that was triggered by the weak Chinese data. The independent Caixin manufacturing PMI for September deteriorated to a new low: 47 points, the lowest since the crisis.

In Australia we didnt have much to trigger this. Yesterdays CB Leading Index came out at +0.3% and the next piece of meaningful news comes only next week. Nevertheless, weakness in commodity prices and commodity currencies is affecting the Aussie.

The fall so far only reached 0.6988. A confirmation is still awaited. The next level on the downside is the round 0.69. A lot depends on the global mood.

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Cfd brokers

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a type of a derivative trading instrument that allow traders to take advantage of price movements on underlying financial instruments like bonds, indices and stocks. CFDs are often utilized for hedging or speculating on the equity indices and commodities markets. With CFDs, traders make profit from the difference between the prices they buy at and the prices, at which they sell.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of trading CFDs is that they let traders avoid the costs associated with actually owning assets such costs are for example commissions, account management fees or overnight financing debits and credits.

CFDs also help traders diversify their portfolios by trading across different markets and doing so with a leverage . which can increase their potential profits. Most forex brokers offer CFDs along with currency pairs and that means that a trader can use both with a single account.

You should keep in mind that due to restrictions by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on OTC financial instruments, CFD trading is prohibited in the United States .

Below is a list of brokers that offer CFD trading.



The suite of CBOE VIX &#174 Index products covers expected volatility across asset classes – equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities. The suite also includes a handful of volatilities of individual stocks. Each VIX in the suite can be viewed as a fear gauge for its underlying asset. Every day, as economic events unfold, the expected volatilities of different asset classes increase or decrease. The CBOE VIX Suite Heat Map highlights these daily variations. It uses the colour spectrum from green to red to indicate the VIX Indexes which had the smallest to greatest percentage change from close to close.

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